I still believe that Romney would have been a better president and I am not happy about this. But I am content that American institutions are strong and President Obama has won based on the rules going in. Congratulations to all Obama supporters.

Barack Obama is again my president. I hope he does better in the next four years than he did the last. He will not be able to blame his predecessor this time.

Posted by Christine & John at November 6, 2012 11:14 PM
Comment #356688

Thank you. Let’s hope we can come together, and do the people’s business.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at November 6, 2012 11:25 PM
Comment #356691

I agree I hope he does a better job this next 4 years. The reps still have the house so he is going to have to learn how to work together.

Posted by: KAP at November 6, 2012 11:40 PM
Comment #356692

Thank you for being gracious.

Posted by: phx8 at November 6, 2012 11:47 PM
Comment #356695

The sun will come up tomorrow. I love you, Tomorrow. You’re only a day away.

Posted by: John Johnson at November 7, 2012 12:36 AM
Comment #356705

There is a Website that I like to watch from time to time, and I wish he would not use bad language in some of those Videos, because there is no need for that type of language to express what he wants to say.

First of all; it is not me, and his bad language takes away from his message, and perhaps children or anyone else that can be called Non Feral might happened to stumble upon his Videos.

The YouTube Site is called isayitlikeitis1 , and there are many good Videos like the ones on the front page of that Website.

Posted by: Election at November 7, 2012 2:46 AM
Comment #356706

I appreciate your thoughts but watch Fox News and listen to the right wing talk shows tomorrow. They will not give any concessions… watch the house republicans. In my opinion no president has endured the amount of disrespect Barack Obama got right from the start of his very first term and I suspect it will not end tomorrow.

Posted by: muirgeo at November 7, 2012 3:20 AM
Comment #356707


Obama cannot be reelected and he has no successor, i.e. we cannot imagine Biden. That means that Republicans have no incentive not to work with Obama and Obama has not much incentive not to work with them.

Ideas about what to do will remain different. These are legitimate differences. We cannot expect all these to disappear.

But I do see the possibility of at least a change in tone. I believe it is more up to Obama. He cannot merely claim to reach out; he will need to work with Republicans.

This was a close election. Obama won by a smaller margin than he did in 2008, which shows the need for moderation.

Posted by: C&J at November 7, 2012 4:37 AM
Comment #356709

So Obama won but yet he’s still the one that has to reach out. Once again republicans can’t admit defeat. Look how long it it took Mitt to concede. This is why you lost. Stupid taxes pledges and generally being stubborn. Liberals control 2 thirds of government yet someone Obama is the one that hae to compromise. What a joke.

Posted by: Paul at November 7, 2012 6:54 AM
Comment #356711

Of course Obama will reach out, he is not small despite claims to the contrary. This time it may not be as difficult to make progress - we can thank the fiscal cliff for that.

Posted by: Schwamp at November 7, 2012 7:32 AM
Comment #356712


“He cannot merely claim to reach out;…”

And we can only hope that he doesn’t pull back a bloody stump.

“…he will need to work with Republicans.”

And they will actually need to work with him. The race for 2016 doesn’t start now. This country has some serious problems, and it needs some serious people to help solve them.
McConnell needs to pull his head out of his ass, though from his comments this morning, it seems he has no interest in actually doing so.
Reid has reached accross the aisle. We’ll all see what happens.


Posted by: Rocky Marks at November 7, 2012 7:48 AM
Comment #356715

Looks like a mandate to me. West out Grayson in. Walsh out, Baldwin in, Brown out, Warren in, Akin out, McCaskill in, Mourdock out, Love out,… Time for the Tea Party and the repubs to come back to reality, apologize for holding the country hostage go to Obama and work with him.

Posted by: j2t2 at November 7, 2012 8:34 AM
Comment #356716

Allen West. HA! I can’t stand that guy. Huge defeat for the right on that one. Bachmannn almost lost but she pulled ahead at the end.

Posted by: Adam Ducker at November 7, 2012 9:10 AM
Comment #356718

Time to see the light, Republicans.

Obama forced leftist policy onto America, and was re-elected.
Obama ran a leftist administration full of lies, propaganda and corruption, and was re-elected.
Obama ran a leftist administration that used race and money to intentionally divide the people, and was re-elected.
Obama chose to represent only those who agree with him and made it clear that the rest of us can eff off, and was re-elected.

