Senator Anning Meet Leen Dweik

Apparently, Queensland’s Senator Fraser Anning is not a pacifist liberal. At some sort of a public event (hardly a very crowded one from the viral video - there seemed to be more cameramen than public) he was egged by some kid protesting his comments on how Muslim immigration was a cause of events like the New Zealand shooting. The Senator from Queensland whose motto is about fighting for rural voters swung round and took a punch at the kid who’s half his size and then took another when the kid half-heartedly tried to defend himself. The kid ended up on the floor in a headlock by either security or supporters of Senator Anning.

Did the protestor deserve the smackdown?

No he didn't, and Manning's comments are controversial to say the least. They suggest that Western Democracies and immigrants who seek them out but are Muslims are incompatible. If that's the case, then a hundred years war between Muslims and Christians is what we can expect.

Which is dangerously ridiculous.

The whole point of calling violent acts by Muslim terrorists "radical Islamic terrorism" is because it's radical and terrorist, unlike most Muslims.

Is there an unsettling level of support for violence in some parts of the Muslim community? Yes, there is. But to take the logical leap that somehow those immigrants are responsible for and therefore deserved to be slaughtered is to descend into the hell of hatred and reprisal and unending violence.

To be fair to Senator Anning, his dangerous Tweet was followed by another saying, "I am utterly opposed to any form of violence within our community, and I totally condemn the actions of the gunman. However, whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence."

In other words, if they'd just go away to somewhere else, this wouldn't happen.

So, taking that logic, if say there is an attack on a Synagogue in Brisbane, would Senator Anning worry that the presence of Jewish migrants (or descendants of) might cause violence by Islamic extremists? And how about the reported violence down under between Serbs and Croatians back about 20 odd years ago when the Balkans Wars raged?

Should Australia therefore seal its borders to all who come from conflict-ridden zones? It already has an immigration policy as tough as Canada's or even more so, and far stricter than America's much maligned immigration policy.

In fact, reductio ad absurdum, isn't the real problem of the Christchurch massacre that New Zealand allowed Brenton Tarrant to migrate to the country? If they had only sealed the border to angry young Australian racists, then wouldn't it have been the case that their native land would have been safer?

The only rational response is to condemn all extremists whether they be Tarrant, or the Bali bombers, or the husband and wife in San Bernardino, or the Pittsburgh synagogue attacker Robert Bowers, or any other sociopathic mass murderer, and find ways to contain and prevent their madness. And when we can't to pray for those who fell and find out how we can prevent this from happening.

It will happen again, mind you. But that only means that we have to try even harder. Because yes, there's a battle against radical Islamic extremism, but it's all forms of extremism that we are fighting against. All forms. Everywhere.

And that means shaming that idiot, Leen Dweik, a hate-spewing fool - if her deleted Twitter feeds are any indication - who accused Chelsea Clinton of somehow being responsible for the Christchurch shootings because Chelsea condemned some of Ilhan Omar's comments as being anti-Semitic (which they clearly were). Dweik's such a fool she doesn't realize she's exactly what she's supposedly condemning.

Yes, Senator Anning has some 'splaining to do, but what was done to Chelsea Clinton was hideous in its own way as well.

Posted by Keeley at March 19, 2019 9:03 PM
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Yeah, Anning has some explaining to do.
The hate spewing at Chelsea Clinton was despicable (and I’m not a fan of Chelsea Clinton, to say the very least).

Keeley wrote: The only rational response is to condemn all extremists …
But already, some Democrats and leftists are also already blaming Trump and non-Democrats too (aside from Chelsea Clinton). Posted by: d.a.n at March 20, 2019 4:51 PM
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Now prepare for Ed O’hrealy to come here and spew some more of his usual maniacal nasty, racist, hate speech

Posted by: d.a.n at March 20, 2019 4:54 PM
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“…what was done to Chelsea Clinton was hideous in its own way as well.”

I agree Keeley. Verbally assaulting Ms. Clinton was revealing of these nut-cases. Those who advocate killing their own babies are capable of other outrageous acts of menace and cruelty. These people should be shunned by the adult world.

Posted by: Royal Flush at March 20, 2019 5:07 PM
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Author, congratulations on another in an unending serious of ridiculous articles. Does the author even know where Queensland is? Has he ever even met anyone from Queensland? Does he understand anything about the relationship between Australia and New Zealand?

“And when we can’t to pray for those who fell and find out how we can prevent this from happening.”

