Of Course Hillary Used the Racist Label!

Well what do you expect, Donald? Yes Hillary would prefer to keep her campaign on cruise control and just do a whole lot of nice fundraisers. No bothersome press conferences. Just 30-grand-a-plate lovefests at someone’s gorgeous mansion.

But if she has to counter attack because of your reaching out to African-Americans and Latinos, (a very tough outreach admittedly), then what else but charges of racism? If one of the pillars of her campaign is identity politics and the other guy, you Donald, happens to have more white males as his supporters, then you attack the one identity that is labelled as the cause of all the world's evils: the white male.

Not by Hillary. Don't credit her with that much originality. White male privilege has been under assault for decades now, and as a politico hungry for victory, she knows an easy target when she sees one. From the halls of radical academia the steady drumbeat of deconstruction has sounded over several generations of students and journalists. Old white male has become a pejorative that is so frequently used, it risks becoming trite. But not quite yet.

Have you brought some of this on yourself, for example by not denouncing David Duke on the spot? Yes, you have. But this goes beyond the alt-right fringe groups that do seem to support you, as well as the anonymous trolls that spout hatred on social media.

It is assumed by many on the left, and more than a few independents, that being conservative and white is practically synonymous with being racist. In other words, guilty until proven innocent. Continually guilty until proven innocent. You're a racist, because you are who you are. An impossible trap to get out of.

No one can argue that the constitution does not provide the framework for a diverse nation - despite the sordid history of slavery and it's role in America's history. Except the left does, in fact, argue precisely that. According to their narrative, the values of individual liberty and the responsibility that those values imply are tainted by the racist past in American history. And continue to be tainted by current racism.

Because racism has evolved as well according to the progressive narrative. From the blunt Darwinian viewpoint of supposed supremacy, racism now can mean almost anything. A subtle context that supposedly intimidates a student who happens to be minority (a soon to be obsolete term as culture and power and demographics continue to shift); a way of dressing and talking at work; the language you use, or don't use (beyond any overt and nasty terms); the values you espouse. Even the founding fathers are routinely denounced as slave owners, with nary a view to what late 18th century life was like in the 13 colonies, and around the world.

In other words, Jefferson's ideas have to be viewed - and discounted - through the prism of his individual actions as a slave owner. That's such a common view among many today, that stating it risks unnecessary repetition. But what that implies is that the constitution itself, as well as conservatism, or originalism if you will, are suspect and indeed racist. The ideas that gave the legal groundwork for freedom for enslaved African Americans is in fact an elaborate shackle that must be dismantled to achieve true liberation. The framers matter more as socio-economic representations than the ideas they put down on paper.

So when Hillary slaps a big racist label on Trump she's just the last and latest stage of a radical process that has burrowed so deep into the DNA of America that few question the value of the label itself. But it's a hypocritical halfway house they inhabit. If Hillary truly buys into the left's view of so-called structural racism in America, she should get the Clinton Foundation to pony up a nice 8 or 9 figure donation for reparations.

Ah, of course not. She has other causes in mind.

Posted by Keeley at August 26, 2016 7:04 PM
Comment #407011
Hillary slaps a big racist label on Trump

Did that actually happen, or is she just using Drumpf’s own words against him, “my african american”? She was talking mostly about his supporters.

Posted by: oraoghaile at August 26, 2016 7:46 PM
Comment #407013

Sadly, this article misses the subtlety and superb strategy Hillary Clinton employed in last night’s speech.

“A fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.”

“Twenty years ago, when Bob Dole accepted the Republican nomination, he pointed to the exits and told any racists in the Party to get out.

The week after 9/11, George W. Bush went to a mosque and declared for everyone to hear that Muslims “love America just as much as I do.”

In 2008, John McCain told his own supporters they were wrong about the man he was trying to defeat. Senator McCain made sure they knew – Barack Obama is an American citizen and “a decent person.”

Hillary is splitting Trump and the Alt Right from traditional conservatives and Republicans. She never asked them to vote for her. She asked them to look at Trump, and she presented her case by quoting Trump’s own words and actions. It was incredibly effective.