Obama’s re-election proves without a doubt that leftists now outnumber Americans in this country. It proves that huge government, not the Constitution, is our future.
And since leftists believe 51% is a mandate, there is no reason to believe that Obama will magically change and start representing ALL of us.
LOL! Just wait until Obama gets to put 2, possibly 3 more extreme leftists on the Supreme Court. USSA! USSA! USSA!

So get ready Republicans, your Party is going to change.
The new normal, the new “center,” now requires Republicans to move even further left if they wish to continue. The extreme leftists are now the new Democratic Party and Republicans will replace the old Democratic Party.
If I were you, I would prepare now.

And to all you Dems, I know I agreed with you on Obama winning and all, but I still would like to say congratulations on your victory.

Posted by: kctim at November 7, 2012 9:32 AM
Comment #356719
I believe it is more up to Obama. He cannot merely claim to reach out; he will need to work with Republicans.

Believing doesn’t make it true, C&J. The fact is Obama reached out the first go around. The repubs/conservatives stonewalled as they attempted to fool the American public into believing Obama wasn’t up to the job. This as we see today failed. It is time for the repubs to put Country over party and denounce their leadership that sabotaged the country the past 4 years. It is time for repubs/conservatives to put their failed ideology aside. Patriotic Americans have sent a strong message to the tea baggers and other obstructionist, stop it!

Posted by: j2t2 at November 7, 2012 9:33 AM
Comment #356722
The new normal, the new “center,” now requires Republicans to move even further left

do you really think the republican party has been moving to the left? I hadn’t heard that idea floated.

Regarding your Obama rant: Go ahead and vent it all out today. Try to take a fresh look starting tomorrow.

Posted by: Schwamp at November 7, 2012 10:07 AM
Comment #356725

I think that the problem that Romney and Republicans had in this campaign was the failure to provide any reasonable and acceptable alternatives to the policies of Obama and the Democrats.

They ran against Obama but without an articulated alternative. Vague re-hashing of boilerplate GOP policies, i.e., tax cuts, de-regulation, etc. Romney’s repeated refusals to provide any specifics and to fill in obvious gaps in his tax and economic plans was seemingly a death wish. Romney’s entire campaign amounted to a plea to trust him, he was smarter than Obama. Well, if he was so smart, why wouldn’t he provide any specifics? People are reluctant to buy a pig in a poke.

If there is to be any cooperative effort between the parties, the GOP needs to present some actual solutions to our problems not to simply oppose any and all Democratic proposals. If conservatives don’t like Obamacare, then how about proposing a responsible alternative?

Conservatives have wasted four years devoting their entire effort at crafting political arguments against Obama and employing legislative blocking tactics. That’s part of the game, of course. However, they are coming up empty on any alternatives. The Ryan budget plan was DOA. Its time that conservative moderates take control of the GOP and devout some time to conservative policy development. Its simply not enough to criticize the other guy. You ultimately have to present a more attractive alternative. Only then, will there be meaningful compromise.

Posted by: Rich at November 7, 2012 10:20 AM
Comment #356727


Republicans will always continue to move left if that is where the votes are. Of course they will continue to bicker over little things like gay-marriage and abortion, but when it comes to important things like taxes, the 2nd Amendment, social security, health care etc…, they always bow down to larger government.

And I wasn’t ranting at all. I fully expected Obama to be re-elected and stated that many many times.
The fact of the matter is, Obama did all of the things I mentioned and was still re-elected. That means more people now officially agree with his leftist views for the future of this country, and they are going to get what they wish for.
I have been looking at and preparing for this for years so I seriously doubt that “starting tomorrow” I’m going to all of a sudden be hypnotized into thinking all is going to be a-ok.

Posted by: kctim at November 7, 2012 10:32 AM
Comment #356728

Well said, C&J. This election was not an endorsement of liberal ideology any more than 2010 was a Tea Party endorsement. I wish it was but that’s not how this country is. We are a patchwork of liberals, conservatives, and moderates and when we make policy that leaves any of these groups out of the equation we don’t get good policy for all. We’ve got some serious issues coming around the corner and if Obama can’t work with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell then we won’t be really solving problems. I am a big fan of divided government. It never seems to go well when one side holds all the keys. This is not time to gloat and act like Terrell Owens in the end zone spiking the football. Our problems are serious and they need both sides to be constructively engaged, it makes me mad when someone wins an election and thinks that it is now a mandate for their ideology, it never is to the extent politicians think.

