Love of One's Own Congressman

McCarthy has gone and where is rock bottom? Wait a minute. Is this rock bottom? Or is it the appearance of a real change in the GOP House membership’s behavior on the hill, and how they represent their base? That’s not to say that bumping along the bottom or in Wall Street lingo - building a base - is not going on right now in Congress among Republicans. Was there another way to do this? If rookie or newer House Republicans had just behaved and listened to Boehner and even McConnell, would everything be fine right now? With voters?

There are still well over a dozen candidates in the GOP nominee race. There is no consensus in general, and there is a significant percentage of voters who are mad, or frustrated, or disappointed. Or all three things. Is there a less-noisy majority of GOP voters who are not as passionate about issues like Obamacare, immigration, and the second amendment, among others? Are they more concerned about the slow growth rate of job creation? And who exactly is the base?

Voters hate Congress but love their representatives. Is that still true in 2015? In early 2014, Gallup found that only 46% of Americans felt that their own representative deserved re-election. That's down significantly. So love of one's own is starting to crumble in the face of loathing of the institution that one's own is a member of. Yes, 90% of incumbents - for now - do get re-elected and media costs and campaign coffers play a role. But the answer may not be - may never have been - a central election media authority dispensing ads like a central planner according to arcane beltway rules. Social media is changing that equation and how an effective campaign gets run may someday mean that outsiders .... Oh. Wait. The outsiders are here ... from the liberals and from the conservatives. Heck if big money was all that mattered to clean up in the primaries, we all know who would be leading the polls. And Jeb isn't. And Hillary is barely hanging on.

So is this all part of a tectonic shift - one fb click at a time - in how voters choose their representatives? What will everyone be saying in two years about the Summer of 15 and The Fall That Followed where all the rules stubbornly remained up for grabs? How relevant will Power Rankings (endorsements and money and oh yes polls too) be seen to be? Come senators ... come congressmen. The times they are indeed a-changing.

Posted by Keeley at October 9, 2015 7:43 PM
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I hate to change the subject, but none of the liberals have anything to say about the great debate? Within hours after the republican debates, it was all over WB. Perhaps the liberals on WB feel the same as the rest of the country…boring.

Posted by: Blaine at October 14, 2015 11:33 AM
Comment #399543

Blaine, their leading candidate is a dishonest liar and their guy in second place is an OWS type nutso socialist.
As long as they are promising freebies and special treatment for their special interest groups, I’m sure they’ll be just fine with ‘boring.’

Posted by: kctim at October 14, 2015 11:48 AM
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