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August 31, 2004

Rethinking our Relationship with the EU

Europe will have to decide what it wants, and soon.

After the close of last week’s Olympic Games, EU President Romano Prodi boasted that “The European Union’s sportsmen and women performed outstandingly at Athens, winning 82 gold medals and more than 280 medals in total.” Noting that the EU had outpaced both the USA and China in the quest of Olympic gold, Prodi also reminded reporters that European athletes would be flying the EU flag at the 2008 Olympics, in addition to the flags of their individual nations.

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Posted by Damon Dimmick at 2:54 PM

"A Nation of Courage"

After McCain's speech, the mood was carefully set for Giuliani's speech. Three survivors of 9/11 victims told their stories of the loss of loved ones. It reminded me, and I'm sure everyone watching, of how we felt that day. I won't ever forget that feeling, but when it is invoked like that it is so powerful. Then Daniel Rodriguez sang Amazing Grace. There weren't many dry eyes in my house.

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Posted by Dan Spencer at 8:24 AM

McCain's Obama

Tonight at the Republican National Convention John McCain had his Obama moment, heat-sinking his way to the truth about Bush's decision to invade Iraq:

The years of keeping Saddam in a box were coming to a close. The international consensus that he be kept isolated and unarmed had eroded to the point that many critics of military action had decided the time had come again to do business with Saddam, despite his near daily attacks on our pilots, and his refusal, until his last day in power, to allow the unrestricted inspection of his arsenal.

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August 30, 2004

Why you should vote for Bush

This year, I'm voting for the re-election of President George W. Bush. -Ed Koch, at the RNC Convention, Monday

Ed Koch has eloquently defined the reason to reelect George W. Bush for four more years. He is campaigning for Bush and he is a democrat.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 4:03 PM

Blogging the Conventions: A Look at The State of The Art

On a less partisan note: what we do, especially what those actually at the conventions do -- is it promising and is it worth it? Matt Welch has defended political campaign coverage blogging well: "'Blogger' may be one of the English-language's most unfortunate words -- my Boston friends were already refusing to pronounce the thing before the [Democratic] convention even started... -- but there's something to be said for spitting out 15,000 words in real-time while the Journalism School professors fret and The New Yorker uses a small army to pinch off two Talk of the Town snippets. By the time the circus moves to New York, we may even get the hang of it. "

Posted by Matthew Hogan at 9:35 AM

He's a Veteran

I'm no Kerry shill, but I'm annoyed and disheartened by the Right's vapid caviling about the Senator's war record. Kerry may have invited it by "reporting for duty", but a conservatism that has conceived and led the noble and necessary war against Islamofascism, the 20th Century's last gasp of totalitarianism, and which has rightly demanded unwavering respect for our troops, has no business gutting a decorated veteran for cheap political gain.

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August 29, 2004

One track campaign, on the wrong track

Kerry's campaign continues to consist of a single qualification. Vietnam. For instance when responding to a candidate questionaire from Humane USA, the Humane Society Political Action Committee, Kerry wrote...

"I have always had pets in my life, and there are a few that I remember very fondly," Mr. Kerry replied. "When I was serving on a Swift Boat in Vietnam, my crewmates and I had a dog we called VC."
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 3:11 AM

August 28, 2004

Young Conservatives: The Right's New Influence

I did an entry here a few weeks ago on Young America's Foundation's National Conservative Student Conference, an annual summer event which I attended this year for the first time. The conference was a great experience; I learned some new things, met some great people, and had the opportunity to hear from and interact with many well-known conservative and libertarian leaders.

I wanted to provide here a link to the article in the current issue of Time magazine about our conference; this piece, by reporter John Cloud, also covers the growing influence of traditional conservative and libertarian influences on our nation's youth, and on college campuses.

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Posted by Aakash at 3:56 PM

August 25, 2004

the concept of purple

"Is our children learning?" -George W. Or more appropriately, is our educators insane? Report cards no longer have A's or F's on them, schools are banning dodgeball and tag, and now teachers are going to use purple to grade papers instead of red, because red is 'too frightening'.

