Ben Sasse and Trump and Hillary's Cold Blue Eyes

Steve Bannon - of Breitbart fame - has been compared to someone who burns down your house if you are so foolish as to bump into his shopping cart at your local War Mart. Rhetorically speaking, of course. Apparently, he finds the comparison hilarious, and it is an outlandish bit of labelling, placed on someone who seems to enjoy a fight the dirtier it gets.

As we come out of the Chicago-Riot-that-reminds-us-of-whatever-analogy-we-find-helpful weekend, Trump's relationship with the press is being attacked even more strongly by those who oppose him. And the who-grabbed-Michelle-Field's-arm scandal has ended with her's and Shapiro's resignation from Breitbart News. They felt unloved by their editors, and it seems they were afforded almost no support in the silly but revealing incident. Did Corey Lewandowsky grab her arm and leave bruises? Perhaps he did. But it's a just a little hard to feel too sorry for the ambush-style journalist: she will be back shortly and pushier than ever one imagines. Maybe she can give an in-depth interview at Dan Rather Reports and he can reminisce about Chicago's 68 Democratic Convention. (Where he got punched. Trump as Mayor Daley?)

So. Yet another scandal. Will it matter on March 15? Fivethirtyeight is saying that Florida is over, it's Trump's. But Kasich has a very good chance at ending up with Ohio. With Rubio either badly trailing in his home state, or nonexistent in the Buckeye State.

Does this mean that starting late Tuesday, or early Thursday, establishment support will have to finally acknowledge that Ted Cruz is their man? Or will some money and endorsements quietly head to Kasich? Marco himself has told his supporters to head Kasich's way in Ohio. Will Kasich finally become the last-standing-establishment candidate??

Here's the thing. Yes, Trump has a ceiling of less than 40%. But add Cruz's and Trump's supporters together and you have a clear majority of GOP voters saying they're angry and tired of their party's current leadership and/or policies. And we still really don't know how either a President Trump or a President Cruz would actually behave if they actually gain the power of the presidency.

The answer for some is to give up on the run for the White House and focus on The Hill. Pollster Frank Lunz is warning them that their seats are in trouble. The same alienation and anger at globalist free-trade elitism that is fueling Trump's rise and the similar anger at Washington deal-making that angers Cruz supporters may leave the GOP without a majority in either house. With the Senate at greater risk.

So when Ben Sasse threatens to leave the Republican Party if Trump wins the nomination, the fact is that he is already worlds apart from working GOP voters. Nothing wrong with having a fistful of degrees from Harvard and Yale, with time spent at Oxford. But the senator was a University President at an age when more and more people are finishing their undergrad degrees. And the we'll-give-you-the-tools-to-rise approach isn't resonating with many voters. The gap between a worker worried about holding her job and someone employed in, for example, a money-center financial firm is deeper and angrier than it was in the early 80's. And neither Ben Sasse nor Donald Trump seem to be even attempting to bridge it.

Maybe in 2016 you have to be a polished, veteran hypocrite like Hillary to fundraise on Wall Street, and praise unions on Main Street. Without so much as batting a cold blue eye. At least Trump and Sasse have the decency to appear to be bothered - in opposing ways - by the state of America in 2016. That's not a problem for Hillary.

Posted by Keeley at March 14, 2016 7:21 PM
Comment #403620

The GOP’s problem is that it’s promoting the politics of hating compromise with a Constitution that structures government so that nothing happens without. That structure lets people be as loud as they want, but lets them pay the price for not being social or mature enough to make common cause with others.

The real trouble is that it’s going to be rare when you see a situation where one party controls all parts of government, and when you do, even then, they must consider what’s necessary to unite vastly different constituencies.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at March 16, 2016 1:28 PM
Comment #403674

Ted Cruz is Rush Limbaugh’s choice. Trump is able to get support in places where no Rpblcn would even venture to go. His “poorly educated” could win him the White House. Hillary is going to have quite a battle regardless, endlessly being held to a nonexistent standard is being applied to no one else.

Posted by: ohrealy at March 17, 2016 10:35 AM
Comment #403793

Trump is stealing the poorly educated from the Democratic party. Those that pull the D lever because their daddy did are finally seeing an alternative. They’re voting for someone instead of voting against someone else.

Posted by: Weary Willie at March 19, 2016 10:05 AM
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