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June 29, 2003

Kerry Sacrificing Credibility for Political Expediency?

Mickey Kaus recently analogized comments made by John Kerry to those that sunk the presidential aspirations of George Romney. (Scroll down to the entry for Wednesday, June 18, 2003 to read Kaus's oblique comparison.) That analogy seems particularly apt. Though the same effect doesn't seem to be taking hold, it should.

For those who don't know, George Romney was a dark horse Republican candidate for president in the 1968 elections. The governor of Michigan, he took the political establishment somewhat by surprise and was a front-runner for a while. (These traits apparently run in the family. His son, Mitt Romney, is the current governor of Kerry's home state, Massachusetts.)

And then it happened. In a moment of inopportune candor and unfortunate word choice, Romney disavowed his previous support for the Vietnam war by claiming he had earlier been "brainwashed" into supporting the war. Suddenly, the bottom dropped out of Romney's campaign, and he was no longer taken seriously as a candidate.

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Posted by Greg at 10:54 PM

June 22, 2003

Lies, Damn Lies, and Policy Choices

David E. Rosenbaum has an excellent opinion piece about the Democrats' favorite canard of the moment: that Bush lied to the American public about weapons of mass destruction. Here's the crux:

In fact, a review of the president's public statements found little that could lead to a conclusion that the president actually lied on either subject. But more pertinent than whether the president told the literal truth is what factors he stressed and which ones he played down.
When presidents are trying to make fundamental changes in national policy as Mr. Bush is, said Donald F. Kettl, a political scientist at the University of Wisconsin, "they've got to find a way that's powerful and persuasive and politically attractive and tap into what the public can grab."
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Posted by Greg at 10:02 PM

June 21, 2003

Bush tugs whole party

In 2004 President Bush is trying to get a majority for not just himself (it would be a first), but for the entire Grand Old Party, the Washington Post somewhat obviously reports: "Don't give me 'a lonely victory.' Said one top Bush adviser, 'He said, "I don't want what Nixon had. I don't want what Reagan had."'"

The article notes that while Bush is still very popular and he will have about $200 million ($170 says the NY Times) by the '04 primaries, there are some issues which stand in the way: no WMDs but continued violence in Iraq, the economy, and what would happen if another terrorist attack happened. The Post adds, "Early polls show Bush receiving the support of less than 50 percent of the public when matched against a generic Democratic nominee." What they fail to mention is that this number drops significantly when you put in the name of any of the nine Democratic contenders.

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Posted by Ry Rivard at 11:27 PM

June 20, 2003

A Note to Those who Cry Wolf:

Globalization does not amount to Americanization.

This despite the protestations of the Starbucks and McDonald's window smashing set (who always sport such interesting coiffures). As mentioned in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Algerians in Paris practice Thai boxing; Asian rappers in London snack on Turkish pizza; Salman Rushdie delights readers everywhere with his Anglo-Indian tales. Although - as with any change - there can be downsides to cultural globalization, this cross-fertilization is overwhelmingly a force for good.

Which perhaps explains why the catch all issue of globalization; used by the left to lambast everything from genetically engineered crops to the fate of indigenous musical styles, has failed to galvanize the American public.

Posted by dce at 3:37 PM

June 18, 2003

Too Smart to Be So Dumb

The left takes great pride in casting President Bush as being something less than an intellectual heavyweight. There's a perception - stereotype is perhaps the better word - that the reading of thick books with small print is a necessity for leadership. But as Joel Engle suggests in The Weekly Standard, this "shortcoming" of the President is perhaps his greatest strength.

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Posted by dce at 4:35 PM

June 16, 2003

No Peace While Hamas Exists

I've come to the conculsion that there will never be peace in the Middle East until Hamas (and Islamic Jihad, etc) are annihilated. Ariel Sharon is right to declare all out war on Hamas; each time it appears peace may be on the horizon, Hamas blows up another busload of women and children.

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Posted by joeyGibson at 10:41 PM

Al Gore is looking good for '04

Poor ole Al. There was a "Draft Gore For 2004" rally in his home state, with a host of musical entertainers and speakers. This so called rally pulled in a grand total of 100 people. I don't think things are looking good for this democrat.

