Bureaucratization of everything

The government shutdown is distressing for me because of what it reveals about what has happened to our world. Everything is now regimented and ordered so much that when power from the top is interrupted, everything stops. I read that cemeteries in Normandy, in France, were shut down. Of course, the National Mall is shut down. Why?

I don't blame this president or this congress (although it would be nice if both sides could stop acting like spoiled children). I think it is the insidious bureaucratization of everything. We have complex rules that must be followed, so we cannot just let things happen. I am sure that people could visit cemeteries in Normandy or the Mall in Washington 99% w/o incident. But the bureaucratization of everything means that authorities cannot risk the small percentage of potential problems.

This has more consequences than we at first see. Consider volunteerism and initiative. Volunteers now require insurance and training before they can do something as simple as pick up litter on public property around their houses. Before you do anything, you have to consult lawyers.

I am working with local groups to make one of our farms a demonstration place for good forestry practices. As part of that, volunteers are building trails between some of the spots. I think this is great and want to share my land, but I cannot afford to spend too much. That means I have to limit access. Why? The lawyers with one of the firms helping me told me that if my land were open to the public I would be in danger of being sued. I understand that, although it really isn't fair. But the surprising thing was that I might be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities act if I didn't build prohibitively expensive and environmentally unfriendly access into my paths. In other words, if I want to make my land available to the public, I have effectively to hire a team of engineers and lawyers to understand my bureaucratic responsibilities and build to their specifications. Doing this would cost more money than I could spend and destroy more nature than I am willing to continence, so the public is screwed.

We have to lighten up. One of the great things about America was freedom from this kind of regimentation. You could give permission to use your land and the risk was on the person. All you needed to do to protect yourself was not have any obvious dangers or traps and this was interpreted strictly. People who tripped over logs in a forest were on their own. They had to take thing as they were and could not demand special access. They paid nothing and got what they paid for.

This applies or should apply to our national lands. One of the most important reasons that they say they must close the parks is that they cannot provide services. So what? Let people do without those services. If you cannot get into a bathroom, hold it until you can find something. If you worry about getting thirsty or hungry, think ahead. If you see a puddle w/o a bunch of signs warning you to avoid it, maybe just use your own brain.

If we just allowed it, I am sure that volunteers would materialize within a short time to clean up litter that the less responsible people tossed. And we could stigmatize those who made a mess, if we were allowed to "violate their rights" to be pigs or stupid. Seriously, if someone is stupid enough or unlucky enough to slip on the mud and break a leg, too bad. On the plus side, it will give him an interesting story to tell.

The problem with bureaucratization is that each step seems to make sense, each rule addresses a legitimate need and each move to avoid risk makes sense. But when you add them all together, they are pernicious. I have no doubt that w/o the network of rules and regulations some people would fall and break bones, some dangers would be unaddressed and some people would be "denied" services. We should not care in most cases. Trying to eliminate all risks eliminates opportunities. Trying to achieve everything make it difficult to achieve anything.

I think we need to tolerate a little more messiness and inequality. We should more often accept things that are good enough, rather than pursue theoretical perfection. We should recognize that not everyone wants the same things. We should try lots of things w/o asking for guarantees. When somebody asks us why we are doing something, we should be able to tell them that it is none of their business. In short, we should be more like Americans again.

Posted by Christine & John at October 13, 2013 7:45 AM
Comment #372398

“One of the most important reasons that they say they must close the parks is that they cannot provide services. So what?”

It is not simply that some people would be inconvenienced but that many of the parks would be seriously degraded by uncontrolled access and use.

The necessity of actively managing the parks is dictated by their popularity. The sheer volume of visitors to some of our national parks requires controls for not only the safety of the visitors and their convenience but also to protect the land and structures from misuse and overuse. The Park Service doesn’t just protect visitors but also protects the land. Uncontrolled access at many parks would be a disaster.

We are not talking about a few hikers on wilderness trails but hundreds of RVs, campers, four wheelers, etc. descending upon national parks in some months.

