Ideology Attacks Hillary; Trump Attacks Ideology

Or maybe she would. So it seems Hillary is not above taking money from Iranian organizations in the U.S. with very close ties to Tehran. Or at least attending a fundraiser with prominent members of the National Iranian American Council, or NIAC. The NIAC was involved in a nasty lawsuit a few years ago with an American-Iranian journalist, Hassan Daioleslam, over stories he produced that questioned the real purpose of the NIAC, and suggested they were a lobby for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

That meshes nicely: the godmother of the Iran deal attends fundraisers with likely lobbyists of the Iranian government. And the host, Omid Kordestani, is a prominent executive at Twitter! Social media, lobbying, and the Iran deal all in one cozy get together on the left coast, to top Hillary's campaign coffers. Very productive.

Speaking of West Coast Techies, Trump has suggested angry consumers boycott Apple until they comply with a court order to disable a security feature on an iPhone involved in the terrorist attack. The San Bernardino attack being the very real reason that the FBI went to the courts to get Apple to help them unlock one of the terrorist's iPhones. Help them - as in uninstalling a fail safe feature that destroys the encrypted data after 10 attempts at a password.

Not actually decrypt. The FBI will do the decryption by means of what is called a brute force attack where they throw as much processing power as possible at trying all possible permutations for the given phone's password. Until one finally works. You can be sure it will take way more than 10 tries to successfully pull off a brute force attack. Hence the FBI's request that Apple disable the fail safe exterminate!-the!-data! feature.

But no, that would set a precedent; and next thing you know, 17 year old Russian hackers will have your Wells Fargo checking account information. Or your wife will find out who in Minneapolis you've been flirting with.

So how will Hillary in Nevada, and Donald Trump in South Carolina do? There is a big difference between these two stories. One involves - yet again, one more time, this is getting boring almost - Hillary's smug and sleazy relationship with big money. The other involves Trump setting himself up for ridicule over his boycott-Apple comments, by the techie liberal-tarian community and the media, and others. But at the same time connecting with public anger and frustration over the San Bernardino attack.

As many pundits are saying, they really have no idea how South Carolina, or even Nevada, will play out this weekend. That is, not just the margins of victory but who gets second and third - or even who wins - have been thrown into confusion by conflicting polls over the last few days. In the end, it seems both Hillary and Donald are being true to form. Hillary's form flowing from the weight of a large, corrupt party apparatus. Donald's form being his own self-made structure that combines populism with reality tv tactics. And attacks the other large and corrupt party apparatus.

If commentators like Tim Carney are right, Trump heralds the end of ideology on the right in America. Wow, that is hardly a humble prediction, and raises some interesting answers to the questions that Trump's campaign continually raise. How the hell does he get away with it? Being the main one. And hence the hostility towards The Donald from well-read conservative think tanks; with a few exceptions like Byron York, who has actually accepted this new reality and is trying to sort it out as it happens on the ground. It's called journalism, presumably.

In other words, Hillary is being attacked by ideology - from the hard(er) left. While Trump is attacking ideology by the madness of his method, as much as anything else. Don't expect definitive answers yet from either Nevada or South Carolina. Or from the Apple vs FBI case any time soon.

Posted by Keeley at February 20, 2016 3:06 PM
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But no, that would set a precedent; and next thing you know, 17 year old Russian hackers will have your Wells Fargo checking account information. Or your wife will find out who in Minneapolis you’ve been flirting with.

Or more accurately, what will happen when a Chinese Court demands Apple do the same for an individual considered to be a terrorist by the Chinese government?

Trump heralds the end of ideology on the right in America.

Ideology ended for the Right a long time ago. White identity politics has been the only remaining glue holding the GOP together ever since Reagan blew conservatism to smithereens with his massive deficit spending.

Posted by: Warren Porter at February 20, 2016 6:54 PM
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A cybersecurity expert is saying that he just needs a few hours with the phone to deliver the goods and that if he can’t do it in short order he will eat his shoes.

I believe him. Microsoft is more concerned with the marketing of their product as opposed to providing the info on the phonee to Fed.

The FBI can give the phone to the hacker, get the info from him and, end of story, IMO.

Bush is out, Kasich will bail after Ohio, leaving 18% cut to the top 3. Baring some major infraction I believe Trump will get the nomination. He will pick up enough dem votes to give him a win over Hillary, IMO.

Posted by: roy ellis at February 20, 2016 9:36 PM
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White identity politics? Don’t fall down the dumba$$ hole, Warren. You’re intelligent enough to argue facts.

Posted by: kctim at February 23, 2016 9:37 AM
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