Judge Kavanaugh Has Become a Title IX Target

I deleted this because it served its purpose.

Cristina King Miranda’s profile photo shows an elegant woman somewhere in Europe on some sort of jaunt perhaps. Who is she and why did she say the words quoted above? She’s a former schoolmate of Christine Blasey Ford who very recently posted in Facebook that quite a few people at their school - The Holton-Arms School in the DC area - knew of the alleged party and the supposed assault. Here’s the relevant part:

Christine Blasey Ford was a year or so behind me. I did not know her personally but I remember her. This incident did happen. Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However Christine's vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true.

So, this would change things dramatically if Miranda's recollections are reasonably accurate. However, within a short time of posting, Cristina Miranda deleted her post and gave her reasons as follows:

Hi all, deleted this because it served its purpose and I am now dealing with a slew of requests for interviews from the Wash Post, CNN, CBS News. Organizing how I want to proceed. Was not ready for that, not sure I am interested in pursuing. Thanks for reading.

In other words, Cristina Miranda seems to be directly suggesting that her post in Facebook was intended to force a delay in the Senate hearings and help drag the process out until the mid-term elections, and try to somehow force Kavanaugh to withdraw.

If the Democrats had their way, the Kavanaugh hearings would become - and are in danger of becoming - a Title IX investigation into sexual assaults on a university campus somewhere in America. Like Oberlin, for example. The accusations are made, the man is guilty. The proceedings must comply with rules for safe-spaces and the man's career and/or reputation are ruined with no guarantee of the protections of due process.

Due process as deemed fit by the Senate under it's mandate of advice and consent, to be clear, because this is not a legal proceeding. This is not a criminal trial and the statute of limitations and the paucity of verifiable details and the contradictions within what Professor Ford has said, means no prosecutor would open this case at this point in time. It's a he-said she-said where 36 years have passed. As former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy writes in National Review:

The committee vote, scheduled for Thursday, could have gone forward.

Instead, the vote was delayed to provide Ford an opportunity to testify. This was wholly unnecessary under the circumstances, but the committee went the extra mile in order to exhibit sensitivity to Ford's alleged trauma. Rather than accept, however, Ford's partisan Democratic lawyers countered that there must be an investigation first -- never mind that the committee hearing is an investigation of the only thing that matters: how the Senate should exercise its constitutional advice-and-consent duty.

So now not only are negotiations apparently ongoing with Professor Ford and the Senate Judiciary Committee, but as well, Cristina Miranda is negotiating with the media and perhaps also with the Senate. Do you want to bet that much of the media and congressional aides from the Democrat side of the aisle are on frantic fishing expeditions to find and talk to as many possible classmates or schoolmates of Christine Baley Ford as they can? It will not matter how credible their stories are. General Feinstein will marshal her dubious evidence and march the witnesses out one by one in and endless parade until Thanksgiving or even Christmas comes if necessary.

Or at least that's the battle plan. The GOP Senate majority has extended the courtesy of allowing Ford to testify, which it clearly was right to do, and now we'll have to see what the next salvo from the opposition will be. This is a war over the right to freely abort, and Kavanaugh has become a convenient target because of nothing he has written or said as a judge, but rather a long-ago, dubious claim. Ford must testify, as uncomfortable as it may be for her.

If not, vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

Posted by Keeley at September 21, 2018 1:01 PM
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Thanks for the read Keeley.

I don’t believe that the United States Senate has fallen into irrelevance quite yet. However, with this sham, their public approval rating may fall to zero.

Posted by: Royal Flush at September 21, 2018 3:50 PM
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