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April 30, 2004

Who will be the Democratic nominee?

Who will the Democratic Party run against President Bush this Novembers? If the true believers speak for all, it is critical to them to rid the White House of President Bush. The party's Powers-That-Be must then be looking beyond JF Kerry. Kerry cannot win, and they have to know this.

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A Taxing Reminder

It has been half a month since Tax Day, and, while many of us would like to forget about this matter, I wanted to re-post here some good material relating to this not-so-good occasion.

"Republicans believe every day is the 4th of July,
but the Democrats believe every day is April 15."

--- Ronald Wilson Reagan

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George Bush and the Inability to Admit Error

President Bush and Dick Cheney talked with the 9/11 commission yesterday. We don’t know exactly what was said, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Bush didn’t say “We could have done more. I wish that we had.”

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April 29, 2004

Spanish Withdrawal

In a previous post I suggested that the Madrid bombing and Socialist victory in the immediately following election was a victory for Al Qaeda because it allows them to plausibly claim to have enough power to change the outcome of Western elections. (Notice how the 'plausibly claim' lets us avoid getting into the hair-splitting and possibly impossible task of proving or disproving that claim). At the time Zapatero announced that he would order the withdrawal of Spanish troops in June unless a UN force took over.

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April 28, 2004

Senator Lautenberg Is old Enough To Know Better

Today in the U.S. Senate, New Jersy's eighty-year-old Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg called Vice President Dick Cheney a "chicken hawk" for receiving four student deferments that kept him from being drafted into the military. Bloomberg reports that Lautenberg continued:

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Iraqi poll about America

Straight from the horse's mouth: a poll asking Iraqi people how they feel about the war. The results indicate the Iraqi people are "conflicted", to say the least. Some highlights:

  • Nearly half (46%) said the war has done more harm than good, and 71% see the troops as occupiers, but 61% believe the ouster of Saddam was worth it

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Posted by Vivek at 8:46 PM

Religious Right and Gays - We are all "SIN+".

As a member of the religious right, I have watched with dismay this battle between the gay community and the religious right. I am glad that we live in a free society. In other societies that are "winner take all", the looser of the debates might be lined up and shot. My hope is that over the years there will be a better understanding between our two communities.

I am a Christian, and the founder of my faith Jesus Christ said that before I take the speck out of your eye I need to take the log out of my own. So in this editorial, I would like to discus the "Logs in the Eyes of the Religious right".

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April 27, 2004

Kerry diverts attention from medal issue

You might expect Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry to respond to the "Medalgate" charges with the truth. Did he or did he not throw his medals (or ribbons) away? And if not, we'd all like to see them. After all, Americans love to distrust politicians, many times for good reason.

But the fact that Kerry has decided to waffle on this issue is even more important after making the statement over the weekend that the truth will decide this election.

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April 26, 2004

There He Goes Again

I didn't see Kerry this morning on ABC's Good morning America. The posts I have read discussing Kerry's appearance reveal that he did not perform well. Trogers at Broken Masterpieces did see it and posts that Kerry was a disaster. Drudge has posted this transcript of Kerry's interview.

Kerry has managed to make a major issue out of an event which occurred over thirty years ago.

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Senator Kerry: "It depends on what the definition of the word 'medal' is."

Back in 1999 the New York Times reported that Al Gore actually paid a woman over $100,000 to help teach him how to be an Alpha Male.

Vice-President Al Gore has been paying Naomi Wolf, the feminist author, thousands of dollars a month to help him figure out how to become the top dog. Ms. Wolf has been telling Mr. Gore that he is a beta male, a subordinate figure, and must learn to become an alpha male, or leader of the pack, before the public can accept him as President...
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Posted by Craig Holmes at 12:22 AM

April 24, 2004


In our nation we use the word “hero” very loosely. I hear it used to describe athletes, artists, writers and musicians all the time. In our time of war it seems every one of our troops in Iraq is anointed a “hero.” The word is defined several different ways; however, I prefer: A person noted for feats of uncommon courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life (modified from Dictionary.com). Heroes are by definition few and far between. Their deeds must distinctly astonish what we believe is expected of our fellow citizens.

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So far Kerry uninspiring on Iraq

In times of national crisis leadership has their defining moments. "We have not yet begun to fight", or "Give me liberty or give me death!" We all remember when George Bush put his arm around a fireman in New York and with a "blow horn" told the world that America had a strong leader at the helm.

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Posted by Craig Holmes at 12:27 AM

April 23, 2004

Nuance on terror

...the American people, I think, would like a yes or no answer: Do you believe the war in Iraq was a mistake?

SEN. KERRY: I think the way the president went to war is a mistake

Why can't Kerry just admit that he was against the war?

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 1:33 AM

April 20, 2004

Terrorists now dubbed 'Insurgents'

Watch out. Before you know it, we'll all be referring to a war on terrorism freedom fighters. It's already started. Instead of referring to what looks, walks and quacks like a terrorist a terrorist, the shift to "insurgents" and "guerrillas" has begun.

ABC News illustrates this nicely. A news headline of a recent attack on an Iraqi prison by anti-coalition terrorists remarked, "Insurgents Kill 22, Wound 92 in Baghdad."

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April 17, 2004

Peace in our time?

"I am offering a truce to European countries," the taped message said as the stations showed an old, still picture of bin Laden. "Its core is our commitment to cease operations against any country which does not carry out an onslaught against Muslims or interfere in their affairs."

