Democrats Love to Segregate Policy

The House has approved the GOP revision to the expired Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The bill is the latest subject to suffer from the partisan rivalry of the election year. However, the bill was padded 222-205 votes, with mostly Democrats opposing the bill because it excluded gay rights and immigration elements.

Rightly so, Republicans logically excluded these features of the bill because they divisive and unnecessary to a simple bill created to consolidate grant programs for supporting local law enforcement and social services help female victims of domestic and sexual violence. The bill protects women regardless of sexuality, so there's no need to specify.

Democrats really need to stop with the micro-details of bills because it will cost a fortune to pass that many bills, and for a party that strives for so-called equality, they're really trying hard to single out minority groups in these bills. They're up in arms because the GOP didn't include language barring discrimination regards to sexual orientation or expanding the bill to offer visas to illegal immigrants in exchange for assistance in the prosecution of the abusers. Seriously?

Democrats are just trying to slip illegal immigration into anything they can. That's a joke. Offering a helluva reward to illegal immigrants who will report, charge and help prosecute their alleged abusers. That's a sad attempt to get women to press charges, when so many American women are afraid to report their abusers. So what do Democrats propose we offer the abused American women who already live here? And how many illegal immigrants would make false reports of domestic abuse just to get a visa? That's opening an immigration floodgate.

Republicans aren't getting out the microscope to protect women from violent situations. It doesn't matter if a woman is gay or an illegal immigrant, a woman is a woman and if abused this act will protect all women. Realistically, it amazes me to even have a bill protecting specifically women, because any person should be protected from violent acts. That's okay; Democrats will enjoy writing a bill and wasting our money for every single group, race, and ethnicity that way everyone is protected.

Posted by bigtex at July 24, 2012 7:29 PM
Comment #349270

So….just exactly what point are you trying to make??

Posted by: jane doe at July 26, 2012 1:11 AM
Comment #349273

I thought the point was pretty clear… what part of it are you having trouble with?

If a law, designed to help women, covers all women no matter who they are, do you see a need to add in language and further protections for minorities, sexual orientation, etc?

Can’t we just say ‘women’ and be done with it?

Apparently in a politically charged atmosphere, that is not possible, instead those groups are being used to make an opponent appear to be insensitive to their needs when it has nothing at all to do with them…

Politics as usual in a two party system, keep power by trying to make the other guy look worse… Everyone upset with this type of political chicanery should be making sure the third party candidate is included in the discussion.

Posted by: Rhinehold at July 26, 2012 1:43 AM
Comment #349284

I guess battered illegal aliens will just have to remain with their abusive husbands, and lesbians with abusive partners.


Republicans love to paint things the opposite of the way they are, to defeat measures that people might otherwise like on obvious grounds. They just can’t seem to promote their own policy without lying about ours. Revealing, isn’t it?

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at July 26, 2012 8:31 AM
Comment #349288

How do we know the battered wives are illegal? They cannot be asked if they ar illegal, can they?

This is a political gimmick.

Posted by: Frank at July 26, 2012 9:58 AM
Comment #349289

The provision is to allow them to seek that status, so they can get away from their abusive husbands. If you were in their position, would you consider it a gimmick?

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at July 26, 2012 10:11 AM
Comment #349296

The problem appears to be that Republicans don’t care about ALL of the women living in this country — only SOME of them.

They clearly don’t care that abusive American men or permanent immigrant residents who have immigrant wives can threaten them daily with deportation, or with separating these women from their American-born children. They don’t care that these abusive men will often begin the paperwork to sponsor their wives for a green card — and then threaten to withdraw it if they don’t stay with them and allow the abuse to continue.

Violence against Immigrant victims doesn’t matter to the GOP.

Nor do Republicans seem to care that Native American women endure violent crime at some of the highest rates in the nation. A recent study conducted by the CDC found that 46 percent of Native American women experience rape, physical abuse and violence, and/or stalking and harassment by their partners. And Tribe leaders claim that there are a lot more victims whose stories remain untold and unaddressed because this has gone on for a very long time and women aren’t getting the help they need. And the fact is, non-Indians make up a huge percentage of the overall population living on Indian lands and reservations, and when abusers of Native American women are non-Indian men it can go unpunished indefinitely since the tribes don’t have the power to prosecute non-Indians — even on their own lands.

Violence against Native American victims doesn’t matter to the GOP.

Nor do Republicans seem to care that the rate of domestic violence among LGBT couples is approximately the same as that of straight couples — an estimated 25 to 33 percent of these people are experiencing abuse. They don’t care that gay women in particular constitute the majority of murders that are committed as a result of domestic violence situations in the gay community. And, they don’t care that LGBT victims are less likely to seek out help since 45 percent of them are turned away from domestic violence shelters, and only 7 percent feel they can call upon the police to come to their aid after an episode of domestic violence, according to a study conducted by The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.

