Sex and Perhaps Drugs at the DEA

A DEA agent has to face the danger of violent death and perhaps torture before that violent death. All in a day’s work when they go to work in places like Mexico and Colombia, and other drug-riddled partially failed narco-states. They better have a very clear outlook on what they are supposed to do, and more importantly, why they are risking life and limb to try and contain - eradicate is not used much anymore - the enormous drug trade from places like Latin America and Asia into the USA, Canada, and Europe. So it comes as a bit of a surprise, to put it mildly, that DEA agents are protected by a host of bureaucratic regulations and procedures that prevents them being fired. When they attend sex parties with prostitutes in Bogota, apparently paid for by the drug cartels, for example.

That’s because they’re federal employees, and are afforded the same rights and privileges as a statistician at the Department of Labor for example. And that means the sex-party attendees got a 2 week suspension instead. Undoubtedly they will need sex counseling and other group therapy that does not involve possible underage prostitutes paid for by organized crime. Any additional training or guidance, as DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart put it, will be tax payer funded of course. And as for the issue of exposing DEA agents to possible extortion by drug barons and compromising the integrity, in every sense of the word, of their agency’s operations in a key country like Colombia, well that’s just a shame.

The DEA remains one of the few places where drug use is still seen as an unqualified evil. There are many, including state legislatures who have decriminalized cannabis, other governments, and other organizations who either lean towards decriminalization or outright legalization. That’s a debate that is happening and will continue to happen. But that the DEA would be so corrupted, and have precious little recourse to solve that corruption, makes a travesty of their stated purpose. Because the other question that was not really answered at the hearings in Congress where Leonhart had to face angry legislators, is this: at a sex party with prostitutes in Bogota, were drugs also consumed? Knowingly or otherwise? And where else in the DEA’s operations is this happening? How is the DEA in fact being run? Despite the fact that some information must by necessity remain sealed to the public in order for them to do their job, Congress deserves better answers when it comes to the DEA.

Posted by Keeley at April 16, 2015 9:07 PM
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