Hillary Fishes for Stale NeverTrump'ers Quotes

As Kendal Unruh attempts to get 28 delegates on the rules committee to vote for her proposal to let delegates in Cleveland vote their conscience, Hillary is already using some of the best NeverTrump’ers slogans. How many times have GOP politicians and commentators disparaged Trump as not belonging to, or belonging in, the party of Lincoln? How many times has that refrain echoed around the media? As Trump’s steady and fairly quick march towards 1,237 became a certainty, how many times have they lamented that the Republican Party - Lincoln’s party - would no longer exist under a Trump presidency?

Enough to finally convince Hillary Clinton - who has had a rough week - to jump on board it seems. Why wait for the fireworks in Cleveland to fizzle out and Trump to emerge as the official yes-he's-really-nominated nominee? Hillary couldn't wait any longer - especially with a sudden tilt in the polls back towards Trump - and had to give the waiting world the inevitable line:

This man is the nominee of the Party of Lincoln. We are watching it become the Party of Trump.

Who can blame her for trying to move all that attention away from her email scandal that won't die, and the fact that a clear majority of Americans think she should have faced consequences for her actions involving her home brew server while at State?

It's as if that now that Bernie is on board and she's shuffled to the left to try and accommodate Bernie's followers, she's now aiming at those still-disgruntled Republicans who definitely do not want Trump in the White house. And if they happen to be Republican women, or GOP Hispanics, all the better. A little shuffle to the right to bring them into her tent. Then a shuffle back to the left - depending on what speech to whom she's giving.

And if mistrust in Hillary's honest-worthiness and character persist - what exactly is she running for? - why then she just has to have her operatives bend and tweak a few worthy quotes from National Review, for example, and she has her next attack on Trump.

Listen. It could work for her. But, the problem is precisely Hillary's perceived untrustworthiness. When it comes from her, it lacks the authenticity that it might have hot off the laptop of some outraged conservative establishment wonk. So even as she recycles NeverTrump'ers best lines, it's still crooked Hillary tossing them out like stale bait.

Posted by Keeley at July 14, 2016 3:39 PM
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Who can blame her for trying to move all that attention away from her email scandal that won’t die

Newsflash, it already died, in spite of

she should have faced consequences for her actions involving her home brew server while at State?

Because she is the only one that has to face consequences for everything she does, says, or even the way she looks?

Bernie endorsed her, and she went down in the polls. She should have stayed away from him.

NeverTrump’ers best lines,
HRC should just run ads featuring Drumpf saying that she would make a good president. His endorsement might mean more than Bernie to his goofball followers.

Posted by: ohrealy at July 14, 2016 4:11 PM
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My Liberal Pals have written repeatedly about their nuanced sophistication in all things social, scientific and political. We conservatives are scolded by our self-admitted “betters” and told how to correctly interpret the Constitution and the individual rights found within.

We now know, thanks to the Left intelligentsia, that our Founders favored same gender bathrooms and toilets. Women have the right to kill the life forming within them for any selfish reason. Aliens, merely by touching toe to American soil, are entitled to the full benefits of citizenship. Americans who still work and pay taxes must be responsible for those who don’t and won’t.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence our Brainy Brethren on the Left insist that we must all agree that by spending Trillions of dollars we can cool the planet to a comfort level they determine to be ideal.

And now, with Hillary about to be handed the leadership baton of the Socialist/Democrat Party, our friends once again want to control what is fact and true.

They tell us that Hillary:

Is not a degenerate liar. She only lies when she needs to.

Is not culpable in the worsening unrest in the world, the deaths of tens of thousands civilians, and the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Is not bought and paid for with huge donations by Wall Street Bankers, foreign potentates, and tyrants around the world.

Actually cares about the poor, working Americans, small business and protecting our borders.

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 14, 2016 4:30 PM
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I now such discussion is useless because now Election of America has been overed. Hillary has lost that Election and Trumpt won the Election surprisingly. Still people of America don’t believe on this result and protesters on the road.

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