"If you see a whole paper of red, it looks pretty frightening," said Sharon Carlson, a health and physical education teacher at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Northampton. "Purple stands out, but it doesn't look as scary as red."
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 12:35 PM

August 24, 2004

Social Insecurity: A time-bomb of mass destruction?

Amidst the "sexier" issues of war then (1968) and now, is this time bomb of mass destruction to be ignored? The massive overpromised Social Security system threatens to implode and explode as time passes. The Democrats don't want to address it, but will the Republicans? A convention, and all its platform resolutions on policy, are days away. Does it matter that we are enduring a financial albatross that can cripple our economy, and the hopes of the aging, in the ensuing years? Do we care? Should we? And if so, how?

Posted by Matthew Hogan at 9:44 AM

Why We Must Win

This is an example of why we have to fight Sadr, he want to make Iraq into another Iran. This is why we have to fight Islamism, its adherents will hate us so long as we believe that killing an underage girl for engaging in sex is reprehensible. It is especially bad (if it can get any worse) because there are hints that she was killed for being raped: "She told the religious judge, Haji Rezaii, that he should punish the main perpetrators of moral corruption not the victims." or because she pissed off the judge with her suggestion, "The judge personally pursued Ateqeh’s death sentence, beyond all normal procedures and finally gained the approval of the Supreme Court. After her execution Rezai said her punishment was not execution but he had her executed for her 'sharp tongue'."

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August 23, 2004

David and Goliath 527's

"This is a moment of truth for George W. Bush," Edwards said at a Democratic rally. "We're going to see what kind of man he is and what kind of leader he is. ... We want to hear three words: Stop these ads."
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 2:38 AM

August 20, 2004

Prosecute or Defend

Why is the media risking its' own integrity to carry the water for John Kerry? Before you launch on me with accusations of conspiracies and bias, hear me out. Many politicians over time have stretched the truth, some more than others. In fact most people believe that if a candidate has their mouth open lies are coming forth. What concerns me more than the little white lies that sometimes get told is the media's response to them. Some candidates are given a free pass while others are put under intense scrutiny. The side of the aisle you are on determines what role the media will play.

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Posted by Timothy Perry at 8:18 AM

peace loving free speech or hit list?

Today we are releasing a list of delegates to the 2004 Republican National Convention. This list includes the names, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of RNC delegates in addition to what hotel each one is staying at during their invasion of New York City.

..."The earth is not dying, it is being killed. And those that are killing it have names and addresses." — Utah Phillips

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 4:05 AM

August 18, 2004

Kerry Kerry Quite Contrary

Kerry argued that Bush’s policy would dangerously reduce forces at a time when the nation is fighting the al-Qaida terrorist network in 60 countries across the globe. msnbc

Is it just me or didn't Kerry say the war on terror was primarily a law enforcement operation and not a military one? How then does any force realignment affect the war on terror in Kerry's mind? And more specifically how is bringing the troops home from a peaceful country 'dangerous'?

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 4:11 PM

August 16, 2004

A Withdrawal Plan I Can Agree With

I see that Bush has announced a troop withdrawal from Europe and South Korea. This is an excellent idea that could have been implemented years ago. The troops in South Korea were positioned as a tripwire for the Cold War. South Korea is capable of defending itself against an agressive North Korea and has had large protests to get rid of the troops for decades. If we feel the need to invade North Korea, it can be done without the non-strategic tripwire installations. But frankly we wouldn't be invading North Korea without Chinese help anyway. Far more likely is a strike against the nuclear plant.

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August 15, 2004

Who lied?

It must have been something of a shock to the bureaucrats at the UN when cowboy Bush insisted on rounding up a posse to go after Saddam Hussein. They hemmed and hawed and then took a sanctimonious stand against his 'reckless' endeavors. Turns out they were a gittin' paid by Saddam the whole time. Back in the old west such corruption was met with a standard phrase, "Get a rope."

