President Obama Polls As Worst President since WWII

A poll conducted by Quinnipiac has revealed that 33 percent of Americans believe President Obama to be the worst president since World War II. In so much, he is held in lower regard than the 11 other presidents who served since 1945. Additionally the poll revealed that a majority of Americans wish they would have chosen Romney in 2012. Bear in mind that this poll was recently conducted and over the past several months the president has been facing a near constant barrage of criticism for issues across the board which no doubt have helped to further reduce his popularity. Regardless, President Obama is a deeply unpopular president but what should we take away from this poll?

Polls are a reflection of voter sentiment and beliefs. Though they aren't a reflection of the truth since if enough people believe a lie to be true, then the lie prevails over the actual truth. Additionally polls such as this are based off of the opinions of those who might not know better. This poll asked opinions on 12 U.S. presidents; I dare ask how many of those polled can readily name a single accomplishment of each of those presidents. I do feel the results would be quite depressing and reveal a complete lack of historical knowledge among the population. I do find it interesting what motivates some people to rank Eisenhower as the worst and Nixon as the best.

For example Richard Nixon is extremely unfavorable and there is merit to that belief. When we think of Nixon, Watergate is the first thing to come to mind. On the other hand he brought the Vietnam War to a close, defused tensions with the Soviets and opened relations with China. Looking back, these are important accomplishments but at the same time he was riddled by scandals and ineffective domestic policies. On the other hand is Bill Clinton who is viewed quite favorably and who many consider to be the best president. Why though? The Clinton presidency was as scandalous as Nixon's and while he certainly had more domestic policy accomplishments, his foreign policy was in many cases uneven. Ultimately, as said before, polls are a reflection of what voters believe regardless of whether or not their beliefs are rooted in fact or are false ideas.

So what does this all mean for President Obama. We already know Republicans have an extremely low opinion of him but among Democrats Obama is falling behind. Kennedy and Clinton match and exceed respectively the president in the number of Democrats who believe them to be the best president since WWII. Furthermore the all-important Independent category is less than impressed with the president. If this sentiment remains till November, Democrats will have a very rough election season as Republicans will constantly relate their Democratic opponents to the president. For Obama himself, this poll does little to boost his ego and frankly I don't see him making a major effort to reverse this trend.

Is Obama the worst president since the end of WWII? I don't know. I certainly don't hold him in high regard. Regardless if we had a magic orb that can tell us in all honesty who the worst president is, the fact of the matter is a plurality of Americans believe Obama is and that is what matters.

Posted by SPBrooker at July 3, 2014 2:35 PM
Comment #380482

Polls are polls, the american public are a fickle lot and any sitting president is going to take a lot of heat when things aren’t going well and the government seems to be broken/unproductive. All is fault? probably not but when you get the most important job in the U.S. you have to take the critism that goes with it. Conduct another poll in 20 years and see who is the worst then.

Posted by: The other Paul at July 3, 2014 4:09 PM
Comment #380484

Obama ran a better (although mostly negative) campaign; Romney would have been a better president. Too late now. Remember the lesson for next time.

Posted by: CJ at July 3, 2014 4:38 PM
Comment #380485

You left out the best part of the poll! Bush received a 46% approval rating!

A substantial number of Americans believe Obama was not born in this country. They also believe Global Warming is a hoax being perpetrated by the scientists of the world, evolution is ‘just a theory,’ that Romney was sure to win in 2012 and that polls showing otherwise were skewed, and that the economic numbers before the election were being faked to make the unemployment number look better. Conspiracies theories run rampant, much like they did during the Clinton administration.

As for reality?

Today, the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1% and the economy added 288,000 jobs, with numbers for the previous two months being revised upwards. The DJIA and S&P hit all time highs, with the Dow crossing 17,000 for the first time, and the NASDAQ hit a 14 year high. Interest rates are low, inflation is low, the deficit has been reduced every year of the Obama administration, and the national debt has been stabilized.

The American and international economy tottered on the edge of Great Depression when Obama came into office. The financial sector cratered. But we never had to experience another Great Depression, thanks to the policies of the Obama administration.

Bin Laden is dead. Khaddafi is dead. The leader of the militia that attacked the Benghazi consulate is being tried in a court of law.

Health care has been successfully reformed, a truly remarkable accomplishment.

What that poll tells us is that there is a highly partisan portion of the population that has absolutely no idea what they are talking about, believes many things which are demonstrably and factually false, and has no freakin’ idea what happened between 2001 and today.

What really puzzles me is how anyone- even the most partisan conservative in the world- could APPROVE of Bush. Seriously. How does that happen?

