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October 31, 2003

Trick or Treat?

Halloween marks a true countdown to election day. In fact, by this time next year it will be two days until the 2004 election. So one has to wonder whether or not the American people are going to be tricked or treated next year. Is rhetoric against President Bush on the economy and Iraq/Afghanistan going to hold next year for whoever gets the nod from the Democrats? Will they actually have to start coming up with ideas other than socialized health care, raising taxes and pulling troops out of Iraq (if we are still there).

The sorry state of the Democrat party today, amplified by the fact that the economy is surging ahead, is really a kick in the head to the nine Presidential candidates. Ideological liberals have to be shaking their heads right now as nobody outside of populist candidates has a chance at the nod. Not that ideological conservatives (especially fiscal conservatives) have much to celebrate with President Bush. His expansion of the federal government is on target with Johnson's and even with tax cuts, nothing is being done at the federal level to preclude spending.

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The Iraq Dilemma

If we leave, the terrorists will have won. That was the gist of a speech given by President Bush Tuesday when he said, "It is dangerous in Iraq because there are some who believe that we are soft, that the will of the United States can be shaken."

However, the idea that we must not concede to terrorists has been lost on some Democrats who would rather point fingers than offer a solution of their own. One such vocal Democrat is none other than presidential candidate Howard Dean.

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October 30, 2003

All the reasons not to vote for Kucinich, in one convenient place

Muslims for Kucinich is a blog in support of the Democratic candidate for President that, ironically, lists all the reasons not to vote for him. Here is just a sample of the recently posted reasons:

Why Muslims Should Support Dennis Kucinich for President: Kucinich is a pacifist who opposes the right of free countries to defend themselves against the Khilafi onslaught: he voted against the Patriot Act, and, should he be elected President, promised to repeal it; he is "the most vocal opponent" of the war in Iraq; and he is against Israel's right to defend itself against the PLO.

What's more, Kucinich advocates more government regulation of business. He is endorsed by CAIR [more about them here] and by the Greens [about them]. Etc, etc, etc. If you want to see more, visit the blog.

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October 24, 2003


Fresh off his win in California and a moving day scheduled for next month, Schwarzenegger's victory is furiously being played down by prominent Democrats. And while his win may not mean Bush can take California in 2004, as some Republican strategists hope, its magnitude should not be overlooked.

But that's not how California Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres sees it. He even went so far as to call the Republican mandate "an aberration," USA Today reported last night.

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October 20, 2003

Liberty or Death? FDA life-saving drug access regulations

Access to beneficial drugs is not a sexy issue, but it is important and emotional. Ought altering FDA regulations to improve the access in life-or-death cases be a partisan issue? How you feel on a pending lawsuit may tell.

But first imagine: your daughter is in the last stages of cancer. Then your doctor reports there is a new drug in development showing real signs of extending her life. You try to get it for her, but standing in the way are FDA regulations forbidding access to unapproved new drugs. By the time the drug will get through the approval phase, it will be too late. Something like that faced Frank Burroughs.

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October 17, 2003

The War Peace Chest

In the rewriting of history, post-war loose ends never happen, assistance to defeated nations never needed; aid to Germany following World War II never occurred, nor did we help rebuild Japan. In fact, the lack of assistance to a post-World War I Germany never led to Hitler's rise. Or that's what you would think after listening to the debate in Washington these days, spearheaded by leading Democrats.

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October 14, 2003

Rumors of Bush's Demise

Polls at this point in the election are a little bit like that 14-day forecast during the weather report--interesting, but very limited in predictive value. That said, it looks like the Dems' jubilation over Bush's approval rating diving near or below the half-century mark (interpreted by those on the left as a sign that the country was becoming as fed up as they are with Bush's wicked ways) was a bit premature.

According to this CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, Bush's approval rating has climbed back up to a respectable 56 percent. Not too shabby, and about what one would expect from an incumbent president with strong support from his own party and an impending on again/off again economic recovery.

Perhaps more interesting, though similarly limited for prognostication purposes, are the numbers for the Democratic candidates.

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October 12, 2003

The Arnold Effect?

The New York Times believes the Republican Party to be mired in a debate over what is more important: winning or principles (see David’s post). But Schwarzenegger's win last Tuesday does not mark a principle-less nature of the Republican Party, no matter how hard the spin doctors are working.

The Times stated yesterday that "the party finds itself entangled in a debate over whether it should follow Mr. Schwarzenegger's path by moving to the center on social issues in order to become even more competitive in state and national races."

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