A Quiet, Reasonable, and Rigorous Renewal of Immigration Policy

Jay Michaelson at The Daily Beast fervently wishes there were no middle ground on immigration. You’re either for open borders or you’re a bigot, or even a nazi, in Jay’s world. And so last week’s SCOTUS decision to allow much of President Trump’s executive order on restricting immigration from several at risk nations who are definitely Muslim majority, really annoys Jay Michaelson.

And he does his best to try and convince his readers that the jurisprudence is firmly on the side of the 9th and 4th Circuits' flawed decisions on the executive order. It's all about discrimination in Jay's world and SCOTUS therefore is on shaky ground. And, he insists, if the Trump administration insisted that the travel ban was in order to give them time to shore up vetting procedures, then why haven't they done so? And therefore, the travel ban should no longer be needed because they have had time to shore up vetting procedures. In Jay's world, SCOTUS should rule on cases this case based on radical conceptions of presidential candidates' animus, as well as executive powers and the constitution.

Guess what Jay? The Trump administration has been tightening up immigration procedures since at least last March. For example, Secretary of State Tillerson sent a diplomatic cable on March 17 to consular officials around the world, instructing them to limit visa interviews to a maximum of 120 a day. Maybe even less one would hope, depending on the specific US consulate in question.

State department officials stressed the need for "flexibility" to ensure that those wishing to travel to America have their applications carefully reviewed to determine if there is any possible or reasonable security risk involved in allowing them to visit the country. Compared to say Germany's stance on immigration over the past couple of years, this new policy at State is like a sudden gust of rational behavior wafting through the hysteria-filled identity politics on immigration.

Not only that, Trump signed an executive order last week that strikes down parts of then President Obama's 2012 executive order that demanded that 80% of all visa applications be processed within 3 weeks of being received. Again, this quiet change in the nuts and bolts of immigration policy in America will mean that officials now have more time to consider whether to further vet any application that might look suspicious.

This quiet changes will work in tandem with the Supreme Court's recent reversal of the lower court stays (or at least most of the stays excepting those applicants who have close family and personal ties to people already in America). A careful, reasonable and rigorous renewal of common sense immigration policy in dangerous times.

And this has people like Jay Michaelson hissing angrily and dismissing the legal grounds for any possible overturn of the stay by SCOTUS this fall? Buck up Jay, the sheriff and his deputies have quietly been doing their jobs for some time now. Imagine that.

Posted by Keeley at June 30, 2017 2:43 PM
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Thanks Keeley.

I posted earlier that, in my opinion, the federal judges who ordered the stay of the Trump executive immigration order based solely on biased political consideration, rather than the constitution, should face an impeachment petition by those citizens living in their jurisdiction.

Posted by: Royal Flush at June 30, 2017 4:51 PM
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I agree Royal. Judges that can’t or won’t follow (not interpret) the Constitution should be removed from their position.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at July 1, 2017 4:46 PM
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