Scarcity v Abundance

People may be liberal or conservative, but I find a bigger division between those who believe in scarcity and those who know we can have abundance. Scarcity people are unpleasant. They talk in terms of rationing. If somebody gets more, they think somebody else gets less. They worry about victims and people left behind. Abundance people are better in general.

An abundance person doesn't care if you have lots of stuff. He rarely talks about a fair distribution. He tends to think perpetual victims are stupid and believes that the only kind of deal that really works in the long run is a win-win. Abundance people tend to believe in free exchange and are suspicious of those that want to limit choices in the interests of some concept of fairness.

Americans have usually been abundance people. That is something that others notice as a national characteristic. We are always thinking about how things can work better and looking for ways to profit. This is not bad because we know that our profit in a free exchange requires the other side to get something they want.

We have a "get off your ass" mentality. When confronted by someone who claims he and his ancestors have been oppressed for years, we are likely to tell him that it is about time he did something about it. Don't complain, do something. If nobody likes you, it is probably because you are an asshole or useless. We don't like useless people, but someone with a useful skill will usually be welcome.

The scarcity people tell us we will hit the wall. They have been saying this for centuries. Someday they will be right, but not today and not tomorrow and not soon. Meanwhile those depressed little shits cannot enjoy all that life gives them and when the end does come they will be no better off. In fact, us abundance people will figure out a way to profit from the end.

So if you are always a victim, ask yourself why and cut it out. And unless you have some terrible disability or you live in a place like Cuba, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, or - God forbid - North Korea, life is good. Start living.

My father's last words were, "I can't complain." He fell to the floor and when asked if he was okay that is what he said. He had the right idea.

Posted by Christine & John at May 17, 2013 5:48 PM
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Thanks for the post C/J…I agree wholeheartedly.

This nation is truly blessed with people who believe as you do and make positive things happen for their own benefit.

We are blessed also with great navigable rivers, thousands of fishable lakes, moderate climate, rich soils, millions of acres of trees, oceans on both sides, friendly nations on both our North and South borders, an abundance of minerals and fossil fuels, and a Constitution that is the envy of every free nation in the world.

When I hear the words of the “scarcity” people I just feel sorry for them. That just can’t recognize all the opportunity that is found right in their own back yard at their very fingertips.

Posted by: Royal Flush at May 17, 2013 6:44 PM
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