Posted by: phx8 at July 3, 2014 4:43 PM
Comment #380486

One thing about that poll… Democrats split their votes among several Democratic presidents for best, and Nixon & Bush for worst. Republicans almost all thought one president (Reagan) was best, and one (Obama) was worst.

Posted by: phx8 at July 3, 2014 6:28 PM
Comment #380487

IMO the three worst were Obama and Carter pretty much even and then Bush.

Posted by: Rich KAPitan at July 3, 2014 6:37 PM
Comment #380488
I dare ask how many of those polled can readily name a single accomplishment of each of those presidents.

Just off the top of my head…

Harry Truman Dropped the bomb(2) on Japan
Dwight Eisenhower Created the Interstate road system
John Kennedy Assassinated/Started Moon Mission
Lyndon Johnson Lost VietNam War/Guns and Butter
Richard Nixon Resigned
Gerald Ford Got shot
Jimmy Carter Gave away Panama Canal/Failed Economy
Ronald Reagan Restored Economy/Hope
George Bush Senior Presided over fall of USSR
Bill Clinton Screwed the Help
George W. Bush Got picked on
Barack Obama Gave it all away

Posted by: Weary Willie at July 3, 2014 9:52 PM
Comment #380490

I notice whenever a conservative does not like Obama, there are never any specific reasons or facts or statistics to back it up. Everything always turns very vague and subjective and emotional, with no content behind the dislike.

When I point out that Obama is a very good president, I can point to specific reasons, facts, statistics, and events, all pertaining to the big picture, whether it is the economy, domestic policy, or foreign policy.

Posted by: phx8 at July 4, 2014 10:56 AM
Comment #380491

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Posted by: trs5r64 at July 4, 2014 11:09 AM
Comment #380492

Here’s a specific criticizm of Obama. He’s a liar.

Posted by: Weary Wille at July 4, 2014 11:16 AM
Comment #380493

Another specific, IONCOMPETENCE.

Posted by: Rich KAPitan at July 4, 2014 12:16 PM
Comment #380495

How about Subversive, as in immigration.

Posted by: Weary Willie at July 4, 2014 12:40 PM
Comment #380496

I don’t like him due to his appointments. His cabinet are all ‘dream-teamers’ and not ready for anything outside of local politics. These are local town selectmen and bureaucrats occupying the White House. All he hires are the stars of the Democratic Party and not the intellectuals we need.

We are losing Iraq severely bad and that matter needs to be dealt with. Where’s Barak as thousands die? Are we just going to let ISIL have it? Are we going to sit back and allow Sharia laws to fill the airwaves? The country is going Baathist Sunni and we are going to just idle here until we what?! See an opportunity? These are deathsquads not militias and they will carry out their marshall plans until someone stops them. What are we doing? No answer from the dream-teamers. It’s not that they are incompetent, it’s that they are unknowledgable about options.

We need to win Iraq. To sit back and let Sharia Law have it is criminal. We need a new strategy or admit defeat—something has to happen here or we are going to lose it all.

Posted by: simpleheaded at July 4, 2014 12:58 PM
Comment #380504

Judging by the performance of the administration and the lack of any signs of corruption, and I think it is safe to say Obama’s cabinet are highly capable and proven successes.

Throwing out one word is exactly the kind of the problem I am alluding to in the first place. There is no content with a basis in reality, just emotional reaction. (And while I make plenty of typos too, KAP, if you want to call Obama incompetent, you really should spell that particular word correctly).

Every politician engages in a form of lying when they negotiate and compromise. They do not tell us the complete truth about national security matters. And anyone who ever gets a fact wrong can be called a liar. Everyone who has ever played poker and bluffed is a liar. That is exactly the kind of emotional, content-free stuff that conservatives offer.

I think it is fair to call someone a liar when they intentionally, knowingly mislead. Nixon was horrible. Bush #41 lied when he said “read my lips, no new taxes,” then raised taxes anyway. It cost Bush #41 his credibility among conservatives, and while his foreign policy was excellent, his ability to conduct domestic policy suffered.

By the standards of past presidents, Obama has been more truthful and honest than most. Measured by the percentage of campaign promises he has filled, Obama is top notch. When he has made errors, he has apologized and corrected them to the best of his ability.

Posted by: phx8 at July 4, 2014 3:26 PM
Comment #380506

phx8, So you accept lying, you accept incompetence, you accept or blow off scandals, but if it were a republican you would be livid with you comments.

