Carson Digs Deep and Aims High

In an interview with Fox, Ben Carson described one similarity that the and Donald Trump share - aside from the fact that they both have never held office - and that is the fact that they “won’t be corralled by the political establishment.” Imagining Ben and Donald together at a rodeo is fun … and they have undoubtedly already seen their share of agricultural events, especially Carson. But the metaphor is interesting for other reasons.. In the first place, Carson did not mention Fiorina, who by implication is open to dealing with the political establishment. One wonders who will corral who when it comes to Fiorina and the establishment. But she is clearly comfortable with them, and is arguably already part of the establishment. So Fiorina is both a political outsider, and by running for the Senate, she has also signaled a clear intent to be part of that political establishment.

But the other reason Ben won't be corralled, is that he is taking a different road into the political world. In that same interview, he talks about his latest book and how he has delved into the founding of America and the debates that went into the creation of the Constitution. Carson has already been criticized by policy wonks on both the left and the right for not having the necessary experience in the process of holding office and governing. His reply seems to be to dig into the roots of the document that shapes politics in America and stake his policy positions based on those roots. Digging to the bottom and aiming for the top all at the same time. The advisor class beware, you had better be convincingly grounded to impress a President Carson. How well do any of them, (or us), know the Federalist Papers?

So will Ben stare firmly into the cameras and speak loudly and clearly because someone you pay a lot of money to told him that's what you have to do? Ben's polling tells him no way. And Ben's polling is mostly about getting around the nation and listening to people who apparently beg him not to change. Soft-spoken does not have to mean weak or unconvincing. Carson is a long way away from either word, and not about to change his approach. Even if that really bothers the advisor class. And if he doesn't make the nomination - and Ben Carson may very well not make the nomination - he will have staked out his ground convincingly all the same.

Posted by Keeley at October 6, 2015 9:43 PM
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