Never Mind Trump's Smackdown - Check Out Goofy Kicking Donald Duck

Never mind the recycled video of then citizen Trump engaging in a ringside smackdown, with the added goodie of a CNN Logo digitally affixed to the head of the smackee. Recycled by the president himself. But never mind that. As silly and obnoxious, and yes upsetting, to many as that video might have been, you should care more about Goofy Kicking Donald Duck.

Also called Gill v. Whitford, this is a case that is an attempt to see whether the redistricting of an electoral district in the State of Wisconsin violates the constitution. It is also putatively about whether the redistricting in general was partisan, the answer to that question being: are you stupid? Why else would state governments redistrict when a census comes up during their time in power? Oh yes, the district looks a little like Goofy kicking Donald Duck. That is, it's not quite a rectangle or even a trapezoid. And the big question now is: when is redistricting too much? If ever?

So when the Supreme Court takes up Gill v. Whitford this October, we will have a chance to see Justice Gorsuch's opinion on a matter that historically the Supreme Court has generally let be. In other words, it will take a real change in SCOTUS jurisprudence for them to rule strongly against redistricting at the state level. Mostly because they have been unable to agree at various points in the last 30 years, on what standards should determine what is excessive partisan gerrymandering, which would then theoretically be a violation of the 1st and 14th amendments.

A Federal Court in Wisconsin has come up with a standard to decide precisely that. The efficiency gap, which measures how much partisan gerrymandering allows the party to punch above it's weight in electoral districts. It works like this: you take the difference between the two parties' wasted (losing) votes and divide by the total number of votes. In a non-partisan re-districting, the efficiency gap should be close to zero. If the gap is greater than 7%, according to the wonks at U of Chicago who invented the formula a few years ago, then you have excessive gerrymandering.

The Federal court in Wisconsin found that the efficiency gap in Wisconsin was 11% to 13% and that the GOP with 48.6% of the vote had won 61% of the state's 99 electoral districts. Hence the gerrymandering engaged in during 2011 was excessive, according to the Federal court's decision. One in which they used the efficiency gap as a standard for deciding if redistricting is unconstitutional.

What will SCOTUS make of the efficiency gap? What will Gorsuch make of it? Will he follow Justice Scalia's argument that redistricting is non-justiciable and does not even belong in the courts? Or will he suddenly surprise conservatives who are delighted with what he has done so far in his short time on the court? Will Gorsuch kick back at Goofy?

Happy 4th!

Posted by Keeley at July 3, 2017 11:32 PM
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Interesting post Keeley…thank you.

I will trust Gorsuch and other conservatives members to rule according to the Constitution. Whenever that happens, I will not question the outcome.

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 4, 2017 3:23 PM
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Isn’t it true that the federal government only has oversight of confederate state’s election process? Northern states don’t enjoy the same scrutiny the Southern states do.

Isn’t that correct?

Posted by: Weary Willie at July 4, 2017 8:58 PM
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1) I don’t remember the last time the President posted or filmed any kind of video showing them beating up persons symbolizing a news organization. Is this a man who we can trust to uphold the Constitution in terms of a free press?

I hear far too much from your side about POLITICIANS holding the PRESS accountable, something that’s actually strictly forbidden by the Constitution. There’s no license congress can insist upon to force the Press to adhere to a given standard. The President does not observe acceptable limitations on his behavior or accusations towards the Press. Even Republican Presidents have not gone as far as he has in attacking the Press, and with good reason.

I don’t know why people expect sympathetic treatment out of people they call biased, unprofessional liars everyday, or who think it’s funny to post a video of them literally beating on a news organization.

The Republicans are accepting an unacceptably low standard of behavior here. They should be better than this.

As far as redistricting goes?

There is nothing in the Constitution that demands or even recognizes the role of partisanship in these districts. It’s a sign of the extreme partisanship on the right that gerrymandering is the only function they recognize.

How about representation of communities? Of populations? How about geographical factors? The Truth here is that we need to get partisanship out of the mix EVERYWHERE. The point of the House of Representatives is to represent the popular will. If the people move rightward, that’s one thing. If they’re moving leftward, Congress should move with them. The Senate was meant to temper any excessive populism, not abuse of districting powers to enable lazy RW politicians.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at July 5, 2017 11:29 AM
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“Mitt Romney made his choice, now you have to make yours.”

