What Sarah Jeong Wants & Why She's Not Really Evil

Sarah Jeong is not a monster. A monster is unique, horrifying in its one-in-a-billion malevolence. It’s a swamp creature, the real swamp creatures which of course are the ones who terrified kids in the 50’s as they emerged from the muck. Or made them laugh if the costume really sucked.

But Jeong is not wearing a costume. Her hateful contempt and biting satire is a logical outcome of what has been happening culturally for decades. The long march through the institutions was apparently coined by a German Marxist activist named Rudi Dutschke at a time when subverting society meant building a hard-left socialist structure on the ash-heap of Western Capitalist society. He meant going inside society's institutions to hollow them out from within and then let the rot collapse in order to create a glorious revolution. Like in Mao's China one supposes given Dutschke's metaphorical use of Mao's long march during the Chinese Civil War.

But once inside with cushy jobs in academia and, yes, in government and that includes intelligence agencies - whether as lowly analysts or as crazed former CIA Chiefs - they found the going pretty good. In the same way that China's current communist leadership would laugh at the notion that China give up its hard-fought consumer gains. So, they exist everywhere as activists, militants, and opinion makers, analysts and academics, and media types, and in the arts and in Hollywood, and in the Music industry. They now set our cultural norms.

And they've been talking and sniping the way Jeong does for some time as well. Sarah Jeong is hardly unique or evil as an individual. She's representative of Neo-Marxist thought and the fact that her tweets are analyzed through the lens of hardcore identity politics shows that Dutschke's long march has worked to a great extent.

Sumantra Maitra - a UK researcher who was apparently born and partly raised in communist-run Kolkata - puts it this way, writing in The Federalist:

Every critical theory traces its roots to Euro-Marxism. To give a more modern example, two feminist professors wrote a paper telling feminists to spread as a "virus" to disrupt all other academic fields and institutions, with an aim to corrupt and destroy the gatekeepers of society from within, to "infect, unsettle, and disrupt traditional and entrenched fields." Academia is a prime example where, in a certain section, activists are constantly churned out, who then go on to work in media and other channels of communication.

Yes. As I've harped on about in the past. There was a time around 150 or so years ago, when you didn't have the idea of ideology. When Marx's language hadn't wormed its way through Western thought to become the feature, and no longer the bug, normalizing itself sometime in the last generation or so. That earlier pre-ideological time is receding even from our collective memory for most Westerners.

Sarah Jeong was inevitable and will be followed by many. But she has been preceded by many as well. She just happens to be a little more biting and swift with her nasty linguistic slurs than the countless others who think like she does and would (and will) tweet like she does if they have the chance. Which they increasingly will as identity politics shifts norms of behavior and deconstructs (or rips apart) what little conventions and manners are left.

Getting angry in reaction is exactly what she wants, and what she feeds off of. But this isn't really about racism. It's about using any weapon that comes to hand to degrade and undermine your enemy: Western Civilization as we knew it. If Jeong's supporters and the ideologies that laid the groundwork for cultural Marxism to flourish really do work their way through almost all of the West's institutions - especially the family as we still know it - then while it will definitely not be some form of Kampuchea or North Korea that we are left with, it will be a world barely recognizable, even to a baby boomer like me. Never mind earlier generations. Never mind our Founding Fathers.

And that too, is exactly what Jeong wants.

Posted by Keeley at August 7, 2018 4:48 PM
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Thanks for going back to actually reading the comments in your columns. Now take the next step and respond to the comments in the column. Sarah Jeong has upset the Shallow State by counter-trolling and you’re trying to make it into another “birther” conspiracy. So what if she’s funny but not as funny as others. This video of hers is pretty relevant to the mess that has been created here at this site and the lack of clean up:


Posted by: ohrealy at August 7, 2018 9:25 PM
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Anti white leftists like Jeong were no doubt hoping for thousands of ‘white supremacists’ and ‘fascists’ and violence this past weekend. Instead, just like years past, a couple dozen wanna-be’s showed up, spouted their nonsense, and then went home without harming anybody.
So much for the U.S. being taken over by white supremacists and nazi’s, LOL!!!

What they did get though, was thousands of anti American leftists attacking innocent Americans, the police, and calling for violence against their fellow Americans. Pathetic.

IF there are any actual democrats left on here, that kind of crap is exactly what normal Americans are fed up with and what could lead to you once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Posted by: kctim at August 13, 2018 3:42 PM
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