Violence against LGBT victims doesn’t matter to the GOP.

Jack wants to claim that “Democrats Love to Segregate Policy” but the true fact of the matter is that the Republican Party feels they have a right to segregate domestic violence victims in America into two enormous camps. Those domestic violence victims who they consider do matter and must be helped, and those domestic violence victims who they consider don’t matter and don’t require any help at all.

Posted by: Adrienne at July 26, 2012 2:04 PM
Comment #349297

Stephen Daugherty continues the “dumbass” statements in the red column:

The provision is to allow them to seek that status, so they can get away from their abusive husbands. If you were in their position, would you consider it a gimmick?”

So we can’t ask an illegal for papers, we can’t stop an illegal from voting, we can’t refuse an illegal from getting free emergency care at a hospital, refuse food stamps and welfare, ask for a drivers license and proof of insurance, but we will be able to ask the them if they are illegal and have an abusive mate? Only in the world of a liberal can such things make sense.

Stephen, in my opinion, illegals should be sent back to Mexico.

Posted by: Frank at July 26, 2012 2:10 PM
Comment #349309

Does not the violence against women act protect all women against violence? What am I missing here?

Posted by: tdobson at July 26, 2012 5:14 PM
Comment #349311

You are missing that by segregating everything down into little groups, the left is able to always label everyone who disagrees with them as “haters.”

You believe ALL women are women, so you hate immigrant women, indian women and lesbian women. You hate women.
Don’t care if women use birth control or not, you just don’t want to pay for it? You are denying them access to birth control because you hate women.
Don’t care if a person is gay but you believe in traditional marriage? You hate gays.
Don’t agree with the black Presidents policies? You are a racist.

It’s nothing but an ugly political tactic. Nobody wants to be somebody who hates, nobody wants to be associated with somebody who hates.

Posted by: kctim at July 26, 2012 5:43 PM
Comment #349313

I guess so kctim. I would like some liberal or progressive to explain it to me though.

Posted by: tdobson at July 26, 2012 5:50 PM
Comment #349317

Perhaps Stephen Daugherty can explain it in one of his “Dumbass” essays.

Posted by: Frank at July 26, 2012 6:21 PM
Comment #349324


Your characterization of Stephen’s comments and posts as “Dumbass” essays is insulting. It has no place on this site. You have a tendency to push the envelope of civility. It is disturbing.

Posted by: Rich at July 26, 2012 7:10 PM
Comment #349332

Rich I’m sorry if I offended your delicate liberal ears. This is the definition of “dumbass”:

a: lacking intelligence : STUPID b: showing a lack of intelligence
c: requiring no intelligence
d: not having the capability to process data

a: sometimes vulgar: a stupid, obstinate, or perverse person —often compounded with a preceding adjective

In this case DUMB-ASS: an unintelligent (not having the capability of processing data) obstinate (perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion) person.

Would you rather I just said “an unintelligent person, incapable of processing data, and adhering to an opinion in spite of reason”?

This is Stephen Daugherty and I would prefer to just say “dumbass”. It’s much easier.

Are you his defender?

Posted by: Frank at July 26, 2012 11:02 PM
Comment #349361
Does not the violence against women act protect all women against violence? What am I missing here?

From what I know, the VAWA’s primary purpose is not to criminalize violence against women (such behavior was criminalized a long time ago), but rather to fund specific law enforcement programs and to implement other policies to make our justice system better with regards to female victims of violence. Recently, some observers have noted that three groups of women were not adequately served by the VAWA (Lesbians, Indigenous Women and Illegal immigrants). So it could be said that the VAWA does not protect those women from violence because there are legal barriers in the current version of the VAWA that prevent them from obtaining the same services and protections that other women enjoy.

Posted by: Warped Reality at July 27, 2012 10:50 AM
Comment #349368

Warped Reality,
From what I have read and understand, ALL women are protected the same within the scope of the act. If you have informatrion to the contrary, please let me know.

Posted by: tdobson at July 27, 2012 11:35 AM
Comment #349374


You have either misunderstood or misread:

Let me begin with LGBTQ women. When a heterosexual women is a victim of domestic violence, she has the option to seek court ordered protection from her abuser. However, 54 percent of survivors were denied orders of protection because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We need to remove those legal barriers that prevent those women from receiving the same protections that their heterosexual peers receive.

Regarding Indigenous Women:

There is a loophole when a non-indigenous person victimizes an indigenous woman: The CRS says:

there is apractical jurisdictional issue when the violence involves a non-Indian perpetrator and an Indian victim. Indian tribes only have criminal jurisdiction over crimes involving Indian perpetrators within their jurisdictions. Most states only have jurisdiction over crimes involving a non-Indian perpetrator and a non-Indian victim within Indian country located in the state. Although the federal government has jurisdiction over non-Indian on Indian crimes in Indian country, offenses such as domestic and dating violence tend to be prosecuted with less frequency than other crimes. This creates a practical jurisdictional problem.
The amended VAWA seeks to resolve this issue by allowing tribal authorities to prosecute non-indigenous persons who have allegedly abused an indigenous woman.

