‚ÄčLet's Talk About Andrew McCabe's GoFundMe Campaign

Consider the curious case of Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe campaign, as Law Professor Jonathan Turley puts it in his piece in The Hill. Half a million dollars have been raised, smashing through the supposed goal of merely a third of that amount. All in the cause of the former FBI Deputy Director’s legal defense fund.

A few questions should be asked at this point:

Who contributed to the fund? At least some of the donors - because that's what they are, political donors - must have given amounts similar to campaign contributions, perhaps more. Others who perhaps gave smaller amounts of money likely see themselves as part of The Resistance and as people who are somehow helping a noble bureaucrat push back against the President's supposed obstruction of justice. Strange seeing that McCabe may very well be the one who helped obstruct Congressional inquiries with repeated lies about leaks he may have orchestrated.
Why now? Why give to a legal defense fund if McCabe has yet to be charged with anything?
And that leads to the question: what do those who first set up this campaign know about McCabe's legal position in relation to the accusations against him in the IG's report that convinced current FBI Director Wray to fire him?
Some of these answers are in The Intercept's piece by Glenn Greenwald which attacks the gofundme campaign from a leftwing perspective. Greenwald expresses horror and rage that so much money would go to a wealthy bureaucrat who will still earn a rather comfortable pension notwithstanding the timing of his firing. How can this be so when people need plumbing and "food security" around the globe? Yes Glenn, large parts of this globe do not resemble Nordic Social Democracies. It's true!

But Greenwald does dig up some interesting facts, and point out a few obvious ones as well. Consider that the fund was first set up by Silicon Valley investor Jason Calacanis who then switched the funds he had raised for McCabe personally to have, to a campaign to fund his legal defense team. Then none other than multimillionaire Rachel Maddow tweeted out about the campaign and the level of funds increased five-fold in about 24 hours. As Greenwald writes:

So here's the nation's 14th highest-paid TV star, just behind Blake Shelton of The Voice and the stars of Grey's Anatomy, who earns at least $7 million per year from her Comcast salary alone (i.e, beyond her book and appearance income), successfully encouraging small donors who follow and watch her to charitably donate their money to a rich federal police officer who is married to a doctor and who lives in an extremely expensive home in the the richest county of the world's wealthiest nation.

The next time you're feeling pessimistic about the nature of humanity, just reflect on this touching act of compassion and empathy for the needy. By the way, the now-closed GoFundMe campaign for the family of Stephon Clark -- the 22-year-old father of two young children who, while he was unarmed after he ran to his grandmother's backyard, was gunned down by Sacramento Police with seven bullets in his back, while he took 10 minutes to die as the police officers who shot him did not call for medical help -- generated $83,000 in donations, or 1/7 of what has been raised (thus far) for McCabe.

Greenwald then goes on to rant about intel agencies and the FBI in particular and their role in surveillance of American and other citizens. He's right to be concerned - as anyone who cares about freedom should be - but there seems little concern on his part for the fact that McCabe may be guilty of real violations of both policy and law. Greenwald rants near the end of his piece saying:

But a charity campaign fueled by a multi-millionaire cable news host, for the benefit of a rich federal police official, is not just bizarre but obscene. If one wants to protest the tragic plight of Andrew McCabe, there are many ways to do that aside from encouraging people to donate money to his legal battles.
May I suggest that Glenn Greenwald and others resist - if I may use the verb - a little from seeing Andrew McCabe as a victim? It may be that his plight is neither tragic nor very plightish. How about freezing the funds in the gofundme account until the DOJ IG's report comes out and we have a better idea of what rules and perhaps laws McCabe did break?

And how about we consider Mike Flynn's fate who was convicted by Mueller of a single instance of the same crime McCabe may be guilty of on multiple occasions. All after the FBI had previously decided that Flynn had not broken the law. Two very different fates. Does the Deep State look after it's own?

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Like you actually care about Stephon Clark.

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