The GOP is facing some serious issues as a viable party. I don’t think Romney would have been a disastrous president other than the impending departure of a couple liberal justices on the SCOTUS. He governed as a moderate when he was in power he just got caught in a clown show in the primary that pushed him to claim to be a lot further right than he probably really is. That made his move back towards the middle seem disingenuous or made him look like he would say anything to anybody to get their vote. He was not really tested in his primary and that hurt him in the general. The extreme fringe of the GOP got rebuked with Akin, Mourdock, Walsh, and probably West losing. Hopefully the next round of primaries will see some more moderate candidates. The GOP also cannot survive as a party losing the Hispanic vote 75-25. They need a message that appeals to this growing population. We need an immigration policy that is fair and bipartisan. That will help. We need two strong, viable parties in this country . I don’t trust the Dems to be responsible with all three branches anymore than the GOP. Nothing good ever comes from that.

Posted by: tcsned at November 7, 2012 10:46 AM
Comment #356732

Based on the state by state results, it looks to me like Romney’s support was based on religion and coal. I don’t think anyone is going to get elected nationally with such a narrow base. The outcome was as predicted much earlier in the year. It was BHO’s election to win or lose. No surprises happened except for a really big storm which probably ended up helping the incumbent.

Posted by: ohrealy at November 7, 2012 11:10 AM
Comment #356751

Go ahead and gloat people, but just remember one thing….nothing has changed. The same guy is president. The Dem’s control the Senate and Repubs the House. Vote wise, the country is split in half. If both sides don’t move toward the other, nothing will change. If O doesn’t make all negotiations in issues fully transparent, like he promised four years ago, nothing will change.

Posted by: John Johnson at November 7, 2012 1:23 PM
Comment #356758

Congratulations to the Left. I disagree completely about the reason the Republicans lost, President and Senate. We offered up a watered-down conservative, likable moderate. That kind of milquetoast candidate does not galvanize a movement. Obama with his radical agenda galvanized HIS base, but Mitt Romney was unable to do so because of his positions and record.

I am a glass is half full guy and I’m excited about the future. While most of America is concerned with entitlements and social issues, either for or against, Mitt Romney would have prolonged the death of the dollar by many, many years with tax policies that would have masked the problem by encouraging a glut of investment by wealthy people and corporations. Obama, Taxmageddon, and his spending will implode the dollar much, MUCH sooner, which means we might be coming out the other side of that catastrophe before my girls are out of the house and on their own.

I am super bummed about the Supreme Court Justices, but I think there is a good chance that all these institutions will crumble when the dollar crisis finally hits. The entitlements will certainly dry up the moment American debt explosion is properly understood by foreign governments who have already begun to abandon the petrodollar.

But I am super glad I live in a state that could largely stand on its own two feet when illusion that is the US economy collapses. God help you if you live in a big city…

Time to downsize my business, hunker down for a few years and ride this out.

Posted by: Yukon Jake at November 7, 2012 1:45 PM
Comment #356759

Personally I think the message is clear that America wants congress to function. When you put this election into the proper context it should have been a walk in the park for the right. The reality that it was not a walk in the park and was indeed a decisive loss exponentially grows the significance of that message. The message is that we all recognize who deliberately and intentionally provided obstructions to the governing process for the sole purpose of presenting an image of a president that was unable to lead. Combine that with a new extreme right conservatism that offended and attacked social groups and actions of all stripes and you have the recipe for an election disaster in the making.

Steven Daugherty said in a post a short while ago that the dynamics of the electorate was changing and that the right had failed to recognize or to take it seriously. He also said that the right would be dooming themselves to a generation of failure should they not choose to accept the notion that they must work for all Americans. Meaning that people regardless of their ethnicity, age wealth or political leanings carry equal value in the process and demand equal representation. Steven. I know that I did not quote you verbatim. What you said was done in a much better fashion and was IMO spot on. The result of this election bears that out.

Posted by: Ricil at November 7, 2012 2:00 PM
Comment #356767

It appears that we will still have “hope” and no foreseeable “change” in national governance. The left attributes their victory to liberalism and good leadership over the past four years in the senate and by the White House. obama won by promising more of the same. Women will still have their contraceptives and Mr. Daugherty won’t lose his feared $30 per month in extra taxes. I am sure they are celebrating this huge victory.

