Is the FBI Investigating the Clinton Foundation?

The President says Hillary Clinton is the best-prepared candidate in many generations for the nation’s commander-in-chief job. The FBI Director says Hillary has a little trouble with classification of information, seeing she’s a touch “unsophisticated” with complex symbols like a (C) at the start of a paragraph in an email. For example.

Representative DeSantis threw his hands up in disgust at the quickly-called House hearings on Thursday over Comey's admission that Hillary Clinton may not have that firm a grip on the distinct levels of classification used by the government. A former First Lady, Former Senator who was a member of the Armed Services Committee, and former Secretary of State.

Which sets up the following dilemma: either Hillary is truly incompetent when it comes to dealing with security and intelligence related matters. Or there are two standards of justice: one for the former Secretary of State. One for everyone else.

But there's a way out of this dilemma. And it's not at all comfortable for Hillary. Comey was pointedly asked about any possible FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation, and by implication, any possible pay for play schemes involving foreign donors to the foundation, and foreign bagmen who paid Bill Clinton's hefty fees to have him speak at their functions. Comey refused to answer that question.

In other words: is there another investigation currently underway on the Clinton Foundation? One that raises even more troubling questions about the Clintons and Hillary especially? And did FBI Director James Comey make a political calculation (as well as a legal one) that it would be best not to push the server scandal investigation too hard by recommending prosecution; all in order to keep his powder dry for his ongoing Clinton Foundation investigation?

If there is such an investigation at the FBI, that would explain a few things. It would explain why Comey did not merely state that the FBI would not be recommending that charges be laid, but first preceded that by giving a detailed list of extremely careless behavior that sure looks and smells like gross negligence. And why he didn't wait for Justice to recommend whether to lay charges. And it would explain his clear discomfort at the House hearing on Thursday every time he had to defend his agency against charges of a double standard.

So the question now is: is there such an ongoing investigation over the Clinton Foundation at the FBI? And with her misleading and outright false responses to the public and to Congress, regarding her home server, was Hillary Clinton desperately trying to cover up far more troubling conflicts of interest that might bubble to the surface as the result of foreign money flowing into her and Bill's foundation?

This should be fairly shocking stuff. But it's not because we're dealing again with the Clintons. Once again, Hillary's credibility is being further eroded by the shadows of private deals that sully and compromise public interest. And even risk lives.

Posted by Keeley at July 7, 2016 7:36 PM
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Keeley, as long as you post I will read.

That doesn’t mean I will listen.

Did you answer the question?

Is the FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation?

Yes? No?

Like I said, I didn’t read your article. Why should I?

You don’t respond or defend your posts.

.. and even risk lives.

Shouldn’t you defend your statements?

Posted by: Weary Willie at July 7, 2016 9:39 PM
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The FBI Director says Hillary has a little trouble with classification of information, seeing she’s a touch “unsophisticated” with complex symbols like a (C) at the start of a paragraph in an email. For example.

As a matter of record, the three emails that bore the (C) marking were marked erroneously as they contained no classified information. In addition, they lacked the header that documents marked as classified ought to have. Even James Comey has testified that any reasonable person would not take those three emails to be classified.

Which sets up the following dilemma: either Hillary is truly incompetent when it comes to dealing with security and intelligence related matters. Or there are two standards of justice: one for the former Secretary of State. One for everyone else.

Bullshit. Any average Jane or Joe would have been treated identically to Clinton. Her behavior was unethical, but did not break the law. She would have been disciplined if she were still an employee, but she is not. Therefore, it is up to us voters to judge her.

Keeley doesn’t respond because the fiction he conjures up is simply indefensible. Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory spun to paint Democrats as villains twirling their mustaches rather than patriots trying their best to improve America.

Posted by: Warren Porter at July 8, 2016 12:09 AM
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The congressional intel oversight committee certainly should have authority to request an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Comey would not confirm or deny such an investigation.

IMO, the GOP, while they want the talking points, they really don’t want a full investigation of the foundation. Reason being, the GOP has to raise campaign funds too, and may find themselves in a similar situation sometime in the future. I don’t believe the corpocracy will allow an investigation to be conducted.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: Roy Ellis at July 8, 2016 2:38 PM
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With all the against the law allegation made about Hillary Clinton as serving as Secretary of State, will president Obama let the FBI investigate?

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