Posted by: Rich KAPitan at July 4, 2014 3:39 PM
Comment #380507

“I notice whenever a conservative does not like Obama, there are never any specific reasons or facts or statistics to back it up.”

Or, any reasonable alternative. In fact, they literally offer no alternative. The Republican controlled Congress has been the most unproductive in modern history.

Posted by: Rich at July 4, 2014 4:02 PM
Comment #380508

In real life, I recognize president can be less than truthful for a variety of reasons, but I do not engage in name-calling; and if I do, I can back it up with facts, quotes, and statistics to demonstrate.

There are Republican presidents I think did a good or at least decent job. Eisenhower was a solid president. Bush #41 did all right- good on foreign policy, not so good on domestic policy. His biggest successes were the transition of our relationship with Russia, and kicking Iraq out of Kuwait without causing the Iraq government to collapse. His biggest failure was Clarence Thomas. I suspect Bush #41 would agree.

Posted by: phx8 at July 4, 2014 4:23 PM
Comment #380510

phx8, as you I believe there were good Democrats in the W.H. I liked Clinton even though he was a skirt chaser, at first I liked Jimmy but when the Iran thing happened not so much. Kennedy was great. Republicans Reagan was good although I had my doubts Both Bush’s so, so. But as far as Obama, I think he is in way over his head and he don’t know what to do and the office of President is not for OJT.

Posted by: Rich KAPitan at July 4, 2014 9:36 PM
Comment #380523

How on earth can the most corrupt administration in this group be voted the favorite by Repubs/conservative? Have you guys gotten so tangled up in ideology and mythology that you cannot judge the accomplishments of these presidents on merit? Don’t you guys have any sense of decency about you? Is corruption of government the driving conservative principle of today?

Truman, “the buck stops here”
Eisenhower “beware the military industrial complex”
Kennedy, civil rights
LBJ, Medicare Medicaid
Nixon, Ended Viet Nam, China,
Ford, Helsinki Accords
Carter, Department of Energy and energy policy
Reagan, Corruption, Guns for Hostages
Bush I,Berlin Wall came down
Clinton, Welfare reform
Bush II, Tax cuts, war and debt
Obama, Health care reform

Its funny how you deride Obama as “giving it all away” while idolizing Reagan who tripled the national debt.

Posted by: j2t2 at July 5, 2014 8:04 PM
Comment #380724

It could be that the Republicans know that the Democrats could lose Many Votes because of the Ukrainegate Scandal, which will become General Knowledge in time for the Elections.

The leaders of America and Europe and Russia know something regrading the reasons for the Post WW 2 map of Europe with regards the need for the Iron Curtain, but they do not know how to explain it to the People.

This is because the People will Steadfastly Refuse to believe this about themselves, or about the Overwhelming Majority of their Citizens, and so because of this, the World is heading toward Total Disaster.

The Iron Curtain in Europe was needed to Prevent another World War in Europe, especially given that nuclear weapons were invented.

With the passage of time, it was noticed with Mikhail Gorbachev that there was a better way to prevent WW 3 than with an Iron Curtain.

President Ronald Reagan was agreeable to this proposal, which was for NATO not to explained beyond East Germany after German Reunification.

We will never know if President Ronald Reagan lied to the World, but we now know from Ukraine, that America is pushing for the Destruction of the Planet, and that they have made Puppets of the European Union.

The first Secretary-General of NATO, said that NATO was created to keep the Americans in, the Soviets out, and the Germans down.

The Soviet Union no longer exists, and I do not understand why Germany or any other Country should not achieve its potential, if it is done Legally and Morally, and this leaves the World with the Dangerous Problem of America.

There are Many People who think that the European Union should work toward Preventing the Destruction of the Planet by lobbying for a Federalized, Decentralized and Militarily Neutral Ukraine.

A Video that describes the current situation is Titled: CrossTalk: Ukraine, End of Beginning at .

Posted by: Journalist at July 10, 2014 6:15 AM
Comment #380743

I realized that I should have written that President Ronald Reagan was agreeable to this proposal, which was for NATO not to expand beyond East Germany after German Reunification.

For those who have watched the Video will Realize that the presenter and one of the guests are Americans, while one guest is Russian, and another guest is British.

I wished the Russian guest had checked his Facts, before he said what he said regarding the Serbs and the Kosovo Albanians at , and had he checked the Facts, then he would have said that America is succeeding with their Lies in Ukraine, even as they have succeeded with their Lies in Serbia and Kosovo, and Many other parts of the World, at .