Does our Pal Stephen recall the video of Paul Ryan throwing “Granny off the Cliff”?

“The President does not observe acceptable limitations on his behavior or accusations towards the Press.”

Really Stephen? Please tell us who wrote the book on “limitations” that are “acceptable”.

We have a free press and; we have a chief executive who is also free to express himself.

The Lefty Whiners are not accustomed to folks defending themselves from the bully media.

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 5, 2017 3:26 PM
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Any one care to speculate on how the situation in North Korea will be resolved?

More diplomacy?

Military action?

Kick the can down the road as past presidents have done?

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 5, 2017 6:39 PM
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Not a problem, RF. First thing is to just ‘shut up’. Second thing is to take out any missile that crosses into international territory to the North and East of Korea.

That is, take out any missile that has a trajectory other than toward Russia or China.

Anything else, RF?

Posted by: Roy Ellis at July 5, 2017 8:36 PM
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Difficult situation, RF. Our best allies have no confidence in the Trump administration. According to the recent Pew Poll, 88% South Korea trusted the Obama administration to do the right thing; only 14% trust Trump. 78% of the Japanese trusted Obama; 24% trust Trump. All that careless talk by Trump about trade and allowing nuclear proliferation and America First comes at a price. Now we are in a difficult situation with North Korea, and so are our allies. The US relies on bases in Japan and South Korea to deter the North Koreans. I think our allies trust Americans in general, and I think they trust the American military, but they do not trust Trump. That is a fact. And it matters, because without them, and without support in the international community, our options are more limited. The Chinese and the Russians see our weakness, so they feel no obligation to do anything about the North Koreans.

There never were any good options. War will kill a large number of people. Failure to act means the North Koreans may get even more dangerous and more willing to exert their power. It would be good to work with our allies, China, and Russia, but that choice left when Trump entered the White House.

Strategic patience probably is still the best strategy, but any further development of ICBM’s may force the US into a pre-emptive strike, only now it will be with little support from what used to be our best allies.

Posted by: phx8 at July 5, 2017 10:30 PM
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In other words, from watching blatantly biased media, South Korea and Japan liked Obama more than they like Trump.
Given the treasonous actions of the media, democratic reps and their extremists on the streets, that’s really not hard to believe.

IF Russia was trying to influence our elections, it wasn’t in a search for a puppet, it was because they knew that the left would attack America from the inside.

Posted by: kctim at July 6, 2017 8:17 AM
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“All that careless talk by Trump about trade and allowing nuclear proliferation and America First comes at a price.”

Yeah, because fair trade is just downright terrible, isn’t it.

I wouldn’t worry so much about allowing nuclear proliferation, in a decade or so, give or take, you can blame Iran’s nuclear weapons on Trump and Republicans.

South Korea is South Korea first. Japan is Japan first. China is China first. Russia is Russia first.
But America first is careless and comes at a price? FFS. That’s exactly how we got into this mess in the first place.

“It would be good to work with our allies, China, and Russia, but that choice left when Trump entered the White House.”

So now Russia put Trump in the White House because they knew they couldn’t work with him? Sheesh.

You and Stephen really need to broaden your reading material.

Posted by: kctim at July 6, 2017 8:38 AM
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Badgering NK could be a great training exercise. Probably necessary to move out the US civilians and put the US mil on a war footing along the border.

Take those elements in the Pacific that train for missile defense and give them the job of taking out NK missile shots. Place 8 or 10 ships between NK and Hawaii on 24 hour surveillance for missile shots. Have sufficient overhead, electronic intel and communications to catch any missile shot by NK.

Work on missile defense development until we can detect and hit every missile shot from NK with 100% accuracy. Have a ground site in S Kor and Japan for any stray or intended shots their way.

Start out easy - take down 1 of every 3 shots and slowly work up to taking every shot down.

This could provide great training and entertainment for our troops, IMO.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at July 6, 2017 6:26 PM
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