The house remains in the hands of Republicans who also promised voters to obstruct liberalism. Unfortunately for obama and the liberals they won’t have total control of government their first two years this time as they did after the 2008 election. They will have to find compromise to get anything meaningful done.

It is now time to stop blaming anyone else for where the country is now and where it goes in the next four years. Full credit or blame on what happens next now rests upon the shoulders of the left. It is up to obama to find a way to deal with the house if he wishes to leave a positive legacy. He can leave office whining about obstructionism or he can leave with having helped resolved our problems by dealing with reality and finding ways to compromise.

The country will survive and despite the left will prosper and grow. Even the left can’t hold us back.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 7, 2012 2:49 PM
Comment #356772

I agree, our country will survive, but what we have failed to do (as conservatives) is realize that our business and hard-working success is funding the very government that buys votes through social handouts. The only way we can fundamentally change things back to sanity is to stop spending our money and hunker down. I can survive comfortably by downsizing my company, making much less, and spending almost nothing. If the conservative movement would stop trying to sell social conservatism, and start forcing fiscal conservatism through abstinent spending, then the left would not be able to continue buying votes with the dollars confiscated from the producers of society.

You will never teach generation Y that hard work is more important than hand outs, so I say we change tactics and stop funding it.

Posted by: Yukon Jake at November 7, 2012 3:09 PM
Comment #356775

“Even the left can’t hold us back”…… just about sums up the attitude of the obstructive ‘right’ from doing anything and everything possible to obfuscate any kind of progress. Way to go dumshits.

Posted by: jane doe at November 7, 2012 3:25 PM
Comment #356776

muirgeo…..long time, no see. Welcome back.

Posted by: jane doe at November 7, 2012 3:27 PM
Comment #356777

Jane doesn’t understand that those who value individual freedom, hard work, and ethical behavior will not give up to join liberalism and see our country decline. We will continue to earn our living and not succumb to the lure of government handouts. We will continue to pay the taxes that provides the money for liberals to squander.

Despite liberal socialist policies that appeal to many voters now, we will continue to offer an example of individual success based upon conservative values.

Despite the juvenile name-calling I will continue to write in favor of conservative values.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 7, 2012 3:47 PM
Comment #356779

It is difficult to understand the giddiness of the left after an election that left the power in government much the same as it was yesterday. The election allowed them the victory of status quo.

Great expectations have been generated by the liberals among the electorate. All the problems of yesterday continue today. obama did not win on any new ideas or great plans. Yet his liberal base, and about one-half of voters, now expect him to actually walk on water and calm the winds with a wave of his hand.

obama has generated an expectation of change beyond his ability to accomplish without Republican assistance.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 7, 2012 4:07 PM
Comment #356781

We now have the country about evenly split between…

Independence and Freedom


Dependency and Servitude

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 7, 2012 4:16 PM
Comment #356783

RS Sorry you missed the election.

Posted by: Jeff at November 7, 2012 4:21 PM
Comment #356785

First, if you think that Romney lost because he was too milquetoast and not a true conservative you are delusional. He lost because this country’s demographics have changed and are continuing to change. The GOP lost 72% of the non-white vote. That’s 72% of about a quarter of the electorate combine that with a 10 point deficit with women and you are not ever going to win another national election again. Every month 60,000 Hispanic teenagers turn 18. That’s 720000 new voters a year over 4 years that’s a built in 1 million plus vote hole to dig out of. Until the GOP finds a message that can appeal to someone other than white males then they will be a regional party at best. That is bad for the country. I don’t trust the presidency, house, and senate in the Dems hands any more than the GOP. If Romney had a problem it was that he had to sy so many extreme, insane things to get the yahoos to vote for him in the primary that he couldn’t effectively reel it back.

We need two viable parties in this country. Tea Party stubbornness is going to kill that. To quote Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changin’”

Posted by: tcsned at November 7, 2012 4:33 PM
Comment #356787

When the dems achieve a vote-proof majority what will they do next? When votes are dependent upon more government spending, and the numbers of taxpayers reduce, along with tax revenue, at what point does it become impossible to keep meeting ever greater demands?