Posted by: Rich at October 13, 2013 9:00 AM
Comment #372399

There are major parks that would fall under the category of Rich’s, “We are not talking about a few hikers on wilderness trails but hundreds of RVs, campers, four wheelers, etc. descending upon national parks in some months.” And there are thousands of small parks that receive very few visitors. I gave an two examples last week in West Virginia. One was the New River Gorge park visitors center; when we arrived there was no yellow tape. There is a small gift shop (which was closed) and a deck overlook. There were only a few cars in the parking lot. While we were on the deck looking at the New River Gorge, a park ranger put up a tape across the entrance. People drove out and more drove in, through the tape, and the park ranger ignored them because the whole idea of closing the park was ridiculous and the ranger knew it. Later that day, we stopped at a picnic area on the New River. People were launching rafts and kayaks, but a park ranger put yellow tape across an access to the picnic area, not the boat ramp. The boat ramp was on private property…the picnic area (maybe 100’x100’) contained a few tables, bathrooms, and trash cans. We crossed the tape in front of the ranger and ate our lunch…he just waved at us. Why would all parks be closed when some are no larger than 100’x100’? I completely disagree with C&J…it was the president who was trying his best to disrupt all Americans lives. It had nothing to do with protecting the property or safety. The park rangers in these remote areas blamed Obama and the people we talked to blamed Obama. Their comments were, “why would the president do something so stupid?” I can understand closing major national parks where the environment and safety play a part; but forcing rangers to close open air memorials, cemeteries, of mountain rest stops is ridiculous. It only attempts to discomfort as many people as possible. Once again we have the words of the administration from a park ranger, “make their lives as difficult as possible”. This is an administration who is not concerned about the American people; it is an administration concerned with a political agenda.

Posted by: Political Hostage at October 13, 2013 9:36 AM
Comment #372403


I used to run on the Mall. There is really nothing much you can do there that requires services. The cops patrol the place AND they still patrol the place, only now they just patrol to keep people out.

Do you really have such little faith in your fellow humans and fellow Americans to believe that the only reason they don’t tear apart the Lincoln Memorial is because they are afraid of punishment?

BTW - many of the parks are self supporting. They make money by staying open.

You can keep some parks closed, but much of it was just stupid. Closing turn offs that allow you to take pictures of Mt Rushmore, for example. There is nothing there but a wider stretch of road. Nobody needs to patrol that or maintain it on a daily basis. The fact that they closed it took much more effort.

Or in the case of Governor Walker, who had to kick Obama’s ass on access to the Mississippi River.

Anyway, I think the park closing is stupid. But I am actually talking about the bigger problem of requiring too much supervision and rules. It just does not take that much to keep things going unless you demand too many services or enforce too many rules.


I agree that Obama is trying to create the most pain possible. But my point was less about the current crisis and more about the general accretion of rules and services.

I own 435 acres of forest land. I know that you really don’t have to do anything to maintain that on a daily or even weekly basis. But every once in a while some “professional” comes around and tries to tell me that I need this or that. Today we can still just chase him away. As rule proliferate they may soon have the force of law.

Posted by: CJ at October 13, 2013 12:24 PM
Comment #372404

Citizens are already assembling to pick up trash on the Mall


This is what I am talking about.

Posted by: CJ at October 13, 2013 12:40 PM
Comment #372416

CJ, the idea of a government without bureaucracy is the same kind of idea as up without down, light without dark, good without bad. To posit the absence of bureaucracy is to posit the absence of government. Are you really subscribing to the Tea Party anarchist ideology?

Bureaucracy insures that people with individual differences act as a team in support of common objectives by acceptable means. Like good and bad, one cannot have bureaucracy without a measure of inefficiency, waste, and because of individual differences, a certain amount of fraud and criminal behavior, human nature being what it is. The absence of bureaucracy however, is chaos and predatory victories at the expense of majorities.

America has achieved over the centuries a respectable balance between individual freedom and bureaucratic orderliness and conformity. That balance has produced one of the safest, most prosperous nations on Earth. To advocate for any ideology that sacrifices such balance is to advocate against America and her great achievements through bureaucracy. May I remind you, the U.S. Constitution established bureaucracy in order to form a more perfect union, with rule under law, and ONLY certain individual liberties protected, while also protecting the integrity of the nation and posterity from dictators and monarchs who would subjugate all to the dictates of individual desire, whim, and fancy.