This approach runs a real risk. Many on the left want to see Hillary tie the Trump anchor to traditional conservatives and Republicans, and sink them all together. Instead, she is aiming at Trump, and letting the down ticket piece go for now.

It is a good strategy, despite the risk. Most likely, traditional conservatives and Republicans will walk away from the down ticket races to make the approach successful.

Curiously, both campaigns stepped on it at the same time. Trump was so busy gyrating over his now up-in-the-air immigration policy that the networks actually paid more intention to his flip-flop than HRC’s speech. And Trump buried whatever story was supposed to be there concerning the latest fake scandal being pushed by turning into a squish over immigration, of all things. I have no idea what he actually wants to do anymore, and apparently, neither does he.

Posted by: phx8 at August 26, 2016 11:00 PM
Comment #407015
It is assumed by many on the left, and more than a few independents, that being conservative and white is practically synonymous with being racist. In other words, guilty until proven innocent. Continually guilty until proven innocent. You’re a racist, because you are who you are. An impossible trap to get out of.

This is patently false. If someone doesn’t perpetuate racist stereotypes or display racial prejudice, hardly anyone from the left calls them a racist.

Posted by: Warren Porter at August 27, 2016 9:44 AM
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You forget that this is the whine that conservatives drink from daily.
If they didn’t have this they would have nothing.


Posted by: Rocky Marks at August 27, 2016 10:42 AM
Comment #407018
rump was so busy gyrating over his now up-in-the-air immigration policy that the networks actually paid more intention to his flip-flop than HRC’s speech. And Trump buried whatever story was supposed to be there concerning the latest fake scandal being pushed by turning into a squish over immigration, of all things. I have no idea what he actually wants to do anymore, and apparently, neither does he.Posted by: phx8 at August 26, 2016 11:00 PM

You really have to search for the news now that Drumpf’s idiotic news of the day is being broadcast everywhere, but it’s all good, even Breitbart’s polling has Drumpf losing.

Posted by: oraoghaile at August 27, 2016 11:20 AM
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According to the revised GDP numbers from the Commerce Department on Friday, the economy actually did slightly WORSE than originally estimated. Growth was 1.1 percent in the second quarter of this year and less than 1 percent for the first six months of 2016. Anemic is not a strong enough word to describe what is happening to our growth.

My Leftie Pal phx8 continues to write how well the economy is doing. Perhaps he, like many on the Left, believe this is the best the country can do under their liberal leadership. And, I would agree with them.

Hillary promises to continue Obama’s economic policies. Under her leadership we could actually see zero growth in GDP…wouldn’t that be wonderful. Our budget deficit is growing again this year by $600 Billion and on track for close to $1 Trillion.

I believe Trump can beat her on just the lousy economy of the past seven plus years. Add in the loss of over a million jobs since he took office, and the Hillorites can be defeated.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 27, 2016 5:57 PM
Comment #407023

The Fed will be watching the next jobs report, and specifically non-farm payrolls, very closely next Friday. A strong increase in non-farm payrolls- I would say more than 200,000- will lead the Fed to increase interest rates.

The Wall Street Journal polled over 40 economists from the presidential administrations of both parties. Many, both Democratic and Republican, favored HRC. Not one- NOT ONE- supported Trump.

According to projections, the HRC economic plan would cost several hundred billion over 10 years. That’s billion with a ‘b’. The Trump plan would result in a 10 trillion dollar deficit, a recession, and much higher unemployment.

There is no way to plausibly attack the Obama administration on the economy. There is a plausible attack based on the distribution of gains. Almost all of the gains have gone to the richest of the rich.

To put it another way, from the mid 1970’s, if worker wages matched increases in production, wages today would be twice as high as they currently are right now. The economy is working fine. The distribution of income and wealth is what is so far off.

Posted by: phx8 at August 27, 2016 6:25 PM
Comment #407024

phx8 still insists “The economy is working fine.”

He gives projections by unknowns and writes how well we will do under a Hillary administration.

We absolutely know this is false. How? She promises a continuation of the Obama economic plan which has produced a dismal and declining GDP.

phx8…take your “fluff” and stuff it up the usual Leftie orifices as they are they only ones gullible enough to buy into it.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 27, 2016 6:40 PM
Comment #407025

We all remember Hillary’s huge and embarrassing attempt and failure to devise a health care program when her hubbie was president.