It is assumed that dems keep winning by pandering ever more to their constituencies demands for more “stuff”. How do dems meet those demands when there is no money left to pay for the “stuff”.

If one thinks this through there is only one answer. A tyrannical government strong enough to demand allegiance by force…not “stuff”.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 7, 2012 4:49 PM
Comment #356788

C&J, you wrote yesterday, before the election results were known…”So if Obama wins, I will write a post about the good things we can expect.”

Can we expect to read those “good things” you mentioned any time soon?

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 7, 2012 5:04 PM
Comment #356789

Obama was very effective at pandering to win votes. Unfortunately for the country, there isn’t enough rich people to pay for everyone’s hand outs.

What good is raising taxes on the rich when, at best, it only pays for one month of government spending?

Obama may mark the beginning of irreversible decline.

Hopefully, the Republicans in the House will obstruct liberalism’s march to insolvent social programs and handouts.

Posted by: Joseph at November 7, 2012 6:30 PM
Comment #356790

RF you keep saying that buy it’s a false analogy. If you are saying will we pay more tax’s then yes but most people are willing to pay more to help the unemployed and build roads and educate kids social security medicare etc. But at least for me the republicans lost me with the religious crap the right keeps pushing.

Posted by: Jeff at November 7, 2012 6:35 PM
Comment #356791

You are right, the times are changing. We will never go back to being a country founded on the notion of hard work and self-reliance. That age, and its wisdom, has flown like the wind. We now raise, and indoctrinate, youth that think the world owes them a living, and they will blindly vote for whichever candidate promises the most gifts. Fortunately, now that we are demonstrably over that tipping point, the race to the bottom will most certainly accelerate.

Royal makes a salient point, promising the most stuff in order to win leads down a clearly marked road to hell utopia.

Might I recommend to you leftist believers a large investment in US government treasuries. They are nice and secure. Trust me. You’re in good hands.

Posted by: Yukon jake at November 7, 2012 7:25 PM
Comment #356792
It is assumed that dems keep winning by pandering ever more to their constituencies demands for more “stuff”.

Royal exactly what “stuff” do you assume the dems promised? I don’t recall any outlandish promises from Obama or any other dems,I do recall a 20% tax cut for the rich promised by Romney however. If you keep assuming these things I would suggest you turn off the conservative media that makes these claims. What does it take with you guys and the conservative media that have proved so wrong on this election? Is their anything they tell you that you don’t fall for, anything?

Posted by: j2t2 at November 7, 2012 7:34 PM
Comment #356793

That whole “they want free stuff” thing cracks me up. Can you point to a single bit of “free stuff” Obama promised to Hispanics in this election? Romney was the guy who could pander to diametrically opposed crowds on a dime. The funny thing is that because the GOP has been so openly hostile to non-white Americans that the Dems don’t have to promise them anything but a fair shake. The Dems aren’t the ones opposed to the Dream Act. The Dems weren’t the ones trying to engage in voter suppression. I don’t if these hostile actions went unnoticed. George W. Bush won 40% of the Hispanic vote. Romney barely got 25%. The GOP needs to find a way to attract non-old white guys to their party or they’ll go the way of the Whig party.

Posted by: tcsned at November 7, 2012 8:06 PM
Comment #356795

Talk about promising “free stuff” to the electorate. How about promising a 20% tax cut for everyone! Oh yeah, it will be paid for by closing some undisclosed “loopholes” employed by the rich. Remind me, who was pandering?

Posted by: Rich at November 7, 2012 10:21 PM
Comment #356796

tcsned, ironic that the rep’s lost by failing to carry the latino voters. Voters that Regan put in place in 84’.

Latino’s don’t see Obama as a panacea, just that he is seen as the lesser of two evils, IMO.

I suggest that both parties will push ‘amnesty’ in 2016 - - feeding into yukon jakes byline.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at November 7, 2012 10:34 PM
Comment #356797


Republicans have gone out of their way to insult Latino voters. It is not just that Obama is seen as a “lesser of two evils.” What would you think if a presidential candidate seriously suggested that you should self-deport to solve our immigration problem. Its almost comical if it weren’t true.

Posted by: Rich at November 7, 2012 11:04 PM
Comment #356798

Come to think of it, the GOP has demonstrated a flair for insulting major voting blocks. As one pundit put it, “the Republicans went to war against women and the women won.”

