Bill's Full Court Press in Phoenix

It was Bill Clinton who put Loretta Lynch on the political map, appointing the ambitious and successful attorney to the position of U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in 1999. Just as he was emerging from the clouds of an attempted impeachment, and the Lewisnki scandal.

It was Bill Clinton who invited Attorney General Lynch aboard his private jet in Phoenix, AZ. To talk about sports and kids and such things of life. When you're the AG you tend to be in a hurry. When you're an ex-president whose plane has been cleared for take-off, you don't normally chat with someone rushing to a conference. In other words, the very act of meeting and touching base was not just a public symbol, but a private, barely coded message. Sent by an ex-president who, by definition, is well-versed in sending coded messages.

Someone as sharp and experienced as Attorney General Lynch knows perfectly well how to read those coded messages. Whatever the actual substance of their conversation. They're both frikin' lawyers! And powerful politicos or ex-politicos. Hi Loretta, how are you doing? It's me. Remember me back in 99 when I gave you that job? Now that my wife is likely to be the next president, how are you feeling about life? You have a great future. We have a great future. Maybe you will in fact get to be a Justice. Just make sure you don't mess up Hillary's election. Right?

You don't even need to wink or smile or nod. Bill knows the subtext. Loretta knows the subtext. They know the context of the framing of the narrative that they think refutes any criticisms of the subtext. They are pros.

However, sometimes pros get it wrong. And the visit on the plane in Phoenix has horrible optics. And does indeed raise suspicions about the AG's impartiality. And provide ammunition for those who believe an independent counsel is the best way forward. So, now we have Loretta Lynch boxing herself in with promises to act upon the FBI's findings and how she will be "accepting their recommendations." The ball really is in the FBI's court now.

The only question now is: did Hillary approve of or even request Bill's not-so-subtle full-court press?

Posted by Keeley at July 5, 2016 2:46 PM
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