​Jared & Ivanka - Are the Princely Couple Now Mere Pawns?

Rudy Giuliani has taken charge of President Trump’s legal team, it seems clear. Here’s what Giuliani said about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump a couple of days ago and the possibility of them coming under scrutiny or being subpoenaed by Mueller:

Jared is a fine man, you know that. Men are disposable. But a fine woman like Ivanka? Come on.

Why would Trump's top lawyer - and an ex-prosecutor, ex-mayor, and ex-presidential candidate - try to separate Ivanka from Jared in terms of being something possibly not worth defending? Because this was not a slip of the tongue. You may think Giuliani's strategy is wrong or that maybe he's just old and confused, but it would be a mistake to think he's just winging it. Giuliani has clearly marked out a strategy vis a vis the Mueller probe and is now actively executing it. Whether it backfires on him and the president is anybody's guess. But it's a strategy, make no mistake.

Rumors have been floated about Kushner being in debt to the Russians. Just like nearly identical rumors have been floated about his father-in-law. Real estate debts being handled by Russian banks with Kremlin ties. Until we see clear proof of this, they remain nothing more than rumors.

However, there is another angle to the Kushner story - one that also involves Ivanka. And that's the infamous meeting in June 2016 at the Trump Tower between Natalia Veselnitskaya, Donald Jr, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and a few others. Veselnitskaya was invited on the premise that she had "dirt" on Clinton courtesy of the hacked server and the DNC hacked emails. She did not. The purpose of the meeting was to lobby on behalf of the Russians affected by the Magnitsky Act, which imposed sanctions on the Putin coterie of crony oligarchs due to the murder of Sergei Magnitsky, a whistleblower who had revealed a massive tax fraud and was imprisoned and then killed by Putin's officials.

Veselnitskaya had an American communications shop working with her to try and overturn the Magnitsky Act: Fusion GPS. Yes, Glenn Simpson's opp research firm was working with a Kremlin-linked lawyer at the same time that they were also deeply involved in the emerging Russia collusion story that summer of 2016. But the Trump Tower meeting may have had a further purpose that links these two clients of Fusion GPS - Veselnitskaya and her contacts in the Kremlin; and the DNC who funded GPS Fusion's work with Christopher Steele. As Lee Miller carefully details at Tablet's website:

So, according to Simpson, the Trump Tower meeting proved the part of the Steele dossier that claimed the Trump team was taking the Kremlin's dirt is true--meaning that Simpson is virtually admitting that the meeting between Trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya, his business partner, was a set up. The dossier memo that claims the Trump team wanted dirt on Clinton is dated June 20, a week and a half after the June 9 meeting--at which that dirt was offered, and which was arranged to help establish the collusion thesis. In Simpson's Aug. 22, 2017 testimony, the phrase "disclosures this year" refers to a New York Times article published a little more than a month previously, July 8, reporting that the president's eldest son met the previous year with a Russian lawyer, who, according to the Times, "has connections to the Kremlin." Who, you might ask, gave that story to the Times?

Apparently Veselnitskaya had a brief conversation with Ivanaka Trump before she got into the elevator on her way out from the June 9 meeting at the Trump Tower. Is this why Mueller's team apparently wants to interview Ivanka?

So Rudy Giuliani has indicated that he might be willing to throw Jared Kushner under the bus in order to save Ivanaka. Because of a meeting in 2016 that may very well have been set up by Fusion GPS in order to manufacture the opportunity for a story on Trump's team looking for opp research from the Russians. Does Giuliani understand or know this? Or does he know differently? Or politically, (because this is all to neutralize a possible effort to impeach President Trump should Mueller's final report be handed to Democrat controlled House that is willing to impeach regardless of the evidence), has Giuliani decided that if you were in that meeting you're a liability. But if you chatted pleasantly in front of the elevator you're worth saving?

This all seems more than a little ridiculous, but the Trump Tower meeting is central to the collusion theory and it wouldn't be surprising if Mueller tries to trap Jared or Ivanka during a prosecutorial interview in order to try and turn them or at least pressure Trump's team into concessions they wouldn't otherwise be willing to make.

It must not be fun for either Jared or Ivanka. Their fate seems to be somewhere between the clutching paws of Mueller or those of Giuliani. They are mere pawns right now in a much larger struggle.

Posted by Keeley at May 8, 2018 2:06 PM
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Stephen, Ghouliani is a drunken idiot that Dumpty wouldn’t hire at first for that reason. Now he’s down to the bottom of the barrel, unless he can get Jeanine Pirro to join in, although I’m sure he’d prefer Maria Bartiromo for obvious reasons. I don’t expect Ghouliani to last much longer than Scaramucci did. The news media often pretend that fools have something to say when they really don’t. There is a whole television network based on that, Fux.

Maybe Ivanka isn’t as big a liar as her father, so she won’t get caught in a “trap” by lying under oath.

Glenn Simpson worked for the WSJ and knows which russians to investigate, the crooks that gave Dumpty all that cash to spend on real estate after his building career went bust.

All the correct spelling of words and names are a dead giveaway.

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Real estate debts being treated through Russian banks with Kremlin ties. Until we see clear evidence of this, they stay nothing greater than rumors. You might imagine Giuliani’s method is incorrect or that maybe he’s just vintage and pressured, but it might be a mistake to suppose he is simply winging it. Giuliani has virtually marked out an approach vis a vis the Mueller probe and is now actively executing it.

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