Posted by: Rich at November 7, 2012 11:08 PM
Comment #356802

I’d say, stop complaining about how this country is over. The country has survived years of every party, and thrived in times when it had more liberal men than Obama in charge.

Besides, we’ve just been saved from an ongoing fiscal disaster by Romney’s defeat. He was never going to be able to actually reduce the deficit with his policies.

This is America. It’s not the end of the world when your party loses. You think I said it was the end of the world in 2010, 2004, 2002, or 2000?

Hell, I decided to be a Democrat just in time to get hit with their 1994 defeat.

The same people whose media and assessments about this election let you get blindsided by Obama’s success, are the same folks who have told you that Democrats would destroy this country. Would it be that large a leap to take to consider that maybe if they were wrong about the shape of the electorate, that they’re wrong about what would happen if we won?

There’s no reason for Democrats to let the economy go to hell, for the simple, common sense reason that we would get blamed for it. Same thing on failures of defense, and of law and order.

There’s a difference between what folks say on talk radio, trying to scare up ratings by scaring you, and reality.

Yukon Jake-
Do you know how low the yields are on treasuries, even post downgrade? Folks trust us. The real problem comes when we recover. I agree that the QE that the Feds done, and the loans they made to the banks will cause trouble in the future. I imagine pretty steep interests rates at some point. But a lot of this paranoia about the dollar and everything is unfounded. It’s just a question of getting data-driven analysts in charge of our economy and fiscal situation, not simply a bunch of ideological true believers who have never balanced a budget in the last thirty years.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at November 8, 2012 7:44 AM
Comment #356803

Rule of law governed the elections. However, with Congressional approval in the teens, and over 90% of Congressional incumbents reelected, our system remains broken, and who is president is not nearly as important to our future as a dysfunctional Congress. The president enforces law, the Congress passes them. There will be few solutions to our nations greatest challenges coming out of this Congress.

Posted by: VOID at November 8, 2012 8:06 AM
Comment #356805

Prediction for the “fiscal cliff” (MHO only, of course).

The GOP-lead house really doesn’t have much leverage. Democrat-lead Senate will not meet House’s demands to have revenue = economic growth. No deal will be made, the Democrats will pocket the tax hikes and defense cuts in the sequester, and let the Republicans take the fall for the recession. All will be forgotten in 2 years for the next Congressional elections.

Posted by: Mike in Tampa at November 8, 2012 8:41 AM
Comment #356806

Of course the country isn’t “over.” But it has definetely changed.
We have been ruled by far-left politics and policy for the last four years and Tuesday night, the majority of people said they want more.
Just as Obama promised, the country has been fundamentally changed.

Hardcore leftists like Grayson and Warren are the new Democratic Party and if Republicans wish to exist, they will have to move even further left and replace the old Democratic Party.

The people have chosen the collective over the individual, and people might as well stop dreaming, stop hoping and stop pretending that that will ever change.

Posted by: kctim at November 8, 2012 9:51 AM
Comment #356808

“Hardcore leftists like … Warren are the new Democratic Party.”


Come on, Warren is a hard core leftist for advancing consumer protection and advocating a return of Glass-Steagall? She may not be Wall Street’s darling, but that doesn’t qualify her as some wacky extremist. Considering the problems that Wall Street caused this country in recent years, it is about time for some plain spoken advocacy of simple and direct regulatory control.

Posted by: Rich at November 8, 2012 10:22 AM
Comment #356809

Have you, or anybody else considered that policies on my side of the aisle got labelled “far left”, so Republicans and conservatives would be too afraid to concede their side’s policies screwed up, and should be abandoned for something more moderate, or at least factually well founded?

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at November 8, 2012 10:39 AM
Comment #356812

Rich…your observations are just plain wrong. A few bonehead TP backed Repubs made stupid comments about women, and Romney made a stupid comment about immigration…..but you are painting with way too broad a brush.

The first thing Obama promised when campaigning in 2008 was immigration reform… then his party leaders told him that would hack off Latinos so back off and let the TP Repubs scream about it. He did. When AZ’s situation was getting out of control and they opted to do something about it, O told them to back off, it was their responsibility. They still did nothing.

On the other hand, Repub businesses need the cheap labor and they actually like the status quo, so they were telling the guys at the top to back off. All we got was lip service from both sides.