We can prevent some of it by removing the stochastic terrorist that watches tv in the White House. We can prevent more of it by deporting some Murdochs, and I would add Mark Burnett for his role in bringing the moronidiotimbecile to national “fame”. Then we have to do something about the military grade weaponry that is being sold to goofballs who should only have a pistol to shoot themselves in the head.

Posted by: ohrealy at March 20, 2019 6:33 PM
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“we are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history,” per The Kansas City Star. The purported shooter specifically decried the “millions of people pouring across our borders.” Hours later, a shockingly similar phrase came from the president. Tr-mp, after vetoing a bill that would’ve blocked his national emergency declaration to access border wall funding, briefly condemned the shooting before pivoting back to border talk. There are “crimes of all kinds coming through our southern border,” Tr-mp said, adding that “people hate the word ‘invasion,’ but that’s what it is.”
(The Week)
In a manifesto HuffPost has chosen not to link to, the suspected shooter celebrated white supremacy and other perpetrators of mass shootings and detailed his plans for the attack. The suspect decided to launch the attack, he said, “to show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands, our homelands are our own and that, as long as a white man still lives, they will NEVER conquer our lands.” Fears about an immigrant “invasion” of the United States can be found throughout the 19th and 20th century, as xenophobes sought to ensure white supremacy in America by blocking groups including Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Jewish, Slavic and Latin American immigrants.
expresses the common white supremacist belief that white people are being subject to “white genocide” and “replaced” by “non-Europeans” due to “mass immigration and the higher fertility rates of the immigrants”
(Inquistr) Posted by: ohrealy at March 20, 2019 9:29 PM
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Like clock work, Ed O’hrealy demonstrated the depth of his depravity with his usual nonsense and nasty, racist, hate speech.

Many thanks to Ed O’hrealy for being the gift that keeps on giving.

Posted by: d.a.n. at March 21, 2019 2:44 AM
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The protestor deserve the smackdown and more.

Anning is right.

I have always liked Chelsea Clinton. I believe she has grown up into a pretty respectful person despite her parents and all the crap she has endured. She should not have been ambushed by a hateful racist like that Dweik broad.

Posted by: kctim at March 21, 2019 7:47 AM
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You may be right about Anning, because after reading what Anning stated again …

Anning said: I totally condemn the actions of the gunman. However, whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.”

There’s nothing wrong with the 1st sentence

Anning stated: “I totally condemn the actions of the gunman.”

And, technically, there is nothing wrong with this 2nd sentence either

Anning stated: However, whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.”
because he is not saying the “increasing Muslim presence” is unacceptable; he is only saying their is growing fear about it, which is most likely a fact.
Anning did not say the fear was justified; he simply stated that fear existed.

I am not vouching for other potential statements by Anning, but there is nothing wrong with those two sentences by Anning (above).
However, while I don’t know about ALL other statements by Anning, some of his other statements are not so benign, such as this tweet by Anning: “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?”).
There is no doubt that there are a lot muslim extremists, but that doesn’t mean all muslims are extremists. However, New Zealand should consider restrictions on anyone from certain countries that sponsor terror or contain a lot of terrorist activity.

Regarding the protester (Connolly) who they now call “Egg Boy” (who was much smaller than Anning and looked young enough to be a minor; i.e. he is 17 years old), he deserved to be punched after egging Anning on the head, but that can be risky (at least in the U.S., for striking a minor).
However, the guards tackled the protester (Connolly) and wrestled him to the ground, and it appears that “Egg Boy” may be facing legal charges. CBS reports that legal funds were raised for “Egg Boy” via GoFundMe.

Posted by: d.a.n at March 21, 2019 1:39 PM
Comment #440306

Extremism is rarely the cause of violence, d.a.n. The vast majority of the time, violence is the result of everything but extremism.

The problem in today’s social justice nonsense world is that anybody who dares mention anything negative about a ‘protected’ group, or who refused to support special treatment for that group, is immediately attacked.

“Does anyone still dispute the link between white males and violence?”

If this guy would have said that, he’d be called a hero.

Posted by: kctim at March 21, 2019 2:50 PM
Comment #440308
kctim wrote: “Does anyone still dispute the link between white males and violence?”
True … unfortunately.
j2t2, phx8, and Ed O’hrealy have already doe that (see HERE).
Posted by: d.a.n at March 21, 2019 3:11 PM
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