We all remember the horrible beginnings of obamacare and the ignorance of the Left and Hillary supporting it against the warnings of conservatives and others that it would fail.

It has been failing and just needs a proper burial in the indigent section of the “failed liberal ideas cemetery”.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 27, 2016 6:59 PM
Comment #407027

Senator Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase…”defining deviance down”. The Left has succeeded and we now find ourselves in a morally bankrupt morass of deviance. The Left, under the guidance of Obama and promised continuance of Hillary have nearly finished out “moral deregulation”.

“Moynihan based his phrase on the theory of Emile Durkheim that there is a limit to the bad behavior that a society can tolerate before it has to start lowering its standards. In ’93, the senator applied his slogan to the “moral deregulation” that had eroded families, increased crime, and produced the mentally ill “homeless” population.”

That same year columnist Charles Krauthammer expanded Moynihan’s point by proposing the reverse — that not only were we “normalizing what was once considered deviant,” but we were also “finding deviant what was once considered normal.” (Think date rape, political correctness and politically incorrect speech.) In time, the inevitable lower standards and moral relativism brought us the movies, TV shows, fashions, s*x norms and web pages we have today. Deviant and normal swapped places.


The Left wishes to wallow in the mud with the pigs but doesn’t’ expect to get dirty while doing it.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 27, 2016 7:22 PM
Comment #407028

The ramifications of the Trump plan for the economy have been covered exhaustively by several different groups.


“… multiple think tanks estimate Trump’s proposals will dramatically decrease revenue. The Tax Policy Center estimates Trump’s plans would cut revenue by $9.5 trillion over a decade; Clinton’s, conversely, would increase revenue by $1.1 trillion, but that would be offset almost to the dollar by spending.”


Posted by: phx8 at August 27, 2016 10:08 PM
Comment #407031

Once again phx8 must change the topic. I proved that the economy is lousy and getting worse. Now he wants to discuss Trump’s plans.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 28, 2016 5:29 PM
Comment #407032

“I proved that the economy is lousy and getting worse.”

No. That is wrong.

First, the GDP for the 1st quarter was 0.5%, and the revised number for the 2nd quarter was 1.1%. That is not “getting worse.” The Fed has been shooting for a GDP of 2-3%, so the latest number is low, but not a cause for concern, as anyone can see from the behavior of the stock, bond, and commodity markets.

If you really want to worry about a number, look at Business Investments, which did drop significantly. Someday there will be another recession, and Business Investments and Inventories are traditional indicators for the approach of a normal, cyclical recession.

The problem for a pessimist is that one or two numbers do not tell the whole story. Consumer spending is very strong and the housing market boomed in July. The employment numbers were weak two months ago, but very strong last month. Taken as a whole, the economy is good.

The moral of the story is that one should never look at only one or two numbers from one month, or even one quarter, and make blanket assessments. Figuring out what is happening with the economy requires synthesizing many numbers. Here is a list of some of the most recent important statistics:


That is why the Chairwoman of the Fed said:
“In light of the continued solid performance of the labor market and our outlook for economic activity and inflation, I believe the case for an increase in the federal funds rate has strengthened in recent months.”

Interest rates are hiked when an economy is strong. Right now, the US is one of the few countries in the industrialized world raising its rates.

Posted by: phx8 at August 28, 2016 7:02 PM
Comment #407033

phx8 is comforted that the economy is…”not a cause for concern, as anyone can see from the behavior of the stock, bond, and commodity markets.”

Hmmm…what percent of our GDP comes from stock, bond, and commodity markets? How many people are employed by these same entities?

phx8 writes; “The problem for a pessimist is that one or two numbers do not tell the whole story.”

Absolutely I am pessimistic about our economic decline under Obama and the Left and the possibility of it worsening should Hillary be elected. Only a fool, or someone with a political agenda, would be optimistic knowing that…

“In the 85 years for which BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) has calculated the annual change in real GDP there is only one ten-year stretch—2006 through 2015—when the annual growth in real GDP never hit 3 percent. During the last ten years, real annual growth in GDP peaked in 2006 at 2.7 percent. It has never been that high again, according to the BEA.”


