​Move Over Crap - Sh!t is Here to Stay

It used to be that you wouldn’t see crap written in most newspaper or said on TV. Did you get that? I meant the word “crap”, not the concept of crap, which I would suppose would be defined as something poorly researched or something you strongly disagreed with, or something that was an extreme opinion. Or perhaps some combination of all three.

Then crap was everywhere. Again. The word, not the concept. In other words, it was suddenly fine to use it on prime time TV or in mainstream media. Perhaps the 90's was the transition period.

Ok. So there's synonymous terms for crap, and forgive me if I use a punctuation symbol rather than an "i" when I write that one of those synonyms is sh!t. And let's just say that we're now in a transition period where sh!t will quickly become as acceptable as crap. The words, of course. Not necessarily the concepts.

For example, The Washington Examiner is hardly a vulgar alt-right publication. And James Antle III is the kind of insightful writer that you generally stop what you're doing/reading to check out what he has to say on any given issue. In examining the twin effects of the Dreamers negotiations in the Senate and President Trump's comment on Haiti, El Salvador, and a few unnamed African countries, Antle summed up his thesis that Trump has just undermined what he publicly and live on TV proclaimed was his goal, with these final words in his article:

What a sh!tshow.

Now we can't say for sure how vulgar an angry JFK was behind closed doors - never mind LBJ who apparently would have reporters trail him to the bathroom where he would take a (choose your synonym) while they took notes on his musings. But discretion on the part of those around a president was of a different order in those days.

So has President Trump merely relieved us of our hypocrisy, or dragged us to new depths? We say sh!t all the time, every day. Again, you see? It's so ingrained in our dialogue that you instinctively imagine the concept of sh!t and not the word itself. But somehow that conceptual use was quarantined from mainstream media because of the vulgarity of the word itself. That's now no longer the case.

Does the President deserve to have his comment leaked? Is calling those countries "sh!tholes" a racist taunt or is it a vulgar, but honest attempt at describing their socio-economic condition?

Most people have already made up their minds on that, one way or the other, and long before this latest story broke. But regardless of why the President used the term, he has indeed helped undermine the immigration deal - a Wall, (itself an increasingly fluid concept), for some sort of Dreamer's amnesty. The problem is that the deal was hardly a sure thing absent the leaked comment by President Trump. Between those who see any amnesty towards illegals - whether Dreamers or not - as unacceptable, and those who will not accept any tightening of immigration policy - like electronic visas, ending chain migration, and increasing ICE personnel - there seems to be little ground for compromise.

And that's why words like sh!t do not help when Congress is trying to reach a near impossible agreement. We can't afford to publicly descend into vulgar epithets - even ones used daily to refer to normal, every day things - because with tensions high and positions hardening it then becomes a barroom brawl where things get broken rather than solved.

Unfortunately, it would seem that sh!t is here to stay. The word, that is. The concept is as old as human society.

Posted by Keeley at January 12, 2018 6:11 PM
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We have gone so far as to have emoji’s for the word 💩💩💩

💩 holes have created a 💩 storm

Posted by: Blaine at January 12, 2018 7:28 PM
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Posted by: obat kutil yang alami at January 12, 2018 10:09 PM
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C&J, it’s vulgar slang so the question is do we as a culture find it acceptable that our politicians and leaders use vulgar slang to describe other countries. Vulgar slang is what is used when a dull mind cannot find the right words to describe or explain what they are thinking. We should expect better than this from our politicians.

Of course the Trump appeasers will defend this supposedly educated man who represents our country as he insults other countries. It is truthful they will say, those countries are sh*tholes. Although this does our country a disservice they will gloat as he and they offend these troubled countries. I find it sad we have sank so low as a nation that a boorish man with a 4th grade speaking level represents us on the world stage.

