A Sea Change on the Other Side of the Aisle

Both parties face a sea-change now. For the GOP, they are even more Trump’s party than they were 24 hours ago. Jeff Sessions - whose early loyalty to Trump’s candidacy when most people saw it as mere entertainment - is gone. Trump fired him, of course and Sessions handed in an earnest and measured letter that was old-school conservative down to the wire. If you believe there are more pressing problems than whether cannabis should be legal, and if you feel that law enforcement is vital but not should be governed by civilian rules and civility in as much as possible, then you’re not too upset to see Sessions go.

If you worry about balance, then you should be a little uncomfortable with Sessions departure.

Mr. President, yes Adam Schiff now has the reins and whip firmly in hand at the House Intelligence Committee after Nunes brave attempt to expose questionable methods in the Mueller and FBI probes. Whether he acts like an annoying swarm of blackflies with ripple upon ripple of investigations or whether he ignores Pelosi and goes for the Big I, he'll be a pain for the White House, no doubt about it.

But you know something Mr. President. Mueller might not just have legs with voters anymore. Exit polling in the midterms showed voters in a clear - if slim - majority feel the investigations have been politicized and it may be that the Russia story will collapse of its own accord rather than be given new life as an obstruction-of-justice zombie emerging from former AG Sessions' political grave. I can imagine Maxine Waters talking up the evil intentions behind your firing of a loyal servant and using it to try and whip up some tired enthusiasm for what should be a dead issue by now.

Don't give Mueller added life, please Mr. President.

Voters seemed to want a balance in their voting patterns in these midterm elections. Something that's almost axiomatic with midterms in general, and something that was clearly on display Tuesday night.

Especially with Democratic voters who by and large rejected hard-left progressives and went with moderates. The great unwashed deplorables seem to include Democrat voters after all, who don't need coastal elites to help them fill out their ballots. Who would have thunk it?

So we know what kind of GOP will emerge, a party even more beholden to Trump for at least the next year or two.

But we don't really know what kind of Democratic Party will emerge in this next Congress. That will be something which will emerge after the immediate pushing and shoving between Pelosi and Hoyer and the younger officials itching to take over. It will emerge in how Schiff handles his committee and what kind of investigations he launches for example. It will emerge in any possible working with Trump on certain issues. It will emerge in the details of their own policy proposals on healthcare - will single-payer remain as essential a proposal?

What kind of Democratic Party is going to emerge and how bloody will the conflicts that are part of any shift in a party's power structure be?

Posted by Keeley at November 8, 2018 1:59 PM
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Thanks for the observations Keeley.

I am going to agree with President Trump’s assessment of the new Democrat controlled house. Had the Rep’s held the house with just one or two members, we would have had two more years of vicious stalemate. Nancy Pelosi and many Dem’s want legislation on immigration, infrastructure, middle class tax cuts and more. These same issues appeal to many Republicans.

On legislation supported by some Republicans in the house, and reconciled by the Republican held senate, President Trump will most likely sign the bills.

Watching both Wall Street and Main Street respond to the election results indicates that they also agree that some good can come from the new house and senate.

We all know, and recognize, that electioneering promises are nearly worthless. The Dem controlled house will now have to write bills that match their campaign rhetoric. If the Republicans are allowed to have some imput, meaningful and necessary legislative business can be accomplished.

I am a glass half-full optimist. And, we have a president who is a wizard at getting things accomplished.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 8, 2018 5:46 PM
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Those on the right are going to be very surprised when President Trump starts signing the lefts anti-free choice health care and anti 2nd Amendment bills.

The majority of Americans will allow emotion and personal comfort to prevail over individual rights.

Posted by: kctim at November 9, 2018 11:11 AM
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kctim wrote: Those on the right are going to be very surprised when President Trump starts signing the lefts anti-free choice health care and anti 2nd Amendment bills.
Hopefully, not. Posted by: d.a.n at November 9, 2018 12:26 PM
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That is, I hope Trump doesn’t cave in to anti-free choice health care and anti 2nd Amendment bills.

Posted by: d.a.n at November 9, 2018 12:27 PM
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Sounds like Democrats are trying to mysteriously find 80,000 more voting ballots in Broward Count, FL.

Posted by: d.a.n at November 9, 2018 1:08 PM
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We all know that most of the left-wing kooks don’t obey laws they disagree with. That includes election officials in Broward County.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 9, 2018 5:52 PM
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‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Accuses White House Intern of Assaulting Jim Acosta


There is no denying hypocrisy is alive, well, and reigns on the Left. They are completely without a soul, and truth is an abomination in their view.

These anarchists and wanna-be tyrants will eventually fail as do all those with evil intentions and dark hearts.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 9, 2018 6:17 PM
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Royal Flush wrote: These anarchists and wanna-be tyrants will eventually fail as do all those with evil intentions and dark hearts.
True. It takes some time, and it takes a toll on the innocent, but the interesting thing is that evil eventually kills itself. Posted by: d.a.n at November 14, 2018 10:25 PM
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