Posted by: Royal Flush at August 28, 2016 7:19 PM
Comment #407034

I would remind phx8 and my Leftie Pals that it is common for the party holding the executive office, in an election year for president, to do every thing in their power to make it appear that the economy and jobs numbers are the very best that they can manipulate without breaking the law.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 28, 2016 7:37 PM
Comment #407035

A quote from the link phx8 provided in comment #407032.

“Extended periods of falling real business investment are strongly associated with U.S. recessions,” they wrote in a note to clients. “That’s why the recent three consecutive quarters of contraction are concerning.”

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 28, 2016 7:44 PM
Comment #407037

“…to make it appear that the economy and jobs numbers are the very best that they can manipulate without breaking the law.”

Rubbish. That is conspiracy theory. First, the economy and jobs numbers are not measured by just one statistic, and they are not only measured by the government. They are also measured in the private sector. For example, unemployment numbers are also measured by ADP. This private firm’s numbers show unemployment claims are the lowest in over 40 years. In general, the government numbers are consistent with the private sector numbers. There is no evidence of a conspiracy.

Second, there is a tremendous financial incentive for investors around the entire world to discover the ‘real’ numbers. Knowing this will give them a huge advantage, and the incentive is enormous, since eventually the ‘real’ numbers will be reflected in the economy. If this were the case, we would see unusual activity in investments that would benefit from this, and it would be widely reported. That kind of activity does NOT go unnoticed; in fact, it is carefully measured and watched. Once again, the financial incentive to know the truth is tremendous.

There are things that can be done in the open to make the economy look better. The Fed could cut interest rates. (They are actually expected to raise them). (Furthermore, collusion between the White House and the Fed would be the biggest story of the year). Congress could pass spending bills to improve the economy and jobs numbers. (The GOP Congress had done everything in its power to prevent the economy from doing better).

That conspiracy theory will not hunt.

Posted by: phx8 at August 29, 2016 11:25 AM
Comment #407039


Rubbish. I wrote “manipulate”. A prime example is quantitative easing (a monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the economy when standard monetary policy has become ineffective.)

The stock market is high because corporations are the biggest purchases of stock. Buying back their own stock supports and raises the share price, enabling executives and boards to sell their shares for cash in their options at a profitable price.

I will not say that all government “manipulation” of our economy, jobs, and markets is bad. However, I do expect intelligent persons to at least be aware of it.

“The cash that Quantitative Easing has given to the mega-banks leaves ample room for speculating in stocks, thus pushing up the price despite the absence of fundamentals that would support a rising stock market.

The government even manipulates economic statistics in order to paint a rosy economic picture that sustains economic confidence.

GDP growth is exaggerated by understating inflation.

High unemployment is swept under the table by not counting discouraged workers as unemployed.

We are told we are enjoying economic recovery and have an improving housing market. Yet the facts are that almost half of 25 year old Americans have been forced to return to live with their parents, and 30% of 30 year olds are back with their parents. Since 2006 the home ownership rate of 30 year old Americans has collapsed.”


Posted by: Royal Flush at August 29, 2016 5:14 PM
Comment #407040

Quantitative easing counters deflation. Conservatives never understood deflation. They have been encouraged by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and others to believe a lot of things that are simply not true. Reality has proved them wrong. There is almost no inflation. Interest rates are low. We are experiencing on of the longest periods without a recession in American history.

Companies buy back stock because they believe their stock will go up. It is a sign of confidence in a company, the stock market, and the economy. Companies do NOT buy back stocks when confidence is lacking in the company, market, or economy. It is done precisely because fundamentals are sound.

“Understating inflation.” Hoo boy. More conspiracy theory. This comes from a failure to understand deflation, and why quantitative easing worked without creating inflation. The lack of inflation is confirmed by commodity prices, especially gold.

Btw, that Paul Craig Roberts guy is over the rainbow. For him, EVERYTHING is a conspiracy theory. Read some of the linked articles on his site.

“We are told we are enjoying economic recovery and have an improving housing market.”

