Who's More Dangerous - Kim Jong-un or Steve Bannon?

Poor Kim Jong-un. He’s got his own little nuclear button - actually he’s the dangerous head of a family-run, criminal, communist, and totalitarian regime with an increasing capacity to perhaps deliver nuclear weapons across the Pacific Ocean. And he keeps getting hooked off the stage by events in Washington D.C.

Because Steve Bannon has opened the gates of hell, or the floodgates, or whatever analogy you want. And it may also be that Bannon wants to be president. That's not something he's broadcast out loud quite yet, but he seems to be trying to build his own base, the one he would surely claim he was key in bringing to Trump. Rather than candidate Trump and now President Trump bringing Bannon into the spotlight. Of course, now that Rebekah Mercer - the daughter of Rob Mercer of Renaissance Technologies who is also a major Trump benefactor through the Make America Number 1 Super PAC - has cut him off from further funding, that's going to be an even more impossible goal for Bannon.

Apparently, Bannon and also-fired White House Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh were the ones who talked the most to the author of Fire and Fury Michael Wolff; and likely both Bannon and Walsh were also responsible for a majority of the leaks in the early pre-Kelly days of Trump's administration. Wolff says he has hours and hours of tape to back up his startling claims, among them that Trump planned to lose the election and was as shocked as everyone else that he actually won.

So now, aside from the "treasonous" narrative that Bannon has wrapped around the Trump Tower meeting, we now have the other narrative emerging from Wolff's book:

The president is supposedly unstable with a failing memory, and a fear of being poisoned (and the quoting of that latter story comes courtesy of The Washington Examiner - hardly a Never Trump outlet although not as pro-Trump as the Washington Times, for example). And of course that means the 25th amendment. Doesn't it?

So we are now sure to get analogies to Nixon in 74. But also to Reagan in 1987, when he was supposedly carefully watched by new Chief of Staff Howard Baker to see if he was fit to continue to be president. Reagan of course was more than fit to continue to be President. Nixon not so much.

But now thanks to Bannon, the media and the opposition - both Democrats and Never Trumper conservatives - have been able to recharge the two alternative paths they have always wanted to use to declare the unfitness of President Trump:

The Russia probe which will gather new life now that a black-clad Bannon has sprinkled goat's urine and performed the Black Mass over Mueller's team. And who's to discriminate against a satanist nowadays right? And if the Russia connection still fails to provide sufficient evidence of collusion, we now have Plan B:
Trump is unfit to be President of the United States. Steve Bannon, or at least Michael Wolff says so. The 25th amendment with it's cumbersome and untried processes should be rolled out! Enact Plan B!
So. Dear Kim Jong-un. You murderous little thug. Don't you see? You don't have to say anything. You just have to let a week go by and wait for another scandal to erupt on this side of the Pacific.

What can cause more damage to the American body politic? A missile launched by your rogue state - which will surely be intercepted or fail or be destroyed before you launch - or Steve Bannon trying to burn down very the administration of which he was a key player a few months ago?

A final note. And this is surely part of Trump attorney Charles Harder's cease and desist letter sent yesterday Wednesday to Steve Bannon. When exactly did Bannon talk to Michael Wolff and use the T-word? It had to have been while he was a member of the administration. Books don't get published quite that fast. Even in 2018. If he did produce that quote while serving as an administration official, Bannon really is the crazy one. Or a complete idiot. Or both. Because it's one thing to try and burn down the establishment wing of the GOP. It's another thing to try and burn down your own team.

Posted by Keeley at January 4, 2018 7:14 PM
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