Article: WND

Posted by Scott at 12:46 PM

June 15, 2003


Some of you will be looking at my byline and will be asking VRCC? My byline stands for the "Vast Right Conservative Conspiracy" hopefully this will add some humor to an election that will be full or rhetoric and accusations. The Democrats are already worried as they seem to have a shortage of candidates for President.

They have a formidable task ahead of them and I plan on making sure that the truth is not stretched and that the spin cycle that the Democratic party perfected is kept off balance. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Posted by VRCC at 11:17 PM

June 14, 2003


The Israelis have decided to destroy the Palestinian militants and visa versa. Well Good! If Israel could have the opportunity to have their hands untied, then some real work might be done. The Palestinian vengeance needs to be obliterated.

Funny thing is, Israel is a tiny land mass compared to the Arab world that surrounds them, but Israel kicks butt. You say this is trying to insight violent conversation, well maybe, but I am whole hearted about this.

I don't like innocent death, but the Israelis need to attack and squash every last Homicide bomber maniac and those who support them.

Israel has shown much more of a sign of peace initiative than the Palestinians have ever shown.

Posted by Scott at 12:23 AM

June 13, 2003

Burning Bush

I know this is a bit dated now, but I'm still pre-occupied with Bush's statements toward Israel. I am a Bush supporter, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why he would chastise Israel for retaliating after they are attacked. If Israel just takes it and does nothing, they will send the wrong message to the Palestinians.

I know both sides have committed their share of horrors, but I put the responsibility on the shoulders of the Palestinians. All it takes is half a brain to realize that no Arab country will be happy until every Jew is dead. There isn't an effective peace plan available. You cannot stop thousands of years of war between the Jews and Arabs with a nice little peace plan.

Bush or his advisors really made a mistake here. This kind of position will not win his conservative constituency.

Posted by Scott at 8:15 AM

June 5, 2003

Washington's 2004 presidential primary set for 'Super Tuesday'

OLYMPIA -- Washington's 2004 presidential primary has been set for March 2, the "Super Tuesday" date when California, New York and Ohio also will vote.

Secretary of State Sam Reed and state party leaders set the date yesterday, expressing hope that the Evergreen State will cash in on the media attention that surrounds the biggest single primary date on the election calendar.

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Posted by Editor at 10:40 PM

Rise Up, Republicans!

Nearly 20 years ago, while some of my teenage friends were out doing the kinds of things our grandparents generation would have thought morally reprehensible, I was busy doing something they might have considered even worse: handing out flyers on behalf of a Republican presidential candidate.

I still remember the sneers, and the occasional smiles, which my nascent political activity evoked, as I stood there in New York's Grand Central Station, a yarmulke perched on my head, trying to persuade rush-hour commuters to cast their ballots for Ronald Reagan.

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June 4, 2003

Sen. Murkowski faces political challenges in 2004 election

ANCHORAGE--When Frank Murkowski left the U.S. Senate after being elected governor last fall, he broke up one of the longest-serving delegations in congressional history--consisting of himself, Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young. The three had been together in Washington since 1980.

But there was continuity, at least in last names, because in appointing a successor to finish his term, he chose his daughter, state Rep. Lisa Murkowski.

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Tauzin: 'No Intention' to Retire in 2004

In an attempt to knock down rumors that he will retire imminently, Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) declared this week that he plans to remain chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee at least through the end of the session. But he refused to promise to run for re-election in 2004.

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Shaping up as showdown in Nov. 2004

South Carolinians daily read about the trials and tribulations of our state's fiscal status. Republican control of the Governor's Mansion, the Legislature and the White House hasn't translated into budgetary answers in tough times.

Our state is not alone. Because of the position The White House budget office and the policy makers there have put them in, governors in most states are reported to be unable to be "choosers."

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Posted by Editor at 10:46 PM

Bomb and Switch

Before 9/11, the administration had too little intelligence on Al Qaeda, badly coordinated by clashing officials.

Before the Iraq invasion, the administration had too much intelligence on Saddam, torqued up by conspiring officials.

For the first time in history, America is searching for the reason we went to war after the war is over.

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Posted by Editor at 2:15 PM