‚ÄčKim Yo-jong is Nice! - Anything to Resist Trump

The New York Times has been displaying a little nostalgic fondness for Stalin’s Soviet Union over the past year or so. Apologetic analysis of a tyrant’s murderous regime is not unknown, of course, to the DNA of America’s media. So it’s no surprise that the NYT has reminded its readers of what it believes is worth preserving from Stalin’s legacy.

But this has now been surpassed by an incredible siding with North Korea across much of mainstream media over the last few days, as they praise North Korea's charm offensive at the PyeongChang Winter Games in South Korea. The same media that howls about normalizing unbecoming behavior when President Trump tweets something a little obnoxious is now falling over itself to praise perhaps the most repressive and evil regime on the face of the planet.

Consider a piece in the New York Times - written by Motoko Rich and Choe Hang-Sun - that describes Kim Yo-jong's charm offensive in contrast to Vice President Mike Pence's subdued behavior. Pence was responding in kind to what was clearly an ambush by South Korea's President Moon where the Vice President was deliberately seated near or next to Kim at several events.

Who? Little Kim of course! Yo-jong is Kim Jung-un's sister and is likely directly responsible for the deaths of countless North Koreans as possible head of the DPRK's gulags (concentration camps). But because she smiled rigidly in front of the cameras, she won a charm offensive against Vice President Pence. North Korea wins charm offensive. Trump administration loses! Yay!!

Rich and Sang-Hun then use the supposed charm offensive by the menacing black widow of a murderous regime as an excuse to quote former State Department officials and various academics who oppose a harder line on America's part towards the DPRK. For example:

Flashing a sphinx-like smile and without ever speaking in public, Ms. Kim managed to outflank Mr. Trump's envoy to the Olympics, Vice President Mike Pence, in the game of diplomatic image-making.

Nary a word about her key role in her brother's tyrannical, dynastic regime. Although Sang-Hun did admit in a previous article that Kim Yo-jong may be head of the DPRK's Propaganda and Agitation Department or Bureau or whatever they name it. The article then moves quickly to it's real (substantive if you like) purpose which is to present the foreign policy establishment's view on the Korean peninsula:

Mr. Pence is playing right into North Korea's hands by making it look like the U.S. is straying from its ally and actively undermining efforts for inter-Korean relations.

That gem of a quote is by Mintaro Oba, an ex State Department wonk who specialized in Korea policy and who obviously preaches a policy of appeasement when it comes to Kim Jong-un's regime.

Or this, by Alexis Dudden, an academic at the University of Connecticut referring to the Vice President remaining seated when team Unified Korea entered the stadium:

I think it would have been really helpful to the conversation of denuclearization for the Pences to have appreciated the effort put into bringing team Unified Korea into the stadium.

No Professor Dudden, Kim Jong-un isn't interested in that conversation, and his and his father's and his grandfather's regime never have been. They are only interested in re-unification under North Korea's terms. A violent absurdity that requires a constant stream of threats backed by an increasingly strong nuclear capability. And occasionally sprinkled with detente-like postures to enable the North to consolidate it's position and also to weaken the South Korean's links with America.

South Korea's Moon Jae In might be a former paratrooper but his fast one on Pence will not be forgotten. America has expended blood and treasure so that Moon and his South Korean citizens can live under what is a democratic regime. No, South Korea was not always democratic, but tell me where most people would have chosen to live in say 1970 or 1980: Pyongyang or Seoul? Unfortunately, Moon's public attempt to coerce the Trump administration into tacitly endorsing the feel-good Olympic unification spectacle may very well backfire, given that the focus at the White House has been sanctions and not dialogue.

Nothing tacit about mainstream media however. Their Trump derangement knows no bounds. Are you opposed to Trump for any possible reason? Then we will praise you! It is annoying in the case of Democrat (and GOP in many cases) hypocrisy on local, domestic policy positions. It is toxic, malevolent and dangerous when it comes to North Korea's tyranny and its horrifying human rights abuses.

So. Vice President Pence is being criticized for remaining seated? Could it be that he has the data that proves how many people's deaths the smiling, "sphinx-like" mandarin seated next to him is responsible for? Including Otto Warmbier??

Posted by Keeley at February 13, 2018 4:13 PM
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Good analysis Keeley.

Why would anyone expect the American Vice President stand for any team other than the United States?

We have thirty years of history in which American presidents and American media have fallen for every gimmick and slickly-worded compromise proposed by North Korean butchers to gain American dollars and inaction.

I don’t believe President Trump or Vice President Pence will fall for this smiling Communist butchering bit*h from the North.

Posted by: Royal Flush at February 13, 2018 5:41 PM
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Hurrah for American seventeen year old Chloe Kim who won gold for her half pipe riding performance. It was thrilling to watch her compete. The best line from the Olympics so far was the “play-by-play” guy saying that “Chloe will have some awesome bling to wear to her high school prom.”


Posted by: Royal Flush at February 13, 2018 5:49 PM
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