It is also documented that illegal immigrant women are prevented from seeking the services VAWA provides because doing so could result in their deportation. This is more complicated because it also involves the contentious issue of illegal immigration. Currently, a U-Visa is available to immigrant women who are the victims of crimes committed in the US. Nevertheless, many immigrant women are discouraged from reporting domestic abuse to the authorities because they fear deportation. The GOP bill seeks to add further restrictions to the U-Visa that will further reduce the number of immigrant women willing to report crimes.

Posted by: Warped Reality at July 27, 2012 1:10 PM
Comment #349462

We have heard a few more things about the suspect James Holmes, and I used the words heard a few more things, because it would be unwise to use the words learned a few things until they are proven.

It is suggested that James Holmes wrote a notebook, and it could have been an assignment from his University Professors where he has to write how he imagines that he is a terrorist, and that he has to describe the thoughts and processes that go on the in mind of mass murderer, and perhaps someone will use this assignment for a purpose other than what it was meant for.

We know that James Holmes had a Masters Degree in Neuroscience, and had been accepted into a PhD Program, and we know that some Communists and other Leftists like to work at Universities as Professors, and some of them are Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Homosexual, and I hope there are no Pedophiles amongst them.

We know that James Holmes quit the Program, and no reasons were given, which seem very odd, because any sensible student will even lie and make a multitude of excuses for having to quit their studies, because they want to have the Option, even if remote, of returning to their studies in the future, and because they do not want to like it was their fault.

The Media is saying that James Holmes had meetings with prostitutes, and a Dating Site has him describe himself as Heterosexual, but that he was seeking sex with couples, and that means with a man and a woman and him at the same time.

Perhaps he was doing this with some of the Employees at the University, and something happened, and he may have been given that notebook assignment in order to eliminate him.

Perhaps he was drugged and would serve someome’s purpose to Disarm all law Abbidding American People in order to set up a Military Dictatorship in America.

It could be that James Holmes believes in a Hard Left Dictatorship in America, and perhaps he and others like Jared Loughner were promised a Pardon and prominent positions or wealth under a Military Dictatorship in America, if they provided the pretext to Disarm the American People.

We, Most of the People and the Clintons know that the Roman Emperors who were Unelected Dictators kept a Privileged Pretorian Guard to protect them from the Regular Army, and to keep them in power.

I think that even an average judge of Character knows that Hillary Clinton and her part time husband President Clinton are overly greedy for Power, but much more with Hitlery Clinton.

Perhaps the Clintons invented Do not ask, and do not tell, because they wanted a 100 % Sodomite Army or 100 % Sodomite Pretorian Guard, because some people in the Hard Left in America want America to become a Lefist Military Dictatorship.

We have seen how Homosexual American Soldiers were in attendance at a recent Homosexual Parade in San Diego, and they were in their Military Uniforms.

Imagine a scenario, perhaps years in the future, if the American People were Disarmed, and the Confiscated Weapons were given to the Homosexuals, with those American Homosexual Soldiers in Uniform being the new Pretorian Guard Generals that issue Orders to take over America.

Of Course, there would need to be Many Homosexual Parades on the same day all over America.

Perhaps only Sherlock Holmes can solve this, but I think if Sherlock Holmes could say one thing to the American People, then he would say: Vote to Defend Your Inalienable Human Rights, because that is Elementary, my Dear Americans.

Posted by: This at July 28, 2012 5:03 AM
Comment #349463

Warped Reality,

I read the text of the house version of the reauthorization of the violence against women act and I can find nothing in it that eliminates gay women, indian women or illegal alians. Have you read the text of the bill? If so maybe you can point out where the above people are not given the same protections as any other woman.

Posted by: tdobson at July 28, 2012 7:52 AM
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I read the text of the house version of the reauthorization of the violence against women act and I can find nothing in it that eliminates gay women, indian women or illegal alians. Have you read the text of the bill? If so maybe you can point out where the above people are not given the same protections as any other woman.

The error is one of omission rather than one of comission. The House version lacks any provision to help indigenous women, lesbian women or illegal immigrant women.

Posted by: Warped Reality at July 31, 2012 2:50 PM
Comment #349821

Yes, I totally agree that we should not only look at now, but also take future into consideration.

This is how a smart man does. Someone who do not consider future will meet some troubles that maybe obstacles for him.
The same principle goes with the government. Although there maybe some problems, we should act well our own role and make for a brighter future together.

Posted by: vivian at August 1, 2012 10:02 PM
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