All of these Lies from the Western Mainstream Media just shows why the World is heading for Total Disaster, and I know that neither any Lie or any Truth will be able to Prevent This, and so I will choose to be Honest, while Others will Deliberately Deceive Others, and Others will Insist on being Deceived.

There are those who are Deceived as to their own Characters and to the Characters of other People, because the Easiest Person to Deceive is Ourselves.

As I have said, this is because Most People will Steadfastly Refuse to believe this about Themselves, or about the Overwhelming Majority of their Fellow Citizens.

There is a News Article which is Titled: Indications that the U S is planning a nuclear attack on Russia and that News Article is at—by-Eric-Zuesse-Nuclear-Weapons_Obama-Administration_PNAC-Neocon-Project-For-A-New-American-C_President-Barack-Obama-POTUS-140614-352.html .

There is another News Article on that Website, and it is about Ukraine’s Nazis, and it is Titled: Ukraine’s Terrorists Speak at .

There is an Article by an American with a PhD, and who was the Assistant of Treasury in the Ronald Reagan Administration at , and therefore, he is an Unbiased and Honest Source of Information.

He wrote an Article on the Global Research Website which is Titled: Washington’s Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil Have Set the Stage for War at .

Other Articles of his on that Website to understand the Dangers of Euro-America can be found at , and he contributes to the Foreign Policy Journal at .

Posted by: Journalist at July 10, 2014 3:51 PM
Comment #380770

America and the other NATO countries along with their Media have supported Nazi Racist Albanians of Serbia’s Province of Kosovo to Ethnically Cleanse Non Albanians from Kosovo, and Falsely Blame it on the Innocent Serbian Victims, and then Falsely Claim that the Kosovo Albanians were the Victims of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing from by the Innocent Serbs.

The Americans and the Leaders of Terrorist Mafia Kosovo Albanians Ordered the Kosovo Albanians to flee from Kosovo, and to ensure that, NATO bombed the Albanians whom they Lied they were protecting, and the Leaders of Terrorist Mafia Kosovo Albanians murdered all those Albanians who refused to flee to other Countries so that the Western Media could show Films to blame it on the Innocent Serbs.

The Russian guest should have then continued to say that even as America has succeeded with their Lies on Serbia and Kosovo, then America is succeeding with their Lies on Ukraine, even as America has succeeded with their Lies in many other parts of the World.

There are People who are reluctant to admit that America succeeds with its Lies, because when America hears that it gives them an Elated Sense of Joy at doing Evil, and which is known as Hubris.

However, I think that it is better that People understand the Hopelessness of the situation for the World, because neither lying about it or telling the truth about it is going to change the Reality for a Unipolar World.

Posted by: Journalist at July 11, 2014 5:32 AM
Comment #380788

There are People who are saying that there is another Cold War, which was Schemed and Engineered by America, relying on the Servitude of its Puppets.

We know that the first Cold War was won by America, and that it was between USSR and Anglo-America.

This second Cold War is between the Rest of the World and America, and it looks like America cannot win this confrontation, because the Rest of the World is against America, or not for America, even if they have to pretend they are for America.

The thing to understand is that America is the Equivalent of Nazi Germany, and it has Already showed its True Nazi Nature over Ukraine.

It is possible that America may be able to Deceive the People of the European Union, but the Information World of today makes this Difficult, but I will never underestimate America’s ability to Deceive the People of the European Union.

There are of Course Puppets like the Criminals in Kiev, and their are Partner Countries like Britain who hope the America can win this second Cold War, but they know that this is not possible in Today’s Information World.

This is because the Truth will eventually win, and this will leave Anglo-America along with Britain and the British Commonwealth of Nations with the Unenviable Legacy of that at , and .

This is why if the British Politicians have not been overly Puppetized, then they will not support America for a second Cold War, because they see their Friend making a mistake, and so the wish to insulate America from its own foolishness, unless the British Conservatives are refraining from wanting a New Treaty until after the Scottish Independence Referendum in order to help their Right Wing Colleagues in American midterm Elections.

The British Politicians are obliged to do what is in Britain’s Interest, unless they are certain of the Polls on the Result of the Scottish Independence Referendum, which have been favourable for Scotland to remain in the Union, and then seek a New Treaty for Britain with the European Union.

Britain should at the same time look for a New Treaty with the European Union, and even Blackmail the European Union Elites with a Nuremberg Trial as I described in my other comment, but the European Union may give Britain a New Treaty with Exemptions if Britain helps the European Union with their wish for Less America in Europe.

