Sarah Sanders & L'affaire Poule Rouge

Allow me to disagree with the causality in one of The Hill’s pieces on the Red Hen Incident - or perhaps it will acquire so much cultural weight we shall be obliged to refer to it as L’affaire Poule Rouge. This didn’t start with Trump’s election and make its way to the dining tables and kitchen crannies of America. This sort of divide has been alive and well for at least a decade or two and has been building for a couple of generations now.

What Trump's election meant was a push back to the liberal/progressive cultural consensus - a consensus that has been and still is leavened by a good deal of liberation theory dressed up as social justice and identity politics - and that of course infuriated the L/P consensus and has led, inevitably perhaps, to acidic and vituperative criticisms of Trump that often go beyond the President's own boorishness; and then onwards and downwards to shut downs at restaurants and other public confrontations in Apple stores or anywhere in the public square that someone in Trump's administration might be spotted by SJW lookouts.

Trump was elected because of the divide. Trump is not an evil Moses. He did not part the Sea of American Bipartisan Functionality and ride between the retreating waters hurling slings and arrows at the wise, intelligent, and so very efficient elites in Washington DC. Even if he actually thinks he did do precisely that. He merely started asking questions out loud - crudely, bigotedly at times, and with a sadistic edge of pleasure - that an undeniable plurality in America had been saying out loud at their kitchen counters and dining tables for some time now. Surprisingly, many of that plurality even voted for him. Some of them - not all at this point but much more than many are predicting - will vote for him again.

So even if the President's "low IQ" comment on Maxine Waters - there's so much to criticize in the congresswoman's radical and rabble-rousing statements that silly schoolyard taunts like that seem useless and counterproductive - makes one flinch, it will light a fire under many of his base who despise the California Representative's hardcore identity politics. And Trump's "be careful what you ask for" jab was a brilliant tactical stroke in the middle of his usual barroom brawl punch-a-thon.

But allow me to return to L'affaire Poule Rouge. The Daily Beast gleefully jumped into that fray after the President denigrated the Virginia establishment's apparently unwashed windows. Lachlan Markay comes back swinging and goes into the actual number of cockroaches reportedly spotted by health food inspectors at one of Trump's properties in South Florida:

Trump's Doral golf club outside Miami has fared even worse: In its main kitchen, banquet hall, café, patio grill, and bungalows, inspectors have found 524 health-code violations since 2013, including a number that resulted in fines. Among inspectors' findings were multiple spottings of live and dead cockroaches (they noted 20-25 live ones visibly present in the main kitchen during one 2015 visit), "slimy/mold-like build-up" in coolers and freezers, and holes in kitchen walls.

Boldface added, as they say.

Defense Secretary Mattis is heading to crucial talks with Chinese leaders that will help determine the nature of an increasingly adversarial relationship - whether militarily, geo-politically, or economically - and we're talking about scurrying little critters somewhere near Miami. Journalists are not weeping in their cups and holding their noses. They're in there on the floor, rolling around in the spilled beer, shattered glass, sweat, and blood. And they seem to mind hardly a wit.

Charles Krauthammer is truly gone and so is his type. Or at least, they're laying low and hoping for the endless brawls to end.

Posted by Keeley at June 26, 2018 12:36 PM
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Thanks for the grins Keeley.

Posted by: Royal Flush at June 26, 2018 5:14 PM
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Trump was elected because he said things the people weren’t hearing from the run-of-the-mill politician. He said what people thought. Trump drew back the curtain and exposed the charade that is the federal government.

Trump put things back in perspective.

Posted by: Weary Willie at June 27, 2018 3:56 AM
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The divide. The divide between the left and the right has always existed. What has changed is the vilification of the left with the advent of the conservative movement and Reagan revolution. The propaganda machine of the conservative movement started to vilify the left with myths and misinformation that eventually led to half truths and outright lies.

The divide is what works for those at the top of the economic food chain, the corporations and the wealthy. They use this divide to get what they want. They divided us with the culture wars and phony patriotism as they took jobs and business offshore. Give them a hand it worked remarkable well for them, not for us.

We now have bought and paid for politicians that do the bidding of donors, Trump included. Oh no not Trump you would have us believe, he is the savior come to drain the swamp. Yet he take bribes from Russia and China while in office! His charity scam has been exposed as a fraud as was his business venture. He even told us prior to being elected that he was one of those that bribed others on the repub stage prior to running for office. Yet you foolishly believe the swamp was Hilary and Barrack!

Once they, the right wing, got the SCOTUS to tell the American people that corporations were people they abused the American public during the Gilded Age for a few decades until the Progressive Era. Then of course after the era they got to run wild until they led us and the world into economic depression and WWII.

As is usually the case we are seeing the same thing now, history repeating itself as the conservative movement has led the country to a far right fascism where corporations control our government. The White House both houses of Congress, the SCOTUS and a huge majority of state governments are controlled by the right wing. Yet because we are divided conservative movement followers still believe the problem is liberals and liberalism!

But according to conservative movement followers the problem is the Red Hen owners because they insulted the right wing royalty!

Posted by: j2t2 at June 27, 2018 9:48 AM
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The propaganda machine of the conservative movement started to vilify the left with myths and misinformation that eventually led to half truths and outright lies. Posted by: j2t2 at June 27, 2018 9:48 AM

The right wing is following along the path that Nixon set them on, authoritarianism and bribery. He didn’t even know how Reagan would make the richest so rich that a putative millionaire like Tramp has to go hat in hand to the real billionaires and real international criminals.

Tramp will be meeting with his boss putain soon. Most likely, we’ll never know what happens there in private, unless putain wants us to know. Tramp saluted a north korean general, what will he do for putain?

Posted by: ohrealy at June 27, 2018 10:11 AM
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