Posted by: David R. Remer at October 13, 2013 5:22 PM
Comment #372417

CJ, Volunteers don’t remain at the same tasks long, and will always be too few in number to achieve the maintenance of a nation as large as ours. America has incredible charitable and volunteer efforts on a perpetual basis. But, volunteers without pay would never create an army capable of defending our nation, nor successfully navigate space exploration, nor manage well the financial structure of our society.

Ideology always seeks to destroy balance in pursuit of perfection of one side of an equation.

Posted by: David R. Remer at October 13, 2013 5:29 PM
Comment #372419


Indeed, you cannot have government w/o bureaucracy. Bureaucracy can be efficient in some things, but is cumbersome and not innovative. Hence we need to limit bureaucracy and that means limit government.

“America has achieved over the centuries a respectable balance between individual freedom and bureaucratic orderliness and conformity.”

BALANCE is important - over the last decade that balance has gone out of whack. IMO - lots of the trouble started in the 1960s with civil rights AND a little earlier with our response to the Cold War. Both these things had good results and were necessary, but we went a little too far in regimenting society.

Re volunteers - Our country has run with volunteers since the start. Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about it in the 1830s. It is (was) one of the most unique things about America. But you are right that volunteers tend not to be professional enough. That is why we need to accept good enough.

Let me return to my example of the National Mall. Until a few years ago it was a little “neglected”, i.e. the grass was a little ragged and the trails were not very smooth. They were, however, good enough. We spent millions of dollars to put in some kind of special drainage system that will allow the grass to grow better. The construction took months. The grass is indeed better. But it doesn’t really matter. Now, however, the grass needs specialized, professional management. It costs a fortune.

I am talking a political idea here, but also just an ordinary one. I prefer things easy and maybe a little messy. The is my preference and I don’t need to impose it. However, the annal retentive types, who need to order and control everything, are expensive and a threat to liberty.

Posted by: CJ at October 13, 2013 5:54 PM
Comment #372426

The majority of FD’s and Life Squads in America are manned by volunteers. We have a very successful “adopt a highway” system in America and as one who travels quite a bit, these volunteers clean highways all across America. There are also thousands of communities across America with “Crime Watch” signs where volunteers keep an eye on their communities. Thousands of churches across America man food pantries and kitchens with…guess what….volunteers. Hospitals and nursing homes have teams of …you guessed it…volunteers, who help out. And the list goes on.

The left lives in the world of the 99%…the OWS crowd, who destroy and tear down. Its hard for the left to understand people who take pride in the country or community.

Posted by: Political Hostage at October 13, 2013 7:00 PM
Comment #372432

These pics say it all. People want to know why illegals can protest on the Washington Mall unmolested, even though they are illegal aliens, and yet police in riot gear are sent to contain American veterans at American memorials:


There is much more going on in America besides government shutdowns and debt ceilings.

Posted by: Political Hostage at October 13, 2013 8:09 PM
Comment #372451

CJ, we are in agreement on balance. Where consensus becomes problematic is on where the fulcrum is to be placed and how long the teeter board should be with government on one end and individual freedom on the other. Every social advancement which empowered America to grow, was criticized as overreach, and limiting of individual freedom. Which muddles the assessment when real overreach and compromise of individual freedom are presented as with the War on Drugs, and American involvement in the internal affairs of other nations.

Ideology, greed and profits shaped foreign policy well beyond the bounds of what rational and sensible foreign policy dictated. Ideology and fear shaped drug policy well beyond the limits of what individual freedom and personal responsibility dictated. The greatest defense against insane ideology is secular fact based education. However, as we have seen, even this issue has attracted a sizable minority of ideologues to oppose the concept.

The founding fathers wrestled with this dilemma and decided that the democratic process for decision making which empowered the majority with the final say, was the best answer provided that certain enumerated individual rights and freedoms be protected against majority rule.

The problem as I see it, however, is that the founding fathers had the right design for a small and growing nation. I am not sure that their design has been properly amended and added to, to insure the preservation of this massive world power nation of 310 million individuals, only half of whom participate in the process, and only a third of whom are sufficiently educated to contribute to the process.

The founding fathers granted the vote only to those classes of people who were most likely to be literate and motivated to learn of the issues of the day, and vested in the actions of government with something to lose. In other words, white male landowners. Implied in their design is the necessity to insure education of those empowered to vote. Education is no guarantee that an individual will vote or act responsibly, Ted Cruz is a case in point, but, it goes a long way to insure that the majority will.