There are Many People in Britain who think that the British Government must not give up this Opportunity to help America with some Sense, and to help Scotland to stay in the Union because there is no second Cold War in Europe and because Britain has a New Treaty with the European Union, and this is why there are Many British Citizens and Voters who want Ukraine to become a Federalized, Decentralized, and Militarily Neutral Country.

Posted by: Journalist at July 12, 2014 10:26 AM
Comment #380958

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Posted by: haokeai at July 21, 2014 2:05 AM
Comment #381303

We know that there are differing Opinions on Economics, and while I am not an expert on that, I do have my opinions.

I think that Globalization has been proven to be a Failure, and even more so because of Anglo-America putting sanctions on Countries who are Innocent to begin with like Russia.

This is why I think the Economic Policy of Every Country with regards to Commerce and Trade should be as Much as Possible Local First, State or Province Second, National Third, Regional Fourth, and International Fifth, and I think that All Countries need to draw up Plans for this, and not to say that it cannot happen, because that was said of the Soviet Union, and of the Eastward expansion of NATO.

We now have the Preposterous suggestion that a United Nations Security Council Resolution is needed for a Plane crash, because Anglo-America or their Puppets will plant False evidence, and they Will Lie and Cheat and Bribe and Blackmail and Intimidate as they Always do.

The reason I think it is Preposterous is because America will break any agreement, as they always do, and as they did with their Native American Indians who are nearly extinct.

I think that America would use any United Nations Security Council Resolution to Continue their Economic Genocide, and this is why a Group of Trusted Nations who are known to be Impartial like China and Many others of the Non Aligned Group should be sufficient enough to investigate that Plane crash.

There could be Countries and Global Citizens who will say to Russia to do whatever is needed to Save the Planet from Anglo-America’s desire to kill All Humans in WW 3, and if Anglo-America objects, then we will Instruct All of our Citizens to Boycott All Goods and Services from Anglo-America.

Britain and America conducted Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing on Diego Garcia at , and they are doing this in Eastern Ukraine with the Illegal and Illegitimate Junta in Kiev who is their Puppet.

We know that this is the second Malaysian Passenger Plane to be lost this year, but Malaysian Airlift 370 disappeared in more mysterious circumstances, and People may be wondering what happened to it.

I do not know what happened to that Passenger Plane, because I have not had time to research that, but there are allegations that it was flown to Diego Garcia, which is a British Indian Ocean Territory, and it is Leased to America as a Military Base.

If you Google that, then you can read what People say on this matter.

There is a Video that appears to be made by Investigative Journalists, and that Video is Titled: The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared at .

Britain and America conducted Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing on Diego Garcia at , and they are doing this in Eastern Ukraine with the Illegal and Illegitimate Junta in Kiev who is their Puppet.

There does not seem to be much any sympathy by certain Northern Europeans that the Federalists in Eastern Ukraine are also dying, and that they too might be Human Beings, even though the Illegal and Illegitimate Junta in Kiev has said that they are sub humans and inhuman, and I will Boycott All Goods and Services from Anglo-America until they Ensure that Israel does Everything that the Palestinians want, and I propose that in a United Nations Security Council Resolution.

Enough People have given a Pardon to All of the Politicians and Public Servants of Continental European Union, and I have further Granted them Immunity from Prosecution for past Bribes, and Corruptions, and Crimes.

They are Now Free from being Unprincipled Puppets to Britain and America, and they have the Capability and the Obligation to be Genuine Public Servants to the Citizens of Continental European Union.

We should know that American Politicians Lie and Act, and that they are Secretly Joyful at their Evil Deeds at , and .

There is a Video that shows this, and it is Titled: President Obama speaks about CIA drone victims at .

The Relevance is that they too are People, and Children at that, but Evil Monsters Pretending to be Peace Loving, and who can Bribe, Blackmail, or Intimidate a Nobel Peace Prize and who do not consider anyone Human to be Human, not even Themselves, because their Secret Thoughts of Themselves and their Victims is that they are Inhuman, like some other People.

It has been said by one European Leader of the past: How fortunate for Leaders that men do not think.

There are some people who know who said that, and others could Google it to see who said it.

We now know what happened to Europe because the People of that time did not think sufficiently on matters, and this is why, we must be on guard at all times, because those who forget History are condemned to repeat it.

Posted by: Journalist at July 21, 2014 2:15 PM
Comment #381309

I have Provided Sufficient Proof for the Honest and the Decent People that the Federalists of Eastern Ukraine and Russia who are Completely Innocent of the Malaysian Airlines MH 17, and what the People of the World need to know is that there will not be a WW 3 if America is found Guilty.

Posted by: Journalist at July 22, 2014 6:26 AM
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