ISIS: Beyond Trump's Latest Controversy

What can’t Trump stop shooting from the hip? For example, now we have this latest outburst where he states that Obama and Hillary are the founders of ISIS. It’s not like it’s something Trump has been saying since at least this past January …

Oh. He has? You mean it’s his over the top way of saying that Obama and Hillary’s overseeing of the (fairly) rapid troop drawdown in Iraq lead to the conditions that lead to … ISIS?

So, no this is not some spur of the moment madness on the part of Trump. It's a policy plank practically, and he's been hammering away on it for most of this year. But now we are in the general election campaign, and he is the nominee and the media is no longer a slightly disheveled enabler of his stunning rise to the nomination, but rather a big game hunter with lots of munition and hungry for a little big game blood.

Is it a good idea to call Obama and Hillary founders of ISIS? Almost certainly not, in August 2016. The general election campaign is a different beast. And Trump either is unwilling to see this, or believes he can tame the gen-elec giant. Not much luck with that so far, unfortunately.

But beyond the procedural critique (you can't say it that way Donald!), there is something darker and more troubling underneath. What if ISIS is an inevitable, horrifying mutation of islamic fanaticism? And one the West bears little responsibility for?

The conventional wisdom is that Al-qaeda - which begat ISIS - is the result of blowback: the larges sums of money, and weapons invested in the mujahideen in Afghanistan. But the mujahideen were fighting for much more than riding Afghanistan of soviet forces and their local marxist puppets. Sharia law was and is not just their objective, it was, and is, their inspiration. It is literally a cultural clash that motivates them, a violent revolution against western democratic and secular and religious views of society. It has always been.

So to trace throughout the last 30-odd years the military and diplomatic missteps that America and its allies might have made in the Middle East, and to use them as the reason for Al-qaeda and now ISIS's existence is to willfully ignore the nature of these terrorist organizations. You don't slit the throat of an aging priest in France to protest Russian bombing in Syria. You do it because you believe the priest is an evil heretic.

In other words, while tactical and strategic choices can quicken the spread of ISIS, or contain it, at it's heart ISIS is such an extreme view of man and the world, that any appeasement of, or apologies on behalf of the West, only inflames its hatred even more.

With that view of ISIS, one has to have a necessarily guarded and skeptical view of nation building in the region. And avoid the tragedies of Libya by not parachuting servicemen and women into a chaotic bedlam of potential violence.

No one really knows what it will take to defeat ISIS. They are willing to weaponize anything, from Facebook posts to Western nations' compassion for refugees, to achieve their ends. Sharia law across the Middle East and North Africa. And even into Europe. And America. They want to kill Hillary. They want to kill Obama. They want to kill Trump. They want to kill George W. Bush. They want to kill your neighbors. They want to kill you. Or force you to convert to their crazed vision of Islam with a knife at your throat. This is who they are.

Let's not waste time and passion blaming each other in the West for their hatred. Let's call them for what they are, and admit it will be a long, strange war to finally defeat them, in ways that none of the experts really know at this point.

Posted by Keeley at August 12, 2016 7:07 PM
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ISIS: Beyond Trump’s Latest Controversy?

Answer: Russian propaganda sites

Putin is the puppetmaster. Drumpf is his silly little puppet.

Posted by: oraoghilie at August 12, 2016 7:15 PM
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Keely, the next president is going to have to deal with ISIS more forthrightly. But, a bigger problem will be Putin opening up anew in Ukraine and China pushing their claim to the South China Sea.

Trump will present his plan for ISIS this coming Monday night. One would hope he would not give ISIS any time lines or information that would help their cause.

He should just stick to pointing out Obama’s failures in dealing with ISIS. I wonder if ISIS is getting any use out of the 2300 or so trucks that the Iraqi military left behind when they were routed by ISIS.

Dealing with ISIS and the ME in general is a conundrum. You can’t get the locals to fight ISIS. You really can’t do much with a mercenary militia. No self-respecting EU member(s) will take them on. The US is in no $mood to take them on.

Trump should just keep giving lip service to ISIS until he wins the election. No way he can get any votes on this issue. More likely to cost him votes.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at August 12, 2016 8:58 PM
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It is difficult to exaggerate the level of lip service radiating from Hillary Clinton with regards to the most recent birther contention. With an end goal to occupy eyes and brains from Clinton’s drooping survey numbers and alarming well being matters, radicals in her battle and the media have been pushing an old “birther” contention. A contention they guarantee started with Donald Trump.

The Democrat presidential competitor herself even had the hubris to request a conciliatory sentiment from Trump.

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I think one needs to comprehend where war implies protecting oneself or remaining against an oppressor, versus war which does nothing to secure both of these things. In the event that a man has had their opportunity and their rights as an individual taken from them, there can’t be peace until this individual battles back, and stops the individuals who are abusing them. Peace is more than a nonattendance of weapons, as it likewise recommends two sides who have settled and chosen to get along calmly.

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