Don't Follow the Law - Mexico Might Get Mad

Even The Daily Beast has to admit that Mexico is a mess. The Daily Beast’s Andrea Noel in a series of chilling reports from Mexico just this past December outlined how cartel violence is a constant destabilizing evil that Mexico’s politicians, policemen, and generals have been unable - and unwilling, more disturbingly - to contain. Much less solve. Poverty, corruption, inequality. Protesting students piled into a truck after having been beaten or shot and them dumped in a mass grave, back in 2014, in Iguala.

But don't get them mad. For goodness sake. Be careful not to dishonor the great Mexican people. Or else there'll be hell to pay.

Former Bush administration official Jose Cardenas, writing in the National Review, has warned Trump to tread carefully when it comes to how he pursues his campaign promises regarding Mexico. Or else.

That "or else" is called Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, or AMLO, a rabble rousing left-wing populist who has been trying to win the presidency in Mexico for years now. His current favorables are more than double current Mexican President Peña Nieto's. So Trump better be polite or else America will have a brand new Hugo Chavez south of the border. Right south of the border. That's Jose Cardenas' warning.

Actually north of the border as well. AMLO says he's going to tour American cities and bring his message to the U.S. And Nieto is now saying he may or may not meet with President Trump, after Trump's signing this Wednesday of two executive orders. Two executive orders that are clearly an affront to Mexico and Nieto.

Why? Because they actually apply the law already on the books. How dare President Trump do that! How dare he do what Congress legislated in 2006 - in a bipartisan fashion. To build a wall on the border. How dare he suggest that sanctuary cities follow the federal law on immigration. Law that is on the books, that Congress legislated.

But this anger on the part of Mexican populists, Bush ex-officials, and mayors of cities like, say, Chicago, is all about a progressive attempt to make the law irrelevant. Those parts of the law that they disagree with. Not merely to defy the law. But to make any law that is deemed racist, xenophobic or any other label they loudly affix to the issue, inapplicable to them or any constituency they wish to please. It is beyond illegal behavior, though ignoring laws on the books is nothing if not illegal. It is a push towards the alegal. Beyond the law. Beyond any law into anarchy.

Yes, part of the reasons for Chicago's violence are a lack of opportunity in very specific areas of the city. But when police are told to look the other way if it's an illegal with a police record, while the same police are assaulted as an illegitimate, racist force, is it any wonder that they become a little less zealous in enforcing the law?

When you move beyond the law, you move into anarchy. In the inner cities in places like Chicago. On the border in states like Arizona. Trump is pushing back. Or pulling back from the brink of relativistic, progressive-induced anarchy. He's making sure the law gets followed. Mexico and Mayor Emanuel better get used to it.

Posted by Keeley at January 26, 2017 1:35 PM
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Thanks for the great post Keeley. One would hope that Mexican politicians clean up their own house before criticizing ours.

The ever growing support of illegals in the country by the Left is evidence of their growing desperation. Their support groups of women, blacks, and labor is slowly diminishing. They must replace these voices with others…even if illegal ones.

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