The middle income taxpayers are the ones raising a stink. They see the freebies doled out at schools, hospitals, etc. and don’t like it. Texans don’t like the 60,000 new babies birthed by illegal mothers each year in their state. The argument is that they do contribute to the system through payroll taxes, gas taxes, etc. but we all know that this is a fraction of what it costs, for instance, to just educate one child in our public schools for one year, much less the free food supplied.

Alabama passed stringent reforms and found that they were too oppressive. They hurt everyone…especially the small businesses, and seeing young kids yanked from schools who had grown close to their own kids, hurt hearts.

This situation needs remedying. Both sides need to work together to decide how.

Posted by: John Johnson at November 8, 2012 11:22 AM
Comment #356814


Warren is a hardcore leftist because she supports hard left policy.
You guys spun Obama’s “you didn’t build that” belief, but there is no way you can spin hers. According to her, we owe ALL of our success to government and government deserves to take a big “hunk” of that success.
She is rabidly pro-abortion and believes that should be a litmus test of being able to serve on the supreme court.
She does not merely advocate consumer protection, she advocates very harsh government regulation.
She believes certain groups deserve special treatment.
Anti 2nd Amendment.
Pro ACA.

She is a hardcore leftist.


Policies are labeled far left because they are based on more government intrusion and control. Not by people like Rush or Maddow.

I would love to hear of far-left policy that you believe should be labeled moderate, though.

Posted by: kctim at November 8, 2012 2:02 PM
Comment #356820

It’s just a question of getting data-driven analysts in charge of our economy and fiscal situation, not simply a bunch of ideological true believers who have never balanced a budget in the last thirty years.
Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at November 8, 2012 7:44 AM

You dare talk about a balanced budget when your people can’t even pass a budget. What kind of clown are you? You’re not dumb so you must be kidding.

As for the “free” stuff…I don’t doubt that liberals can’t identify any as for them, free “stuff” are “rights”.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 8, 2012 3:37 PM
Comment #356822
As for the “free” stuff…I don’t doubt that liberals can’t identify any as for them, free “stuff” are “rights”.

Neither, it seems, can you Royal. Hence the blathering instead of backing up your claims with actual facts. Once again what free stuff was promised in order to get votes or are we now willing to put this conservative myth on the junk pile with all the other conservative myths?

Posted by: j2t2 at November 8, 2012 3:49 PM
Comment #356825

“Free” Stuff

Food, clothing, medical care, housing, education, unemployment benefits, social security, unearned income tax refunds, and more…whether citizen or not.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 8, 2012 4:06 PM
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C & J
Thank you for your kind words about the election. However, having reading most of the above comments, it would appear that many of those writing yesterday and today are still in the take ‘no prisoners’ mentality, and frankly that attitude worries me. Unless we ALL are seriously willing to work together the election Tuesday night will be meaningless. For both sides.

I am tired of the “We’ll TRY” way of thinking. One accomplishes nothing if one only ‘TRIES’!

I can ‘try’ to stand up all day, but until I actually ‘DO’ stand up, I will have succeeded at nothing.

Posted by: Highlandangel1 at November 8, 2012 4:13 PM
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“Free” Stuff

Contraceptives, abortions, child care, elder care, eye glasses, dental care, transportation, pharmaceuticals, wheelchairs, canes, hearing aids, diapers, and more.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 8, 2012 4:18 PM
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kctm…I like Warren. I know she is liberal but hadn’t picked up indication that she is off the chart left. Wall Street / Big Banks need tough regulating. So does electricity, water, and insurane. We need to place a tax on carbon fuels being exported. I’m all for the capitalistic system, but anti-trust laws are not being enforced. The bigs have bought up the small independents and divided up the pie. There is no real competition. And as I’ve stated before, Bart Chilton, O’s Wall Street overseer, hedging on crude by those never taking possession, add up to $14 to a tank of gas. A hundred years ago the same things were happening. Teddy Roosevelt and his Square Deal but an end to it. It needs to happen again.

Posted by: John Johnson at November 8, 2012 5:04 PM
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I need to go into the tinfoil business. Lots of conservatives here still clinging to life in the bubble. Reality is a stranger to some here. Everyone not in their camp is ‘far left’.

Look, I’m left of center and Obama is too moderate for me. Just because you are standing way over to the right doesn’t make everyone to the left of you a ‘leftist’.

