It's All Good (Cash) If You're a Hillary Supporter

There are plenty of New York stories out there. Some inspiring, some less so. For example, consider this:

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio receives campaign contributions from a couple of businessmen - real estate developers - in New York. Rechnitz and Reichberg also helped plan his 2014 inaugural celebration through - what else? - an inaugural planning committee. At this point, the cast gets interesting.

Where else but in fact - rather than fiction - can you have a corrupt Latino New Yorker called Hamlet? As in the now notorious and rather unprincely Hamlet Peralta, who owned a fashionable Harlem restaurant and ran a ponzi scheme. Two of the suckers - sorry investors - in the scheme were none other than Rechnitz and Reichberg. Our Gotham City tragedy's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Call them R & R.

Aside from losing millions in what was supposed to be a wholesale liquor business investment - Hamlet's sister did indeed own a retail liquor store - R & R are now part of a larger corruption probe that involves less-than-ethical NYC cops trading favors for cash. Apparently some police officers did extra time as security for R & R in exchange for gifts. Diamonds even for the officer's wives. You can't make this up.

Will Mayor Bill de Blasio return all the campaign contributions? Some of the funds yes. Some he won't apparently. So one of Hillary's key campaign figures in New York is knee deep in a corruption probe of two of his fundraisers. What a shock.

And down in Arkansas, Alice Walton's $350K plus contribution to a pro-Hillary group has the United Food and Commercial Worker's Union not in the least troubled. They know Hillary is the right woman for the job. And they know that Alice Walton is the right woman to contribute to the right woman's campaign. Never mind that the union and Walmart are in a constant tug of war over the giant retailer's worker relations. There's no contradiction here. Bernie Sanders stay away. We don't need you. We need Hillary. And Hillary needs the Walton's cash.

There is no establishment as ironclad in it's vested hypocrisy as the Democrat establishment. While the remains of the GOP establishment fight it out over what possible candidate to support; the Democrat establishment marches on in steely eyed lockstep. And that giant apparatus is constantly gobbling up cash in a desperate effort to keep up to Sanders' fundraising revolution. A little from ponzi schemes run out of a liquor store in Harlem. A little more from a genteel heiress down south. It's all good if you're a Hillary supporter.

Posted by Keeley at April 12, 2016 12:36 PM
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