Posted by: j2t2 at January 13, 2018 12:09 AM
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j2t2, first off, C&J never made the comment, and secondly 💩 hole country means nothing. You are simply repeating the left media talking points, with false outrage. If you were actually concerned about vulgar language, you would also be outraged at the plethora of leftist who consistently use real vulgar language every time they attack Trump. We could probably Nan at least 3 dozen Hollywood types and leading democrats who have used the “F” bomb in daily speak against Trump or conservatives. Your false outrage means nothing.

Posted by: Blaine at January 13, 2018 8:48 AM
Comment #423238

Blaine, who said C&J made the comment and why the strawman? Your claim the Trump comment means nothing is foolish, my friend. Being a Trump appeaser you try to negate the impact of his egotistic words but lets face it these arrogant comments impact the how other countries see us as a nation.

Jesus Blaine your whole comment is a big strawman, did you actually read what I said? I’m not outraged as your strawman talking point suggests, I”m sad the president is such an ignorant leader for displaying his narcissism on the world stage.

Comparing what some of us say to what the president publicly says is yet another strawman. His snobbish opinion circulates around the world, ours doesn’t. His egotistic opinion is held up on the world stage to be the opinion of our country, ours isn’t.

Posted by: j2t2 at January 13, 2018 11:35 AM
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Notice how the left feigns outrage in order to deflect from the real issue, which is they are unwilling to accept that there will be no DACA without laws and infrastructure put in place to prevent the influx of illegal aliens from causing this mess to happen again. I laughed as I watched fienstien angle for a clean daca bill. As if anyone is foolish enough to believe they will give up anything in return once they get what they what they want. 1986 ring a bell? They will have to sign off on all the enforcement, e-verify, and so on, and the wall, or there will be no daca. Once the time expires, the deportations will begin. If the democrats think they are going to get daca in the budget bill, they’re only kidding themselves.

Posted by: dbs at January 13, 2018 11:55 AM
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The lefts motto “Promise everything but give nothing”

Posted by: Rich KAPitan at January 13, 2018 12:13 PM
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When someone speaking with the president in a private meeting, leaves and calls a press conference to detail what transpired in the private meeting; that person has lost all trust and confidence and should be barred from any further private meetings.

Presidents say many things in private that are not meant for public disclosure. Do we want to take away from the president his ability to speak privately without fear of every word leaking to the public?

Can my Pals on the Left please return to normal thinking?

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 13, 2018 3:31 PM
Comment #423248

Royal, normal is a relative term. Normal for the left is abnormal for normal people. The left has never been normal. Haven’t you listened to the insane comments made by the left for the past year? Listen to the late nite comedians (even though there is no longer any comedy), they have become hysterical. Hollywood has golden globes and Oscars, where they become hysterical. The leftist media have become hysterical. I believe I heard that the MSM quoted the word 💩hole over 50 times yesterday alone on all the news networks. The democrat politicians get before a camera or on the floor of the senate and House and become hysterical. We are witnessing the meltdown of the democrat party in our lifetimes. Read the comments of ph and j2, they have become hysterical. They don’t listen to any logical argument, they just keep quoting hysterics over and over again. I can not read WB for a month, and when I read it again, the same leftist are predicting the same hysteria over and over. Last week the world was ending because Trump did this, the week before it was because he said that, the week before that it was because of something else he did. They have become the little boy that cried wolf over and over. No one listens to them anymore. Mainstream democrat politicians have predicted the end of the world, the death of all humanity, the flooding of all coastal cities, and one intelligent hysterical democrat congressmen even predicted that Guam was going to capsize. Will it never end?

Posted by: Blaine at January 13, 2018 8:47 PM
Comment #423263
Being a Trump appeaser you try to negate the impact of his egotistic words but lets face it these arrogant comments impact the how other countries see us as a nation.

j2t2 talks like the people in these countries are all sitting in front of their TVs and eating cake listening to Trump say a naughty word. Even if they do waste their day away listening to American politics they’re probably cheering Trump, because they don’t think their country is a $hit hole. That’s that other country Trump’s talking about!

Hating your own country, that’s just a Democratic’s trait, j2t2, not the rest of the world’s.

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 14, 2018 7:20 PM
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