​Normalizing the Flood of Corruption & Abuse

This is getting to the point where Old Testament language seems the only way to describe the flood of controversial news sweeping over America these last few weeks. Consider these items:

The wave of abuse scandals is keeping what normally would be headline news off the front page, to use an outdated simile. Senator Graham has warned the spouses and children of U.S. personnel in South Korea that they should think about heading home. What he means is war with North Korea is now a very real possibility.

Warren Henry (a pen name for an Illinois attorney) has released in The Federalist a very troubling description of how prosecutors behaved in Wisconsin in their abuse of an already frightening state law: 768.26 or the so-called John Doe law where prosecutors and police can raid your home to see "whether" a crime has been committed. It was meant supposedly as a prosecutorial tool against drug dealers. The scandal is how Democrat prosecutors and Wisconsin DoJ officials abused and used the law against GOP officials.
But the Supreme Court hearing of the Majestic Cakeshop case where religious freedom is being weighed against freedom from discrimination, has managed to break through the sex scandals because it cuts to the heart of identity politics and what discrimination means in 2017 (or 2015 when the case started).
The war between Trump's administration and the entrenched bureaucracy heated up with the competing appointments for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's Acting Director. Trump seems to have won that, but it shows the contempt for President Trump and his duly established powers, on the part of most government officials.
But we all have to talk about sex don't we? So. As a parting shot which also works as part of a campaign to morally discredit the GOP, Senator Franken (is he officially ex-senator quite yet? No, that should take a few days or weeks apparently) sneered about how Trump was President and Roy Moore might be a senator soon and yet he's been forced to resign. The thing is, the schmuck has a point. And Democrats will delightfully beat that drum for as long as they can.

But the drums of outrage should beat even louder if Congress would actually let voters see who the hell in their hallowed ranks have been accused of assault or harrassment. And have settled with their victims They don't of course. Apparently that's secret. Ha ha. Ha ha. We can so we will keep it hushed. But we'll all do sensitivity training. In house if you will. How long will it take Congress to clean up their own transparency when it comes to sexual harrassment instead of hiding behind secrecy laws?

So we are flooded with corruption and abuse. No use quoting Genesis 6 to 9. You all know the story. And the fact is, the type of behavior we are seeing - whether by prosecutors in Wisconsin or crazed state politicians in Texas, or wherever, demanding sex from staffers - is being normalized because it has been normalized in our general culture for some time now. Even as our politically correct culture persecutes imagined cases of abuse or discrimination across universities. So while there are nods of outrage over the lack of ethics or morality, every issue is now divided along a partisan line. Including rape. This is where we have come to.

Posted by Keeley at December 11, 2017 11:19 PM
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Thanks for your comments Keeley.

Congress acts hypocritically in many ways. They exempt themselves from some things that impact our lives; but not theirs. I feel certain that some of the House and Senate members yelling the loudest with moral outrage would not be pleased to have their own morality examined in detail in public.

Posted by: Royal Flush at December 12, 2017 1:51 PM
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