Really? “We are told”? The FACT is that we are enjoying an economic recovery and an improving housing market. Oregon has the hottest housing market in the country. People are moving here like crazy. It is a fact that my previous house went down @30% from its high price in 2006. It is a fact the price recovered most of that by 2015. It is a fact my new place has appreciated 16% in one year.

Today, Consumer spending continues to look good with yet another good number:

“U.S. consumer spending increased for a fourth straight month in July amid strong demand for automobiles, pointing to a pickup in economic growth that could pave the way for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year.

Monday’s report from the Commerce Department came several days after Fed Chair Janet Yellen said the case for raising rates had strengthened in recent months. Low inflation, however, suggests the U.S. central bank could wait until its December policy meeting before raising borrowing costs.”


Posted by: phx8 at August 29, 2016 5:48 PM
Comment #407041

My poor Leftie Pal phx8 just can’t focus. I wrote “manipulate” and he responds with “conspiracy theory”.

I give examples of “manipulate” and he brags about his home value rising in Oregon.

If our current president was a Republican I can assure everyone that my Leftie Pals would be yelling for his/her scalp because of our economic malaise.

But, the Left always resorts to dishonesty when they must defend liberal economic policies that fail miserably. Phx8 is simply doing what is expected. WHAT A GUY!!!

“The sputtering economic recovery under President Obama, the last to follow a major recession, has fallen way short of the average recovery and ranks as the worst since the 1930s Great Depression, according to a new report.

Had the recovery under Obama been the average of the 11 since the Depression, according to the report, family incomes would be $17,000 higher, six million fewer Americans would be in poverty, and there would be six million more jobs.

“Obama’s economic policies,” said the report from the Heartland Institute, “produced the worst recovery from a recession since the Great Depression, worse than what every other president faced with a recession has achieved since the 1930s.”


Posted by: Royal Flush at August 29, 2016 6:24 PM
Comment #407043

The Heartland Institute is NOT a credible source of information. Here is what a judge had to say about the CEO:

“As a threshold matter, this Court finds that Mr. Bast is not a credible witness and that he did not offer reliable opinions in this matter. While Mr. Bast described himself as an economist, he holds neither undergraduate nor graduate degrees in economics, and the highest level of education he completed was high school. Mr. Bast testified that he is 100% committed to the long-term goal of getting government out of the business of educating its own voting citizens. Further, his use of inflammatory and irresponsible language regarding global warming, and his admission that the long term goal of his advocacy of vouchers is to dismantle the “socialist” public education system further undermine his credibility with this Court.”



The current recovery is taking place after the worst recession most of us have ever experienced. It was different from ordinary, cyclical recessions and it did more damage.

We are doing just fine.

Posted by: phx8 at August 29, 2016 6:52 PM
Comment #407044

LOL…phx8 spends 80% of his post crapping on an author. Despite all the evidence available for anyone willing to look; phx8 still writes…”We are doing just fine.”

Well, I did a little more searching and phx8 should love this. It proves I am wrong.

“On Friday, when U.S. GDP data is released, the current economic recovery is expected to be a tad better than the recovery after the 2001 recession. That’s according to Princeton economist Alan Krueger, who served as chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers.

That means this is now only the second worst recovery since World War II.


Posted by: Royal Flush at August 29, 2016 7:14 PM
Comment #407066
We are doing just fine. Posted by: phx8 at August 29, 2016 6:52 PM

Chicago Tribune

Obama-era gains aren’t limited to just one racial or ethnic group. Gallup notes that Obama’s second term “shows an improvement in whites’ life evaluations — particularly those of white Republicans.” In a previous 2013-2015 Gallup survey, about 55 percent of white Republicans were thriving, up from 51 percent in the 2011-2012 survey.
Posted by: oraoghaile at August 31, 2016 5:34 PM
Comment #407067

orao, I am pleased that you found a survey you agree with. Please know that there are many that show just the opposite from Gallup.

The Gallup survey you linked stated that many things, that have nothing to do with government, influence people at any given time.

I was looking at the latest “happiness index” worldwide and was sad to find that we had dropped in our ranking.

Old Farts like me seem to be the happiest in the world.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 31, 2016 6:03 PM
Comment #410318

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