Are Younger Democrats Sharpening Their Knives?

Nancy Pelosi said this recently:

When it comes to issues, we are united in our concerns …

“We” being the Democratic Party. And then she suggests it’s merely the messaging that needs to be tweaked. Not the messenger, she being the messenger that younger members of her party (and it still is her party for now) are criticizing on camera or on record now. All this since the Ossoff’s defeat in the Georgia 6th special election to replace Tom Price.

Pelosi's claim that Democrats are united is perhaps more of a nostalgic wish on her part, rather than a clear eyed assessment of how the party's wings actually feel in early summer 2017. Yes, the base has been taken over by the identity politics crowd and they are aggressively shaming any moderates into kowtowing to their increasingly radical line. But how about Bernie Sanders supporters - the ones who insist on a punitive and harshly progressive tax system to impose Euro-style socialism on America? It's all about income re-distribution and free public services, as opposed to diversity departments on Wall Street and across corporate America. Even though they will angrily deny that.

Compliance with the dictates of radical identity politics (you will have pronoun specialists with post-grad degrees in gender fluidness determining how emails and memos should be written at your company soon if the identity politics crowd has their way) is not the same thing as a European style socialist economy.

And there is the missing blue collar voter in all of this. He (and she) is being explicitly targeted by people like Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock as a bigoted bygone beast to be left to President Trump. Who needs them? According to people like Schriock, it's all about the grand emerging coalition. Never mind Georgia's 6th, we will win in November 2018 because we are not old and white!

Uh, excepting a few Democratic Senators like Pelosi and Schumer, who have ceded quickly (especially in Schumer's case) to people like Schriock because they feel that's where their base is.

But fear of your own base is not always the best way to win back the House, and Pelosi is obviously and gleefully being used as a foil by the GOP and will continue to be used as one - just like in Georgia's 6th Congressional District's special election. The civil war in the Democratic Party is now breaking out into the open with the skirmishes in the media this past week. What will it take for Pelosi to step down? We won't know unless her younger colleagues really get serious about trying to oust her. Will they? Or is this blowing off steam until they find a better (which means of course a worse moment for the party) moment to take out their knives?

Posted by Keeley at June 26, 2017 2:10 PM
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Thanks Keeley.

It is interesting to watch a wing (extreme Left) of the Democrat Party attempt to take over the entire party. Conservatives have attempted the same thing with the Republican Party with considerable success.

Over fifty percent of the electorate is in neither camp; extreme Left or conservative Right. How will this huge block of voters react come the next election for national offices?

Posted by: Royal Flush at June 26, 2017 3:02 PM
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Seattle Hiked The Minimum Wage – And Guess What Happened?

“A new study that even the left-leaning Washington Post has dubbed ‘very credible’ shows that by boosting the minimum wage to ridiculous amounts for low-income workers, Seattle officials have made things much worse.

Specifically, payrolls have been cut, new hiring has been suspended, hours have been reduced, and jobs have been lost.

Who saw that coming, besides anybody who’s ever taken an Economics 101 course?”

On many issues, such as federal minimum wage, our Pals on the Left continue to believe they have an edge that will propel them to victory. Even when proven wrong they continue to disbelieve all evidence to the contrary.

I don’t wish to pick on our friend Stephen; however he is the poster-boy for irrational behavior in politics. On numerous occasions he has had his political contentions proven wrong and unworkable. Yet, almost like the “Phoenix” of Greek mythology, he rises again with the same bullshit expecting it to work this time around.

Just recently our Lefty Pals were filled with glee after a few federal judges corrupted themselves by ruling against President Trump’s immigration orders. Everyone who knew anything about our Constitution and presidential power, including the corrupt judges, was aware that his orders were Constitutional.

Making purely political rulings by a federal judge (or any judge) is corruption. They have taken an oath to follow and defend the very document they have ruled against.

Citizens living in areas under the purview of these judges should begin an impeachment petition.

Posted by: Royal Flush at June 26, 2017 4:14 PM
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I’ll bet the MSM will focus on something else while Pelosi makes her silent exit. Someone will be named in her place six months from now. It will be SOP, and no one will care because the cycle has been filled with other minutia.

Posted by: Weary Willie at June 27, 2017 2:03 AM
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