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Last year, several counties in Colorado apparently put forth ballot measures to secede from the state in reaction to gun laws and renewable energy quotas enacted by the state legislature. The measure was successful in several northwestern counties but was voted down in other counties, including Weld county, by far the most populous county of those that voted, and so the measure did not prosper. But it was a warning shot across the bows and a strident display of Colorado voter activism in a state that has a history of keeping a cautious eye on their legislature. So perhaps predicting exactly how new regulations on mail-in ballots will affect the results of midterm elections for senator in Colorado should be approached cautiously. In a fairly tight race, both sides are predictably saying the new rules will favor their candidate. In an average of recent polls Republican Rep Cory Gardner led Democratic Senator Mark Udall by a little over 1 percentage point. So how the new rules affect undecided voters is clearly important to the results.

All registered voters will now automatically receive ballots in the mail and are being encouraged to mail their vote back, but can also vote in person at the polls. If you register to vote at least 8 days before election night, you will receive a ballot in the mail. Of Colorado's 3.6 million registered voters, 700,000 are inactive, leaving 2.9 million active registered voters in the state. Whether the added voting the measures are expected to produce will give results that fall to one side or other in the race remains to be seen. Between active voters Republicans lead by about 50,000 voters, while among inactive voters, Democrats lead by around 30,000 voters. Assuming something over 3 million voters actually vote on election night, then a 1% difference boils down to slightly over 30,000 votes. Democrats are spending a lot of money to try and get out those inactive voters where they have a slight advantage, while Republicans are trying to ensure that registered voters return those mail-in ballots, playing to their advantage among active voters. As well, Udall's strategy of playing up the "war on women" card is just not working in this election cycle. On the abortion-contraception issue, voters in Colorado are just not worked up at all. Gardner's strategy of supporting over the counter contraception seems to have diffused the issue and voters are far more concerned about issues like ISIS, dysfunction in Washington, and the economy. Could it be that Udall's campaign strategy is falling apart in the final weeks? If it is, maybe Gardner's margin will be noticeably bigger than 1.3% by election night. You can be sure his campaign team will not be banking on that, however, and will instead be doing all they can to get people to mail their ballots in. Colorado's voters seem to have their politicians bending over backwards, even more than normal for election campaigns; is that such a bad thing?

Posted by AllardK at October 14, 2014 8:57 PM
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The measure was successful in several northwestern counties

Actually Allard the measure wasn’t successful in any northwest county in Colorado, the lone county in northwest Colorado that had a secession referendum on the ballot wanted to become part on Wyoming but it failed to pass. Five counties in northeast Colorado did pass a referendum to become a state while six did not, including Weld county.

But it was a warning shot across the bows and a strident display of Colorado voter activism in a state that has a history of keeping a cautious eye on their legislature.

It was more a joke played on foolish people than a shot across the bow or a strident display of anything but immaturity and selfishness. The “don’t tread on me” crowd is upset because they weren’t able to force their foolishness on the majority of Coloradans. I voted for secession in the county I live in because I wanted these idiots to get their way, although I preferred the new state to be called west Kansas. It more accurately reflects the landscape in eastern Colorado and it reflects the same conservative ideological insanity that has Kansas reeling after becoming a conservative utopia several years back. Unfortunately the referendum failed in the county I live in.

As far as the current election Gardner is a power hungry conservative willing to do or say anything and has the backing of Crossroads GPS and the Koch Bros with myths misinformation half truths and outright lies ads running everywhere and constantly. Udall has tried distancing himself from Obama and therefore will not get my vote. Udall allows the aforementioned attack ads to perpetrate many conservative myths without responding as is the case with many dems, why would I vote for that?

The nice thing about Colorado is I have 4 more choices on the ballot for the Senate race.Two are unaffiliated, one a Libertarian and one a Unity party .

Colorado’s voters seem to have their politicians bending over backwards, even more than normal for election campaigns; is that such a bad thing?

I would suggest it is the voters who are bent over backwards. Either Gardner or Udall will win the Senate race despite the other choices available. Gardner is unworthy of office, an ideological driven conservative that proved himself unworthy while in the HoR. Voting to shut down the government with the Tea Party Caucus amongst other things proves this. He has the advantage because of the bombarding of the voters by the Koch Bros and Crossroads, it’s not like many Coloradans are smart enough to separate the myths from reality after all. Udall is to cowardly to stand up for what he is and deserves to be beaten, but make no mistake it is the politicians and their money men who have the voters bent over. WE all lose when bribery is free speech.

Posted by: j2t2 at October 15, 2014 10:08 PM
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