Foil hat anyone? Keeps those crazy commie leftist signals from infiltrating your brain! Price won’t get any cheaper since the capitalist hating Obama is in charge!

Posted by: LibRick at November 8, 2012 7:16 PM
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Royal nice try but the question was and still is what free stuff did dems promise to win votes? You told us ” It is assumed that dems keep winning by pandering ever more to their constituencies demands for more “stuff””. So either Obama was pandering or he wasn’t. You were lying or you weren’t. Come on man prove it or apologize for spreading lies about our president on the day after the elections. It is just so contrary to what you told us recently.

You do remember Royal, it was just a few short days ago when you told us “….. Rank was always respected while the person wearing the rank might not have been. For law and order to prevail it must be this way in our Democratic Republic. I intend to treat any president, as commander-in-chief, the same way.”

So is it alright to make such unproven accusations against your CIC or was this just more misinformation half truths and outright lies by conservatives?

Posted by: j2t2 at November 9, 2012 12:50 AM
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John J.

Agreement on one or two things does not excuse total disregard for rights. And if people actually looked at what she stands for, rather than just accepting what they are told she stands for, they would see that she is a leftist.

Government is the only entity with the power to take away our rights. The bigger it gets, the more power it has. The more power it has, the more corrupt it becomes.
“The bigs” are not our problem, and anybody “fighting” to control or replace them with government is not on the side of we the people.

Posted by: kctim at November 9, 2012 9:50 AM
Comment #356854

j2t2 writes; “Royal nice try but the question was and still is what free stuff did dems promise to win votes?

Let’s see…I named more than a dozen examples of free “stuff” that dems promised to continue or increase. What more do you want?

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 9, 2012 2:11 PM
Comment #356855

Let me be a little more clear Royal, what candidate promised these dozen items you mentioned to garner votes? I heard we need to tighten our belts from Obama but if you heard him telling people he will give them something, pray tell, link to it. Otherwise I get the impression it is just Royal mimicking the talk radio conservatives and spreading another conservative myth.

Posted by: j2t2 at November 9, 2012 2:33 PM
Comment #356856
Food, clothing, medical care, housing, education, unemployment benefits, social security, unearned income tax refunds, and more…whether citizen or not.

Contraceptives, abortions, child care, elder care, eye glasses, dental care, transportation, pharmaceuticals, wheelchairs, canes, hearing aids, diapers, and more.

Royal, most of these items are not free at all. Medicare, and SS as well as unemployment are paid for by those receiving the benefits. Seems to me most of these items you mentioned fall under one of these.

Education? Seems both sides mentioned Pell grants.

Contraceptives and abortions are part of insurance plans which as we know are not free.

Unearned income tax refunds? I don’t know of any mention of that as a promise from a candidate.

Welfare isn’t free either it is Workfare now, blame your rich conservative friends who ship jobs overseas instead of investing here. Wages have fallen, the economy has crashed and jobs are scarce. Ask yourself what the HOR has done the past 4 years to fix it, other than to obstruct progress.

Posted by: j2t2 at November 9, 2012 3:12 PM
Comment #356858

j2t2 writes; “Royal, most of these items are not free at all. Medicare, and SS as well as unemployment are paid for by those receiving the benefits.”

Really…what a laugh. If your silly notion was true they would not be in the red. Why in the world would any politician talk about fixing something that paid for itself?

“Contraceptives and abortions are part of insurance plans which as we know are not free.”

Come on now…get real. Do you suppose the only women who receive these benefits have insurance? For those without insurance these things just fall from the sky?

“Unearned income tax refunds? I don’t know of any mention of that as a promise from a candidate.”

Put your ears on please.

“Welfare isn’t free either it is Workfare now…”

Good Grief, it isn’t welfare if one works for it.

Any time one receives benefits from government in excess of what they paid for those benefits, all or part of it is free to them. Someone else merely pays the bill. This applies to corporate welfare as well.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 9, 2012 4:51 PM
Comment #356918
Put your ears on please.

So vague generalities once again Royal. What promises were made by Obama to back up your claim of “” It is assumed that dems keep winning by pandering ever more to their constituencies demands for more “stuff””.”

What new stuff did they promise?

Posted by: j2t2 at November 10, 2012 10:41 PM
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