"The door to a truce is open for three months," but that could be extended, the tape said. "The truce will begin when the last soldier leaves our countries," the speaker said without elaborating. -theage.com.au

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 8:53 PM

April 15, 2004

The $%@& President won't Apologize

A New York Times' writer notes, in what looks like an Op/Ed in effete costume Thursday morning, that President Bush would not apologize at his press conference. The assembled correspondents offered him, gift wrapped, no fewer than five (5) opportunities to do so.

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April 14, 2004

9/11 And the Need to Prove Policing Can Stop Terrorism

Now that I have my angry post out of the way I want to talk about 9/11 and policing.

The US is a country with one of the largest unsecured borders in the world. It is also one of the most open large societies in the world.

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The Internationalist

“I’m an internationalist,” Kerry told The Crimson in 1970. “I’d like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations.”

Kerry said he wanted “to almost eliminate CIA activity. The CIA is fighting its own war in Laos and nobody seems to care.” -Harvard Crimson

Can we really afford to put an 'internationalist' in the office of President?

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 3:51 AM

April 13, 2004

August 6th PDB: Smoking Gun or A Dud ?

During the 9/11 Commissions dog and pony show hearings, especially in the questioning of Dr. Rice, much was made of the now infamous August 6th 2001 Presidents Daily Briefing memo. 9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste pressed Dr. Rice about the PDB memo, which was still classified, as to the title of the memo and whether it advised of any threats of attacks.

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April 12, 2004

Friendly Iraqis Maintaining Hope?

As the high-stakes gamble in Iraq continues, it is people like the author of this account who remain grateful for the American intervention. But they are only one aspect of the society that he describes, now under an occupying force whose soldiers may not know what a Sunni or Shiite is, and whose appointed government is alienated from the population.

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April 8, 2004

Rational Thought

Been slammed at work too much to do much of anything, but in the 10 pages of the Reppert book I'm reading I found a quote which sheds light on quite a bit of the way we engage in political discussions"

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April 7, 2004

New Ideas on Healthcare Reform

On Sunday April 4, 2004 Ted Halstead appeared on CSPAN’s Book TV speaking about a book he edited called The Real State of the Union. He brought up some new ideas on how to fix a range of America’s problems that go beyond the ideas brought up by the left and the right. His ideas regarding our health care system were particularly interesting and creative. Here are some of the ideas that Halstead spoke about:

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Posted by Miguel at 2:30 PM

Insurgency or opportunity?

How should the current "insurgency" in Iraq be seen? Safire in today's NY Times:

But now that the Saddam restorationists and Islamic fundamentalists have made their terrorist move on both fronts, we can counterattack decisively.

Notwithstanding defeatist cries, the answer should be strong to anyone who tries to derail the plan for freedom in Iraq.

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Posted by Vivek at 1:02 PM

Fighting in Iraq

The war is hot once again in several Iraqi cities, and everyone is getting a little tense. Fallujah, of course, is among the hottest of the hot spots, but several different groups seem to have picked this time to strike back against the occupiers. The US is taking some casualties, and the words "quagmire", "Tet", "Mogadishu", and "Vietnam" are all over the news stories and blog posts once again.

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April 5, 2004

Warrant out for Muslim cleric's "arrest"

An arrest warrant has been put out for a cleric inciting violent protests in Iraq against U.S. forces. And should he be "arrested," his followers have promised to fight back.

Some might call this another instance of aggravation in the area--that we're, in a sense, angering the insurgents by challenging them and meddling in their affairs. However, this is a laughable conclusion.

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US-Mexican Border Deal...“Bush Crap”

We should have known it folks. We should have known back in 1999 when then Governor George W. Bush decided to run as a “compassionate conservative” that what he really meant to say was that he is a moderate, if not, liberal, Republican. Granted, his work abroad (War on Terror), is going well, and should be supported by us all. However, it is what he has been doing here that should be questioned. Let’s forget for a moment that he is by far the biggest spending President in a long time and move right onto his latest “compassionate conservative” action: his new deal to allow illegal Mexicans to work here in the Unites States. YUCK.

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Posted by Forrester at 12:36 PM

The Case Against Gay Marriage

Over the past several months if there was one issue that is on everyone’s mind besides the war in Iraq, the high gas prices and, oh yea, the “strong economy,” it’s gay marriage. Should homosexual couples be able to be federally recognized as a married couple? Should they be able to at least be recognized from a civil point-of-view? The answer to these preceding questions should be “no,” however the way that some of my fellow “right wingers” are going about it is dead wrong.

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April 4, 2004

I Saw the Pictures

A few days ago I saw the pictures of the four Americans who where killed as they rode though the city of Fallujah. The mainstream American press was careful to not show the most provocative photos and instead showed a burned-out SUV; the rest of the story was left to the reader to imagine through the brief description of their ultimate fate. Eventually, I found the rest of the pictures on a less than mainstream website. After viewing these pictures, I realized that the descriptions I had read were woefully inadequate in describing the demise of these Americans.

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Posted by Miguel at 2:14 PM

April 2, 2004

Enemies of god

Abdel Aziz Rantisi, the new Hamas leader, yesterday denounced President George Bush as "the enemy of God and Islam" and threatened an unrelenting war against the United States.

..."America has declared war on Allah," the 57-year-old paediatrician said. "Sharon has declared war on Allah. Allah has declared war on America and Bush. I can see the signs of victory from here, the land of Palestine, by the hand of Hamas." -Independent.co.uk

Hamas. Why do they hate us? Is our support of Israel is making these terrorists mad at us? As has invading Iraq? Are we creating more Bin Ladens through these actions? If we are, what should we do instead? One thing is for sure, we cannot afford to leave Iraq or abandon Israel to make them happy.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 2:13 PM