​Is the SPLC a Money Laundering Front?

​Outrage has been big business for at least a few years now, especially over the last few years. Media - both mainstream media in it’s progressive majority and conservative minority, and smaller scale media - from a blog to a focused newsletter - have been able to profit from the anger swirling through America’s and much of the Western World’s cultures. Just look at CNN’s profits and revenues over the last three years. Or MSNBC. Or Fox. Or many others.

Is this all an egg? Or is this a chicken? It's a vicious cycle and we want someone to blame. Usually the other side. And in the case of Republicans there's at least two "other" sides to blame. Same for Democrats but they're better at papering over the cracks.

So should we be shocked that the Southern Poverty Law Center - whose map of hate organizations might just include your local church - has been a fundraising behemoth? Tim Cook (Apple CEO) announced in the wake of Charlottesville that he would donate a cool million to the SPLC and match employee donations.

But now, in an insightful and troubling article (to the extent that we should be troubled even as we're not that surprised) in The Washington Free Beacon, Joe Schoffstall turns up some interesting numbers:

Millions of dollars that the Southern Poverty Law Centre funneled to offshore banking centers in places like The Cayman Islands. The SPLC did not return calls by the Washington Free Beacon on this story.

So, there has been a suspicion for some time that the SPLC is an opportunistic fundraising operation more than anything else, run by CEO's more interested in the funds than active intervention like say the Open Society where George Soros and Son gets to put their billions to work in local elections to try and make sure only hard-left progressives get elected. And this story seems to bear this out.

Clearly, the more hate groups the SPLC can identify with as broad a definition as possible, the more cash they can rake in. The fact that they're funneling millions offshore shows their true motivations. If they can drive liberals into a frenzy because a foundation believes in a traditional definition of marriage and therefore by their radical logic is a hate group, they can pry open the wallets of said liberal voters and rake in the dough.

In other words: it's only about the money stupid.

By the way, in The Atlantic back a few years ago, The Washington Free Beacon was labelled a scandal-mongering Hillary hater who would earn a backlash along with sites like Breitbar, of course. It seems the backlash is more likely to be against the real scandal-mongering and money laundering entity in America: The Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Posted by Keeley at August 31, 2017 7:27 PM
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Care to offer us a link to the article? SPLC, according to my research, does an awful lot of work in an awful lot of directions. It’s well rated by Charity Navigator, and so on and so forth. They seem to stick it to a lot of the Alt-Rights favorite sacred cows. I wonder why folks on the right are so eager to slime it. Hmm.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at September 24, 2017 7:37 AM
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