Posted by: David R. Remer at October 14, 2013 1:23 PM
Comment #372456


I take a systemic approach based on possibilities. There are things that I would like government to do. But I know from bitter experience that government bureaucracies are not up to the task and it is made even worse by politicians.

The example we like is innovation. I have seen government help innovation with basic research and working in what they call the Pasteur quadrant. This is something government handles very well and I would go so far as to say plays an essential role.

But government overreaches when it tries to manage the roll-out of innovation or even invest. Politicians and bureaucrats are almost uniquely unqualified to pick winners and losers in the innovation game, since they are insulated from markets and rarely participate except at things like grocery markets.

Re the majority having the final say - we have to guard against that by limiting government. MOST things should not be decided by majority opinion.

When you look at innovation, it almost never comes out of a consensus point of view. I cannot even think of a signal case. Can you? Innovators are almost by definition outsiders, and often unpleasant people, who don’t fit in particularly well with the masses. They are almost the opposite personality type to politicians. Innovation changes the status quo and the majority of citizens are invested in the status quo and cannot see far beyond it.

Posted by: CJ at October 14, 2013 2:20 PM
Comment #372468
The problem as I see it, however, is that the founding fathers had the right design for a small and growing nation. I am not sure that their design has been properly amended and added to, to insure the preservation of this massive world power nation of 310 million individuals, only half of whom participate in the process, and only a third of whom are sufficiently educated to contribute to the process.
Posted by: David R. Remer at October 14, 2013 1:23 PM

Society pays lip service to the founders these days. The federal government does not resemble, in the least, what the founders envisioned. You are correct to say they did not consider a nation of 310 million people, which is why they did not make the federal government a master of the states or replicate a european monarchy. The states were equals and the federal government was limited in it’s scope. Today’s federal government is failing not because the constitution was flawed but because the constitution is not being adhered to. There is no government that can control 310 million people. The founders knew that.

When you look at innovation, it almost never comes out of a consensus point of view. I cannot even think of a signal case. Can you? Innovators are almost by definition outsiders, and often unpleasant people, who don’t fit in particularly well with the masses. They are almost the opposite personality type to politicians. Innovation changes the status quo and the majority of citizens are invested in the status quo and cannot see far beyond it.
Posted by: CJ at October 14, 2013 2:20 PM

This reminds me of a man on the street interview of women in the ‘70’s. He was showing them a breast implant and telling them what it was and asking them if they would consider having the surgery done. The women looked at him like he had just farted in their faces. Yet today, women fantasize of having the augmentation done and many, many do!

Times change and innovation brings about that change.

Progressivism was the same way. Many did not like the idea of government taxing income. Many did not even consider the federal government when going about their daily lives. It did not affect them, it didn’t matter to them. Many thought, and were told, the income tax didn’t pertain to them. It would only affect the top 3% of wage earners. It would only cost them 1% of their wage! That’s what they thought, but look at us now!

Necessity breeds innovation.

Now, we are struggling under the yoke of a massive, overbearing, greedy, inefficient, federal government. Many think it is normal because they have been subjected to it’s domination their entire lives. Their parents have been subjected to it their entire lives. They know no other condition.

This is were innovation steps in. This is where one person steps up and shows someone the silicone blob that will change everything. The people first subjected to the innovation will be repelled because they can’t imagine it’s success, but some will see it as plausible and put it to work. Others will see it’s success and copy it. Many more will see the benefits and join in until that change, that innovation, is considered normal.

That innovation of today, the next great idea that can set things right, is an adherence to the constitution and a respect for the individual’s rights and his property. The vehicle for this innovation is not a revamping of the constitution but an application of the constitution at a much smaller level. We must shrink federal government in physical size and grow local government in stature. Local government should get the most control of it’s citizens and federal government should get the least.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in a very powerful federal government. It is the federal government’s responsibility to maintain relations with foreign countries and it should have the wherewithal to protect our borders. The federal government should be the leader of the world in technology and security to better achieve it’s constitutional mandates. It cannot not use that technology against it’s own citizens, but local governments may make that choice.

