US Congress: Shut Off The Money To Pakistan

Stop Supporting US Enemies!

With the US Congress searching so diligently “in the round about” for ways to cut spending, we’d like to suggest the obvious: Stop sending US money to Pakistan. I am tired of US money propping up that rogue nation.

I have thought, for sometime now, that we are fighting terrorism in the wrong country. The US military is in Afghanistan while all the terrorists are in Pakistan!

There is absolutely no way Pakistan will ever convince the outside world (that is the non-Islamic world) that they did not know Bin Laden was living in a mansion some 35 miles from their capital city and roughly a half mile from their national Military College and Training Center. They can pound their chests in mock masculinity, and feigned outrage all they wish. Their ridiculous posturing only reinforces the belief in the west, and in the non-Islamic world, that they are flat-out lying!

The only way Bin Laden could have lived, as he did in Pakistan, is with a huge “support system” within the country of … Pakistan. They KNEW he was there -- and they lied to us about it. That is reason enough for them to forfeit the billions of dollars of American money -- and British money, as well.

It was predictable that the demonstrations all over the Islamic world would begin upon the killing of Bin Laden. He was their HERO! Where else on earth is a mass murder proclaimed as a HERO … so far as I am able to tell, only within the Islamic sphere of influence.

So, out into the streets pour the bedraggled masses of “America haters” burning and desecrating the American flag, drawing more anger from the west upon themselves -- and their religion – “the religion of peace.”

Yes, the attack on Bin Laden was cold-blooded and deliberate. That is what our elite Special Forces do. And, may I note, the same will happen to Gaddafi, in Libya, when the US Special Forces are given HIM as their target.

Look, if you are fool enough, idiotic enough, to strike at America, you had better wrap your mind around the fact that sooner or later, your life will be required of you. When you feel the safest, you will be most the vulnerable to the US military’s elite warriors. That goes for terrorists and for nations. (See World War Two – Japan.)

Look. All the billions we are spending on nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq will have the effect of pouring a teaspoon of salt water into the ocean. It won’t be noticeable once US forces leave. Iraq will almost instantly align itself with Iran out of fear and panic -- and who knows how much cash passed under the table to some fat cat national leaders.

Afghanistan will almost certainly fall right back into the hands of the Taliban or some other wild-eyed, quasi-religious, terrorist organization. Hey, all they want to do is grow and sell … DOPE!

Winning the hearts and minds of a backwards people, still living in the 14th and 15th centuries, is some sort of left-wing babble that actually means, simply: bribing a few of their national leaders to get their approval to build a new school, a new hospital, pave some roads, provide them a power plant for electricity, wells for clean water, etc, etc. And they HATE us for it!

The world, it seems, has forgotten that America can be your best friend – or your worst enemy. I think that is mostly the fault of America’s recent leadership -- especially the leadership from the left. Intent on having the world love America, they have forgotten the advantages of having the world FEAR America.

What the world just witnessed is the awesome power of the US military – when it is allowed to do its job. Unfortunately, we have had too many national leaders, over the past few decades, that have been intent on making the US Military into a branch of the “Peace Corp.” Had they been allowed to ply their trade, as the world’s greatest warriors, those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would have been over in weeks, if not days, with a heck of a lot less killed and wounded American troops.

Back to Pakistan for a moment: If Pakistan is determined to hold onto our downed Blackhawk helo, then they should prepare for another raid aimed at retrieving our property and possibly changing the current Pakistani regime for a government a bit friendlier to America. It’s just a thought. Yeah, that’s all it is.

In the meantime, as the diplomatic wrangling continues, the US Congress should immediately cut off all taxpayer money to Pakistan, forthwith. It is pure bribery. Nothing more. Frankly, it is embarrassing to Americans who are infuriated at a people, a nation, that gave sanctuary to the man who murdered thousands of Americans a decade ago, and who, today, is praised as a hero and a martyr by those who so eagerly produce their oily palms to grasp American dollars with which to line their pockets and fill numbered bank accounts in Europe and the islands of the Caribbean.

The whole thing reminds one of “Ali Babba and the Forty Thieves.” Only THE STORY was fiction.

Posted by J. D. Longstreet at May 6, 2011 3:25 AM
Comment #322885

“Had they been allowed to ply their trade, as the world’s greatest warriors, those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would have been over in weeks, if not days,..”

They were. The conventional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were over in days. The Taliban and Hussein’s forces were defeated almost instantaneously. We could have declared victory and left immediately. Unfortunately, that would have led to a massive power vacuum and civil conflict in those countries. We recognized that those countries could have devolved into greater threats after our victories if we simply left.

