1,237 Red Trump Yarmulkes

As the GOP candidates edge closer to a contested convention in Cleveland; big, bad and liberal California and New York loom larger than ever. Or New York and California, if you go by the schedule. Especially California, but also New York where no one is quite sure how well Trump will do. So here’s a question: how many closet-Trump supporters are there out there? People who are going to or even have voted for him, and are loath to admit it to their (usually well-heeled) neighbors?

Consider the Trump Yarmulke, or TY. These literally red-hot sellers at AIPAC might be an indication of a surprising level of support for Trump among very engaged Jewish voters, who gave Trump as resounding a reception as they gave Hillary. But that was theatre on all sides, with carefully scripted speeches on the part of every candidate that tried to hit all the key notes. Even as they took jabs at each other.

But how many TY's are now tucked away in closet shelves? Bright red symbols of a very un-PC stance, that are hidden from friends and neighbors. Or politely not mentioned at social gatherings. How many TY's will be bought online as a result of Belgium's latest attacks and the fact that GOP candidates are sliding over to Trump's position on Muslim immigrants? As GOP Rep. DeSantis warns of possible IS terrorists entering the country without proper screening by virtue of their European passports?

Imagine Trump doing very well in New York, and surprisingly well in California. And just squeezing in enough delegates to gain the 1,237 magic number just in time by midnight June 7. How many secret Trump supporters - whether yarmulked or not - would be quietly grinning in front of their tablets, or HD screens?

And that's the thing, Trump seemed to beat Hillary in one key aspect when considering their speeches at AIPAC: Trump got better and bigger laughs. The media predicted Trump's Nuremberg; instead we got the Catskills. Each side recognized the theatre of the event - despite the very serious issues involved for any American Jewish voter - and the laughter seemed to suggest a level of comfort with the Donald that is far greater than that suggested by anti-Trump activists.

Can enough GOP voters get comfortable enough with Trump's candidacy to grudgingly give him the 1,237 delegates by June 7? Trump's hidden supporters may hold the key.

Posted by Keeley at March 23, 2016 4:57 PM
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People who are going to or even have voted for him, and are loath to admit it to their (usually well-heeled) neighbors?

It’s a similar situation to 1980, when Reagan was considered to be a joke. I lived in Florida, and never met anyone who said they would vote or voted for Reagan, yet he won. Trump is actually in a better position by this standard. I now live in Illinois, and have actually met people who say the will vote or voted for Trump,

Posted by: ohrealy at March 25, 2016 12:31 PM
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