Does Douglas Schoen Want to Be a New Republican? or a Socialist?

Douglas Schoen was and probably still is a New Democrat: those centrist Dems who emerged in the late 80’s and prospered under Bill Clinton’s presidency. Schoen worked for President Clinton during much of the 90’s as a consultant. He has helped Democrats run for office from Koch to Hillary’s failed 2008 campaign. One Democrat who Schoen has never worked for, however, is Barack Obama, whose nomination and successful run for the presidency Schoen vigorously opposed. Both times.

You could say Schoen was a NeverObama-ian. One who did not and does not want the Democratic Party to shift back to a more radical, left-wing organization. Way too late to stop that Douglas.

So when Schoen writes in the WSJ that Hilllary may not be the nominee, he's admitting that Bernie Sanders, our favorite socialist, could conceivably be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America. Schoen's point being that a convincing win by Sanders in California would practically kick out the 3-legged stool - identity politics, Hollywood/liberal media, and liberal big money - from under Hillary Clinton's frustratingly beleaguered campaign. Sanders pledge to change convention rules to require super delegates to vote for the winner in each primary would be the tactic to bring the delegate total over to his column. A fairly radical idea that does not have much chance of succeeding. But is not impossible, especially as Hillary's email scandal drags on endlessly, with a cast of what feels like dozens of lawyers in each hearing, bickering over process.

How do Schoen and other moderate Democrats feel about the polls that show Sanders as clearly more competitive in a general election run against Trump? Is Schoen turning towards Sanders to keep Trump from winning? Are NeverTrump-ers also alive and well and scheming within the Democratic Party establishment? And would they be willing to accept a Bernie Sanders as their nominee in order to try and keep Trump from the White House?

Or is Schoen merely warning Hillary's campaign to get it's act together on the West Coast? Schoen is the man who described the Occupy Wall Street movement as "an unrepresentative segment of the electorate that believes in radical redistribution of wealth, civil disobedience, and in some instances, violence." Is there a better description of Sanders' supporters?

Imagine: Sanders vs. Trump in the general election. Maybe Schoen and other out-of-date New Democrats will join Bill Kristol's latest independent candidate, David French. That's assuming French actually succumbs to Kristol's urgent whispering in his ear. They could call their party the New Republicans, or NR for short.

Posted by Keeley at June 1, 2016 7:23 PM
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