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 4:15 AM

August 13, 2004

International Man of Mystery

We know Kerry lied about being in a firefight in Cambodia on Christmas Eve in 1968. Yet so much of his political persona is built on such lies. In fact Kerry talks so much about his service in Vietnam that when parts of his stories start to unravel one begins to wonder how much 'storytelling' Kerry actually engages in regarding this and other issues.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 5:21 PM

August 12, 2004

Forget tax cuts: Abolish the IRS

WASHINGTON (Talon News) -- Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) writes in a new book that Congressional Republicans plan to push for the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service during a Bush second term.
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 2:02 AM

August 11, 2004

Kerry: "I Have Been Consistent All Along"

Bloomberg reports that Kerry, responding to criticism from President Bush that Kerry has changed position on Iraq, told supporters he's been "consistent:"

"The Bush folks are trying to say that we've changed positions, this and that," Kerry told a rally at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas yesterday. "I have been consistent all along, ladies and gentlemen."

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Posted by Dan Spencer at 7:01 PM

August 10, 2004

Lincoln - Douglas Revisited?

"He is a man with tens of thousands of blind followers. It is my business to make some of those blind followers see." - Abraham Lincoln

Will history repeat itself this year in the Illinois Senate race? This year the Illinois Democratic primary winner Barack Obama will face off against the newly appointed Republican candidate Alan Keyes. Keyes stepped into the race at the request of the Illinois Republican Party after the unfortunate withdrawal of their primary winner Jack Ryan. While many bemoan the entrance of Mr. Keyes into the race, it may just prove to be a historic moment.

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Posted by Timothy Perry at 12:54 PM

August 9, 2004

Powerless Seething Liberal Fury

Just in time for the Republican convention is the 'ground breaking' theatrical performance entitled, "I'm going to kill the President. A Federal Offence." Playing in a secret location in New York during the Republican Convention, by an anonymous author, "Hieronymous BANG," who is unavailable for comment. My understanding is that the Secret Service would like to, 'just talk' to the guy. Briefly.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 11:48 PM

August 8, 2004

Will The Kerry Campaign Implode Over Religion?

Support for a U.S. Supreme Court case seeking to remove the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance forced the Democrat's new director for religious outreach support to resign after only 13 days on the job.

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Posted by Dan Spencer at 4:35 PM


Ponder maintains today that the person who truly shamed and offended him was John Kerry, whose fraudulent account of war crimes in Tour of Duty has led his own grandchildren to ask him, "Did you commit the war crimes John Kerry describes?" -"Unfit for Command," Chapter three

Despite the attempted censorship by DNC and Kerry lawyers, and reporter Karnish's clever editing attempt to magically create a retraction from one Veteran, the truth boat is still sailing.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 3:04 AM

August 6, 2004

Unhappy band of brothers

Mr. Kerry is the type of person who lives and survives only on the war weariness and fears of the American people. This is the same little man who on nationwide television in April spoke of, quote, "crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command," who was quoted in a prominent news magazine in May as saying, quote, "war crimes in Vietnam are the rule and not the exception," unquote.
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 3:03 AM

August 5, 2004

Lessons of '04

The current election is in many ways similar to that of the one in 1904. As Michael Rosen explains:

Then in the Philippines, as now in Iraq, American troops struggled to bring order and freedom to a land that had experienced neither, while guerrilla warriors and Muslim extremists stood in the way.

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Posted by Timothy Perry at 6:08 PM

August 3, 2004

Kerry the anti-warrior

If John Kerry succeeds to the office he was born to, he will inherit a war he voted for but now claims he is against. It's reminiscent of another war Kerry volunteered for but then fought against.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 4:23 PM

August 2, 2004

420 Seconds

Historians will document for future generations our accomplishments and failures as a nation. While the most insightful comments of our past and present actions will not be able to be fully realized for many years to come, some short term thinkers are trying to write into history falsehoods and lies for lack of a better term. One of those people is none other than propagandist Michael Moore.

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Posted by Timothy Perry at 10:36 AM

August 1, 2004

'You Say You Want A Revolution'

"The Revolution Will Be Blogged" - Andrew Sullivan
In America we have a multitude of avenues in which to obtain our sources of information. With the onset of political coverage on the web, traditional media sources such as the major networks are seeing their ratings decline while weblog traffic soars. Advertisers are flocking to websites to promote their products instead of using the old methods. Why is this, and what do weblogs offer that others don't? The answer is content and context.

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Posted by Timothy Perry at 8:13 AM