Why Trump Gets Away With It

The GOP smackdown in South Carolina was very ugly. And sweaty too. As in a hundred dollars (was in 20’s or in small change?) stuffed into Ted Cruz’s daddy’s underpants. An inspiring story to share - thanks Ted.

And the mooning thing with Jeb: what do you expect from someone who has surely gone to at least a few summer parties in Kennebunk in years gone by? Even if he didn't bring it up. Of course, who would? Does the GOP need these stories? Did any of the candidates on the stage - aside from Kasich who did his best to stand out as a moderate unifier - need those stories? Jeb wanted a fight, and Trump - who looked really angry according to Frank Luntz in a tweet - was particularly ornery, and more than willing to oblige.

But what does it mean to the voters of South Carolina? What does Trump's gunning for Bush 43 do for his numbers? Once more - aside from Jeb's angry but not overly effective response - Trump is gambling with some outrageous comments in front of an audience more than happy to boo him. Was he just pricklier than normal on Saturday night? Or has his team made a calculated gamble that GOP voters are unsure of whether the Iraq War was the right thing to do in 2003? Not just any GOP voters - South Carolina GOP voters who have a strong connection with the military.

And that's the point: Trump seems so far to have had a very good sense of the issues that are creating voter anger in America. Among conservatives, arguably. But especially amongst moderates and independents. Has he said what many voters who do support the GOP, still feel needs to be said about the Iraq War? Or has he attacked the previous sitting Republican President needlessly? He has certainly raised the issue in a big way. Let's see if Trump can stay on top of this issue.

And his exchange with Ted Cruz over his calling Planned Parenthood wonderful will raise doubts among conservative and evangelicals. Even if Trump tried to qualify that statement, saying he was not referring to abortion but rather other activities that PP engages in. Whether this issue helps Cruz more than it hurts Trump, remains to be seen. In South Carolina and in the weeks after South Carolina. Because if voter anger is really that deep and widespread, then attacking the last GOP president - a popular president among Republican voters - will not matter. It may even help just a little. Is voter anger - and more importantly voter determination - really that strong? In 2016, it may just be.

Posted by Keeley at February 16, 2016 7:01 PM
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Keeley, I don’t believe the folks are acting out of anger. They aren’t particularly ‘mad’ at anybody. It’s simply this:

Folks realize that, for the first time in US history (is this right?) their children are not expected to ‘do as well’ as they did.

Folks have watched, some for 30-40 years, politicians offer platitudes, promises, and so on, only to go silent or take the very opposite position once elected.

Folks recall the NAU effort, globalism and how that’s worked out, $20T debt, 1% owning 40$, fewer workers in the workforce since the 70’s, wages down, few good jobs to be had, 42% on some kind of federal assistance, ad-nauseam. (plug your own ox’s to gore in here).

No one, IMO, believes Trump can move the needle but his becoming President will serve as a stick in the eye to the corpocracy. Maybe lead to a new 3rd party in the out years.

Folks aren’t ‘angry’ per se. They just want the establishment/corpocracy to go far away.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at February 16, 2016 8:02 PM
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Fer shure TRump just got another kick up in the polls. The Pope proffered that anyone who builds walls to block a whole segment of people might not be Christian.

Trump offered a poll raising response; ‘there is a wall around the Vatican’. He doubled down on that saying, in effect, that the Pope and company would be very glad that Trump was President should ISIS attack the Vatican, which is a main objective of ISIS I presume.

Took a New Yorker to speak truth to power. Wunderful and surreal.

Say, why wouldn’t the Pope look around down there on the border and figure out, toute suite, what’s going down? How could he be there and not realize that any oppression going on on the border links directly to the Mexican and US corpocracy. The corpocracy can’t bring itself to turn it’s back on drugs, people smuggling and so on- - -

Pope associates are relating the bibliic expression that ‘building walls instead of bridges’ is not a Christian. Then, tear down that wall around the Vatican folks.

“The Pope comes out to the people twice a week”. Not good enough for me and Trump. Tear down that wall.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at February 18, 2016 4:10 PM
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