Anything is possible if you think it is possible. Nobody ever achieved anything by saying it can’t be done. Many today say we can’t do something because “they” won’t let us. Well, who says? Who is “they”? Did the federal government say veterans can’t see their monument? They tried, but the veterans thought differently and guess what.. They saw their monument! They thought they could so they did!

There are many innovative ways to solve our problems. We simply have to think outside the box and believe we can do it. It’s our country, our government, after all!

Posted by: Weary Willie at October 14, 2013 5:52 PM
Comment #372470

WW said: “Society pays lip service to the founders these days. The federal government does not resemble, in the least, what the founders envisioned.”

Neither do our national boundaries, or, or society at large. The founders foresaw the need to amend and reinterpret the Constitution as the nation grew and changed, which is PRECISELY why the provided for the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Amendment process. Very wise were our Founders. Very unwise and ignorant to insist that legal structure at nation’s beginning should not have changed to accommodate the present.

Posted by: David R. Remer at October 14, 2013 6:02 PM
Comment #372471

CJ said: “I take a systemic approach based on possibilities. There are things that I would like government to do. But I know from bitter experience that government bureaucracies are not up to the task and it is made even worse by politicians. “

We differ here, CJ. I take a more philosophical approach which insists that Government succeeds of fails on the actions of those in charge of it, which, in AMERICA, is the political parties, and the politicians elected by the people. Government CAN function far more effectively and efficiently were it not for the political parties, perpetually undoing all the good and bad brought about by the opposing party. Obama has many times proffered policies which Republicans once touted, but, the instant Obama touts the same policies, Republicans oppose them.

Ultimately, democratic processes succeed or fail on the actions of the voters. America is dangerously testing the hypothesis of Marxists that democracy cannot succeed and will ultimately be replaced by more efficient and effective authoritarian rule. If our nation defaults on our debts, our democratic processes shall have failed in enormous and pervasive and long lasting ways. Then America will have an extremely painful decision to make, continue utilizing the existing and failing democratic processes, structurally alter it to include political party and campaign finance reform, or, choose another form of government. The latter being no better than the first option, IMO.

Posted by: David R. Remer at October 14, 2013 6:15 PM
Comment #372475


Philosophy is fine in areas where you don’t have practical experience or data. I cannot argue with Plato when he says that an unexamined life is not worth living, but I could tell him that his Republic could not function in the real world.

Even the best leadership cannot make some structures work. The bureaucracy cannot innovate outside a specific set of structures. In fact, if a bureaucrat innovates too much, he is breaking the law. I cannot just make up my own foreign policy if I think it would work better than the one we got, nor can I experiment with innovations. Those things would be an illegal usurpation.

A bureaucracy is always and everywhere rules based. It has to be because it has to be accountable.

Government can function better than it does. It used to function better when it was smaller and spent less. We have asked too much of government. It cannot handle the complexity.

Beyond that, the people cannot decide what they want government to do and they change their minds every few days. Some things take a long time to plan and execute. Government often does not have that time, as people expect results faster than they can be had.

One more thing is that government often must go with low bidders, who tend to be incompetent, better at writing proposals than doing any real work. That is what happened to ObamaCare and why people cannot sign up. Government employees have incentive not to get the best deal.

For example, related to our affirmative action discussion, government official can hire no-bid contracts if they are women or minority owned. They are often not the best, but they can be had quicker. We have cases where you want to hire a contractor. This guy must go and “work” for a woman or minority firm. The government would have paid him, say, $50,000. Now they have to pay the woman or minority firm something like $80,000. That firm pays the original guy the same $50,000 you would have paid, but the cost to the USG is $30,000 higher. Of course, going with the alternative will take a couple of years and so the job will never get done, so you pay the price of the beltway bandit.

Government makes decisions based on politics not effectiveness. You can tolerate this for some things, but best not spread it to all parts of the economy.

Posted by: CJ at October 14, 2013 6:51 PM
Comment #372476


Re Marxism etc. - those government run systems are even less effective than ours. The cure is LESS interference not more. The communists could do almost nothing better than the democracies. In fact, off hand I can think of nothing beside maybe keeping 99% of the people poor and so avoiding some of the problems of inequality.

Posted by: CJ at October 14, 2013 6:54 PM
Comment #378663

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