Goodbye Vegas - Goodbye Election?

Here’s the thing. Trump’s retort that he should’ve gotten an Emmy for his reality show was not a joke. Yes it was a quick response to Hillary’s gleeful baiting of him. Where she tested how deep into the mud she could drag him after he declined to state he would accept the election’s results. Should he lose. Which he surely will now. So Hillary dangled the bait by saying that someone who whines about rigged elections is the kind of person who complains about not getting an Emmy for a TV show.

And Trump gladly took the bait. He couldn't resist. After an impressive yet subdued opening in the debate, where the enormous divide on the issues between the GOP and the Democrat Party - even with a populist like Trump as the nominee - was clearly spelled out by both candidates, he threw it all away. With his refusal to promise to accept the results and continue the peaceful transition of power which is at the heart of the American electoral system. And then he stomped his substantive points deep into the ground with his silly retort to Hillary's shameless baiting.

This left it up to Hillary to construct a headline. Which she did with her "he's talking down our democracy" counterpunch. One that surely was prefabricated by groups of her advisors pouring over possible replies and cobbling it together, as they knew the rigged-elections charge would come up in the debate.

You see how the talking-down-democracy headline works?

Say you're rushed and tired the morning after the debate - like most people - and you quickly read the headline as your multi-tasking mind makes a natural mistake and leaves out the "l". Oh my God! Trump's taking down our democracy! The fascist!! Just one slender letter between talking down democracy and taking down democracy. Very nice work, Hillary people. You just might be able now to squeeze out the narrowest of margins on November 8th. Because who wants to vote for the guy taking down democracy, right?

Trump has only himself to blame, when (or by some miracle, if) he loses badly on election night. But, of course, he will blame the system. And tragically waste a very real opportunity to point out the real bias in the media, and in the primary process (which worked to his favor). Instead of generating outrageous headlines.

Posted by Keeley at October 20, 2016 2:38 PM
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Sorry Keeley…couldn’t disagree more with your assessment.

Regardless of the outcome on November 8th.; Mr. Trump has done the nation a service by proving that a non-politician can run for the highest office in the land and be extremely competitive.

Just as Mr. Sanders, a Senate Independent, ran on the Democrat ticket, both he and Mr. Trump have plowed new furrows in our entrenched, tight-ass, corrupt and despised political parties.

Posted by: Royal Flush at October 20, 2016 4:09 PM
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It is interesting to reflect that Hillary Clinton won three debates against Trump, as measured by polls at the time, movement in state and national polls, and in attracting more voters. Trump seemed to measure success by appealing to the people already voting for him. He dropped in polls and failed to attract additional voters.

Hillary Clinton is not a great speaker. Trump is far more entertaining. Nevertheless, she prepared. He did not. She knew her material. He did not. She correctly analyzed his weaknesses and played to them, enticing Trump to make mistakes and prove her overall point- his lack of fitness.

Whatever you may think of her politics, you must admit- the woman is a superb politician.

Posted by: phx8 at October 20, 2016 4:24 PM
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Once again x8 displays his illusory mental condition by writing; “It is interesting to reflect that Hillary Clinton won three debates against Trump…”

Mrs. Clinton was hammered by the truth and wilted under the revelations Trump presented.

Her defense of her “open borders” statement was humiliating for her supporters.

My wife would like to know the name of Hillary’s superb make-up artist. Never has she seen paint applied so expertly.

Posted by: Royal Flush at October 20, 2016 4:36 PM
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Did my ears deceive me last night or did I actually hear Hillary blame Bush for our economic malaise?

Posted by: Royal Flush at October 20, 2016 4:42 PM
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Finally, incontrovertible proof that the Clinton campaign doesn’t give a “shit” about citizens or our environment.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Bus Ain’t That Some S***! Cops Investigate Street Dump

Posted by: Royal Flush at October 20, 2016 4:48 PM
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The rout is on.

Trump defeated at least 16 rivals for the GOP nomination. He led in the polls from start to finish. He won, or at least did well, in every debate.

HRC dismantled him in three debates. That was the last predictable chance for Trump to turn it around, and he failed. Now the rout is on. The GOP will give up on Trump and devote its resources to defending Senators, Representatives, and state races. The Democrats will devote their resources to pressing the offense, and maybe taking states like AZ, GA, and others that were once thought out of reach; not only that, the Democrats will go on offense for the Senate, House, & states too.

They will tie Trump around GOP candidates like an anchor, and he will sink them. The GOP candidates who attempt to run away from Trump will face the wrath of their base.

Since 2013 I’ve been predicting a tsunami election this year. It became clear when the GOP House sank immigration reform. That was the turning point. The GOP turned its back on the recommendations from the 2012 election autopsy report. It rejected the idea of attracting Latinos and other minorities; instead, the party doubled down on the base that lost in 2012, rejected traditional establishment conservatives, and brought in a horrowshow of Alt Right lunatics from the fringe. Now, here we are.

Posted by: phx8 at October 20, 2016 5:56 PM
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Yes, the GOP will have to stop looking at people as Americans, and start pandering to people as special interest groups, if it wishes to remain relevant.

What a pitiful state the left has pushed us into.

Posted by: kctim at October 21, 2016 9:21 AM
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