Robert Mueller's 13 Weasel Words

Mueller’s probe has been a destructive mess from the start, and with 13 weasel words, during his brief, prepared testimony this week, Bob Mueller ensured the mess would remain for some time after he’s stepped down.

“Charging the President with a crime was not an option we could consider.”

Or at least that's what he and his team desperately hope. Because of guidance from the Office of Legal Counsel, the DOJ has reasonably decided that you can't indict a sitting president. So, this sets up the circular argument that states that they would have indicted Trump for obstruction of justice if it had not been for that guidance. So they had to spend 22 months on a probe where fairly early on it became obvious that no collusion occurred and what was left was to entrap or provoke enough aides as well as Trump himself into process crimes that would yield the bitter fruit they so wish to pluck.

But that guidance and the constitutional principles on which it presumably rests, would have been fairly clear to Mueller and his team of high-powered lawyers before they even embarked on their probe. So, what then was the purpose of the probe if not as a prosecutor to decide: indict or exonerate?

Clearly the purpose was always to remove Trump from office by paving the way for impeachment as many have repeated on various occasions. Mueller's latest testimony merely reinforces that. And gives ample ammunition to Democrats who will likely sweep Speaker Pelosi's objections away like a rising tide washing up the Potomac and flooding D.C. At least those sorts of metaphors apply to how the beltway and media classes view Trump and Mueller's probe.

Will a clear majority of voters suddenly decide it's ok to launch impeachment against Trump because of Mueller's 13 words?

That's not so clear at the moment. Especially seeing that there is a competing narrative which also happens to be a probe by AG Barr on how the FBI investigation got started. Evidence suggests that the FBI and perhaps other intel agencies ran several spies/assets - from seductive Turkish women to a large, beefy, and apparently quite nasty and well-connected Cambridge academic - at people like George Papadopoulos and Carter Page in order to entrap them and justify what may have been a long-planned hit job that was set in motion when it seemed that unbelievably Trump could win the GOP nomination.

If this was a political thriller, it would all be delicious.

But it's not. It's a grinding, dirty, sordid tale of prosecutorial overreach at the service of partisan electoral politics in an age of Congressional abdication to a Leviathan-like administrative state of which the judiciary, it could be argued, is its newest ally and occasional collaborator.

So, let Congress take back its powers under the constitution and launch impeachment proceedings and let AG Barr continue his probe along with Horowitz and Durham.

And even with a media overwhelmingly hostile to Trump's administration, then let voters decide for themselves in just under 18 months. At some point this has to end as a political process. As a cultural watershed, its effects will be felt for some time to come, unfortunately.

Posted by Keeley at May 30, 2019 9:59 PM
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Thanks to Keeley for your thoughts.

This article may help explain why some of us give President Trump our love, respect, and vote.

“This is the kind of thing that endears President Trump to our armed forces.

After delivering the commencement speech to the graduating class at the Air Force Academy on Thursday, the President announced that he was sticking around to shake the hand of every cadet – well over 900 of them.

“Most of all, to the nearly 1,000 cadets — who I have agreed to shake every single hand,” the Commander-in-Chief said to raucous applause.”

Posted by: Royal Flush at May 31, 2019 3:30 PM
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You have to hand it to Trump for fighting the deep state.
There is a growing list of questions about how the deep state (possibly with Obama’s knowledge and blessing) tried to pull off a coup to destroy a candidate, and then unseat that candidate after winning the Presidential election.

People were unmasked.
Lisa Page excitedly told Peter Strzok (in year 2016) that the “POTUS [i.e. Obama] wants to know everything we are doing.”.
That may implicate Obama in the deep state’s attempt to pull off a coup against Trump.
Illegal FISAs were used to spy on Trump’s team.
George Papadopoulos was set up by the FBI.
Mueller knew early on that George Papadopoulos was framed.
Hillary’s camp created the fake Steele dossier, which was used to spy on Trump’s team, and others.
Obama’s administration weaponized the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA, etc., in ways that make past scandals look minor.
Abuses on Obama’s watch (and possibly by Obama too) represent a growing blight on his legacy.
A 2+ year investigation was an entire hoax.

The vast majority of the Main Stream Media is the left arm of the Democrat party.
But the vast majority of the Main Stream Media has proven repeatedly to actually be FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and are complicit in the 2+ year hoax.

There was nothing stopping Robert Mueller from reporting proof of any crimes by Trump, despite Robert Mueller claiming a sitting president cannot be indicted.
However, Robert Mueller didn’t do that.
Instead, he tried to spin things to continue the suspicion of Trump.
Mueller’s attempt to spin things was wrong, but Mueller should be commended for not trying to push FAKE charges, and FAKE evidence against Trump. It’s safe to say Mueller would have loved to find some dirt on Trump, but was disappointed that none was found, and the best he could do was to say the things he said (just spin; no facts).
Perhaps Mueller should be asked why he did not investigate the real culprits behind the collusion/obstruction hoax?

American voters should not be concerned about 2+ year hoax based on fake allegations of collusion and obstruction; American voters should be more worried about the outrageous weaponization of many federal agencies to attempt a coup against a sitting president.
And calling it a “coup” is not an exaggeration, because the entire scheme was a very well thought-out plan to try to unseat Trump, and go after his entire administration.
Fortunately, it failed, and that is because Robert Mueller was not willing to continue the hoax based on fake evidence, illegal FISAs, illegal surveillance, illegal intelligence operations, and many actions that could easily be defined as “treason”.

And there are many members of Congress that are also very upset that the coup failed, and they refuse to believe that they were lied to for 2+ years. In fact, many members of Congress and other Democrats that are still in search of a crime so that they can find a way to impeach Trump (despite a 2+ year investigation that failed to find an impeachable offense). Therefore, perhaps some people in Congress are acting treasonous too? Some Democrats and many members of Congress, at the very least, are still spewing false allegations, and abusing their subpoena and investigation powers, despite not yet finding an impeachable offense (i.e. Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell, “Valor Stealing” Dick Blumenthal, Ms. “shut up” Mazie Hirono, “lying and leaking” Adam Schiff, Kamal Harris, “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, Bernie Sanders, “Cryin’” Chuck Schumer, “Impeach this M****r*****r” Rashida Tlaib, Jim Clyburn, “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, and Seth Moulton, etc.).

The irony of the 2+ year hoax is that the real treasonous culprits are in the deep state (mostly Democrats or supporters), who were trying to attempt a coup to unseat Trump (i.e. James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Andrew Weissmann, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, John McCain(deceased), and quite possibly, Barrack Obama too).

Hopefully, A.G. William Barr and others will investigate how this hoax was started, how the government was weaponized for political purposes, the Steele dossier, the illegal FISAs, spying, surveillance, and what is looking more and more like an attempted coup by the Hillary Clinton camp, her supporters, and the deep-state (who, by no coincidence, are mostly all Democrats).

P.S. See:
There’s probably a lot more info to come…

Posted by: d.a.n at June 1, 2019 4:59 PM
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