The Fox, the Manhattan Mammal, and the Wolves: a Fable

Manhattan, the Island of many hills, once upon a time had a varied bunch of mammals roaming it’s woodsy, swampy, stream-filled ecosystems, according to a project to unearth what Manhattan was like before the Dutch and then everyone else came, at You had black bears, mountain lions, bog turtles and timber rattlesnakes, for example.

Now if Aesop were to have to scratch out a few lines and create a story about a Fox and a Manhattan mammal and an empty podium on a debate stage, it's hard to say which mammal he may have settled on. All are relevant at some point, in explaining mostly to the GOP elite, why The Donald gets away with what he does and continues to lead and even rise in the polls as the real rubber is about to hit the road in this unprecedented nomination race.

Or is it precisely because of what Donald Trump does that he has gained the trust and support of what is a very non-silent majority? But one that - despite being vocal - has been ignored or discounted down to a supposed statistical irrelevance by both the GOP elite and the progressive left.

Ted Cruz wants to change how legislation is cobbled together by lobbyists, liberal and pro-business interest groups, and big money. Donald Trump is changing how a campaign - a stunningly successful campaign - can be run in the 21st century. Who is more revolutionary?

That's not a rhetorical question. We do not know yet which one of these two candidates will win the nomination, or even if somehow a third candidate will walk between the rubble - if it ever gets to that point - and take the GOP nomination. But the worry by some - and the solace for establishment types - is that Donald Trump may be bending and breaking all the rules in terms of running for president, but he will prove far more amenable as a chief executive once , and if of course, he makes it to the oval office.

Of course, what his skirmish with Megyn Kelly foreshadows about his relations with the media should he be president is now troubling. To the media especially. If Trump wins despite almost all of mainstream media against him, what will that say about their power?

A fable often takes a little time to work itself out and reveal a moral to the story. Manhattan was also home to wolves, and they tend to hunt in packs. Could they bring down a seemingly unstoppable bear of a candidate? Who when given another chance to raise up on his hind legs and roar, chooses to wander off to a clearing and wait things out? So we now have the pack of wolves snarling and snapping in frustration because their prey has refused to show up this time. Will they be able to drag him out of the bush and finally rip him to pieces? Or will the Great Bear of Manahattan prevail?

Posted by Keeley at January 27, 2016 6:22 PM
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“To the media especially. If Trump wins despite almost all of mainstream media against him, what will that say about their power?”

For certain the power will be diminished. And, perhaps the MM will return to the good old days of reporting news; not creating it in their own image.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 28, 2016 2:24 PM
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