It was the occupation that has caused problems. In both cases, it has been the post war guerrilla and civil discord that has taken a toll on our forces. It is an entirely different kind of war calling for different tactics. Brutal suppression isn’t a real option if we ever want to leave those places. The eventually successful strategy in Iraq evolved from the Marines work in Anbar province which entailed a careful nurturing of tribal and political alliances against al-Qaeda. Petraeus has imported those tactics to our efforts in Afghanistan. Hunt and kill the Taliban but build a political infrastructure that will sustain the effort in the long run.

The real issue in these discussions has to do with defining our strategic goals in these conflicts. In both cases, it is clear that our strategic goals went beyond simple defeat of the Taliban or Hussein. We wanted to establish something other than a new Taliban or Hussein replacement. We desired to establish countries that were, if not friendly to the US, at least neutral in supporting anti-American interests. Those are primarily political goals not essentially military goals. Whether they are achievable is debatable. However, it is also clear that they cannot be achieved by simply letting the military “ply their trade.”

Posted by: Rich at May 6, 2011 9:08 AM
Comment #322894

This post engages in some pretty questionable rhetoric about the peoples of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Fact of the matter is, not everybody is stuck in Medieval times. I mean, the humorous tweeting of the circumstances around the raid on Bin Laden’s home demonstrates that. The Arab Spring wouldn’t have happened without the latest telecommunications technology

Some folks have backwards ideas about things. But these people are perfectly capable of living in the Twenty-First Century.

The issue with Pakistan is that it’s a Nuclear Power. If you want Jihadists to take over a Nuclear power, well, to each his own, but for my part, I think that’s a crappy outcome, and unlike some, I don’t believe in getting crappy outcomes just to align things to my ideological views.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at May 6, 2011 12:23 PM
Comment #322899

Winning the hearts and minds of a backwards people, still living in the 14th and 15th centuries, is some sort of left-wing babble

Sorry the right-wing started that crap for Iraq. You know how we shoved democracy down their throat. They love us so much for it, they want us to scram.

Hearts and Minds (Iraq)

I agree wholeheartedly that we need to cut off aid to our “frienemy,” Pakistan.

Posted by: Spinny Liberal at May 6, 2011 1:31 PM
Comment #322921

The Middle-East Muslims I am referring to are the ones who strap explosives on their children, in order to blow up someone else’s children.

Or perhaps someone who believes, if they kill Americans of Jews, then Allah will have 72 virgins in heaven for them.

Or perhaps a backward people who know nothing but killing and fighting, even among themselves.

Or perhaps masses of Muslims who live by every word of some radical Imam.

Or perhaps SD is referring to their modern 21 century belief of making women subservient to the men.

Or perhaps the civilized method of chopping off noses, ears, tongues, arms, legs or even heads.

Yes, I can see where SD might believe they are an advanced civilization because they can use a cell phone. Why, even teenagers in America can do that and we all know how advanced they are after a government education paid for by the taxpayers…

Posted by: Mike at May 6, 2011 11:21 PM
Comment #322922

By the way, I completely agree with Mr. Longstreet.

Posted by: Mike at May 6, 2011 11:24 PM
Comment #322924

It is like Jon Stewart said, the Pakistani Army could have delivered pizza to Osama on foot.

Stephen, the threat of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Jihadists is a problem, but it is that problem that has made foreign aid to Pakistan ineffectual and why the Bush Administration as well as the Obama Administration has little leverage in getting Pakistan’s cooperation in our war with the terrorists, many of whom have been hiding in Pakistan all along.

IMO, the more the public demands a cut off of aid to Pakistan, the more leverage our government will have with them. They know that we are P.O’d. at them and they don’t want to lose those billions in aid.

If the Pakistanis want to act hard line against us for a short while to appease their moderates that might be tempted by the rhetoric of their extreme right wingers, I can accept that as long as behind the scene, their cooperation is substantially improved.

Posted by: jlw at May 7, 2011 2:32 AM
Comment #322940

“I think that is mostly the fault of America’s recent leadership — especially the leadership from the left. Intent on having the world love America, they have forgotten the advantages of having the world FEAR America.”

Seig Heil Generalissimo. Invade and rule by fear. I appreciate the honest dialogue JD and those that agree with this type of fascist authoritarianism. However I disagree with your methods. Because of the swagger you are feeling over the recent killing of Bin Laden perhaps you have temporarily forgot that fear of America in the middle east is one of the reasons for 9/11. Fear is not the answer. Fear is what the terrorist do to control populations.

Posted by: j2t2 at May 7, 2011 11:49 AM
Comment #323038

j2t2, the conservatives have a matching domestic policy based on fear.

Posted by: jlw at May 10, 2011 12:27 AM
Comment #330333

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