Rand Paul and That Angry Fractured Electorate

While analyzing why Rand Paul’s campaign collapsed after seeming to be in a relatively strong position a year or so ago, there is a simple possibility that might help explain why. The three R’s: Rand, Ron, and Ross have - over the years starting with Perot - finally galvanized a significant portion of the electorate who are fed up with mainstream politics. No kidding. But the next step in that chain of logic is: it has encouraged the veritable wave of very successful insurgency campaigns like Sanders on the left and Carson on the evangelical and conservative side, and Ted Cruz.

And yes, Trump too. The possibility of a third-party candidate who in fact struts, or casually shuffles in Bernie's case, right into the party machinery and proceeds to grab large amounts of voters from the establishment candidates is a fact of life in this election cycle. So we have third-party candidates inside the two-party structure. No wonder insiders are mad. No wonder the original outsider Rand was and is frustrated.

So it's sort of Rand's fault. He may have been the final drop in a sloshingly full glass of voter frustration that spilled over and got this wave going. Why look at Rand Paul! I can do that! His success, and his father's success, and even way back to little Ross Perot's success, has helped bring about this cohort of uncommon candidates who are desperately trying to capture rebellious voters with their message.

Did the crowded field help push Rand to make inconsistent policy compromises? Especially on military interventionism to appease neoconservatives. He simply wasn't comfortable himself with that balancing act, and it showed. And perhaps he was just frustrated that he had the bad luck to run precisely when so many climbed on board. Maybe a debate stage is just not Rand's environment. Especially a very crowded one.

Of course, the electorate is angry and fractured, so is it any surprise that a large gang of candidates would step forward, seeing possibilities that might not have been visible a few years ago? The question of where Libertarianism fits in American politics can and will be debated for a while to come. But the 2016 race is even more about how the standard campaign process has fallen apart, or is being pulled apart by that angry, fractured electorate.

Posted by Keeley at February 5, 2016 4:43 PM
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Don’t be fooled by the extreme right “angry fractured electorate” or conservatives/Tea Party as they are called, they don’t want freedom and liberty as espoused by the libertarians they want power and control over others based upon their revisionist version of history and religion. They are authoritarian in nature and want the oligarchy to tell them what to think and what to do. Rand Paul didn’t stand a chance when he told them no more wars.
Ted Cruz, the Dominionist, exemplifies this type of voter and Iowa proved to us the angry fractured voters are in large part social issue voters who have become so embittered over the years as others have gained their liberties on these issues. Trump exemplifies the working poor who do not vote as often, if it all, with his hateful messages on minorities. Just different social issues for him for the most part.

Rand Paul was a bit to honest for these “angry fractured” voters , as they just aren’t use to honest, gleaning their information from biased conservatives sources as they do. Oh BTW Rand isn’t the “original outsider” as you suggest he is the new guy on the block IMHO. Sanders is speaking to the real issues and has been for years. He was voting no on the Iraq war whilst Rand Paul was still teething. Hell if it wasn’t for his vote against provisions of the Patriot Act (which Sanders has nayed since 2001) he is just Cruz lite.

Posted by: j2t2 at February 9, 2016 11:25 AM
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“Rand Paul didn’t stand a chance when he told them no more wars.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Posted by: Rich at February 9, 2016 6:49 PM
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