​CEOs Who You Gonna Call? Axios!

Mike Allen - one of the beltway’s most influential journalists according to beltway journalists - seems to be a little envious of Glenn Simpson and his operation over at Fusion GPS. Aside from trying to get various secretaries in Trump’s cabinet to quit their jobs based on his emails and columns, he now wants to expand his horizons. Here’s what Allen had to say in his daily email yesterday:

Forget politics. The culture wars are raging in corporate America and many CEOs and businesses are grossly unprepared.

A flare up could be caused by a customer, an employee, a shareholder, and involving of course, social media. And companies are at risk of being sucked into a whirlpool of negative social media gossip that could potentially destroy their brand. What's a poor CEO to do? Call the social media busters at Axios of course! Here's what Mike Allen has to inform us about the company he co-founded - that would be ... you guessed it! Axios!

Most big companies are run by straight white men who are unaccustomed to navigating a fast-changing America.

And most don't realize that they "are becoming more consumer-facing." So how does Axios solve all this for your company?

The Axios Way: How You Do it.

Think of your brand as a political candidate. You need to hyper-aware of how you're seen by your core constituencies (employees and customers) and the broader public. Be vigilant for signs of erosion in your base; or failing to respond forcefully to negative attacks; or under-utilizing technology to connect with your people in authentic, compelling ways.

In other words, run your company like a political campaign: heresy, opposition research, rumors, personal attacks, crazed denunciations by raving identity politics radicals. THAT's what every CEO should lose sleep over, according to Mike Allen and the geniuses at Axios, who you of course should hire immediately to advise you. Like the publishers of young adult fiction who go scurrying to the sidelines and cancel or back away from a work if a few self-appointed gatekeepers on social media decide a young adult novel is flawed and their carping goes viral thanks to a small group of a so-called activists.

Never mind the price you offer. Never mind how good your product actually is, it's all about crisis management of perceptions shaped by fanatical radicals. And Axios - having done it's share of radical criticism of the current administration - can get you ahead of the story.

This is a protection racket disguised as 21st century communications shop. Just like Fusion GPS which is at the other end of the line, digging up dirt (assuming they will still be in business and won't been replaced by other comm shops) while Axios puts out the fires that people like Fusion GPS ignite.

Do Mike Allen and Glenn Simpson chat on occasion? It would be unimaginable if they didn't, seeing Allen has been a key player in the beltway political journalism scene for around a decade. How many Fusion GPS stories has Allen helped give legs to? And now he's the social media buster you turn to, seeing how experienced he is in how the game works?

It seems you no longer have to be a lawyer to threaten up some business, being a journalist will do fine in 2017. Just ask Mike Allen or Glenn Simpson.

Posted by Keeley at October 26, 2017 9:40 PM
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