May 07, 2010

You Neanderthal!

Calling somebody a Neanderthal is no longer just a hypothetical insult. Evidently our ancestors interbred with Neanderthals, or maybe put the other way, our ancestors interbred with Homo sapiens sapiens. But now that we know that 1-4% of SOME people’s, but not everybody’s come from the Neanderthal, won’t it become politically incorrect to disparage beetle browed cognitively challenged ice age hunter?

evolutionThe Neanderthals were sorely oppressed by Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS), who evidently were not very inclusive of the Neanderthal. It was unlikely that good looking HSS men dated the stocky, troll-like Neanderthal girls, although some of them may have taken advantage of them sexually.

And why do the HSS think they are so smart anyway? Neanderthals did okay through the tough times of the ice age and as soon as the weather improves here come the HSS, with their fancy flakes spear points and articulate grunting (i.e. actual complex language). Maybe Neanderthals should have been more careful in protecting their southern border.

Trolls & ogres look suspiciously like Neanderthals. Isn’t it likely that they are based on Neanderthal racial stereotypes? Or maybe the Neanderthals were forced to live under bridges and that is how they got to be "trolls". And what about those people who say "don't feed the trolls?" Aren't they really saying, "starve the Neanderthals?" Aren’t the dim-witted but dangerous bad guys in “The 13th Warrior” Neanderthals? In fact, it is hard to think of any common positive media portrayals of Neanderthals.

I am assuming that I have some of those Neanderthal genes. That probably explains why I have not been as successful as I think I should have been. And I am wondering if I should get some kind of restitution or affirmative action as a result of the ancient oppression. In the entire history of the world, not one openly Neanderthal individual has ever been a president, king or even a successful lawyer. Is that mere coincidence? Generations of science books have shown a “progression” of humans from the “lowest” to the “highest”. Neanderthals never get to be on top, despite the fact that Neanderthals had a larger average cranial capacity than modern humans. And what’s up with the German name “Neanderthal?” Neanderthals lived in the Neander valley long before Germans were invented.

The mainstream society has changed its view of Neanderthals but not enough. We should spare no expense to find out what the Neanderthals called themselves, so that we can show them the respect of calling them by that name. After eons of oppression, do they deserve anything less?

Posted by Christine & John at May 7, 2010 09:19 PM
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A woman I knew recommended Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear to me. Who knew it was factual?

I had my usual tragic relationship with this woman. I should’ve used a club and dragged her by the hair.

Maybe we should return to pre-homo sapien boundaries in restitution. You’ve advanced quite a bit there, Jack.


Posted by: gergle at May 7, 2010 10:02 PM
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I always found the use of “Neanderthal” as a synonym for stupidity to be quite ironic as H. neanderthalensis had a larger brain than H. sapiens.

What really did the Neanderthal’s in was the fact that they were too specialized for their environment (ice-age Europe); whereas the H. sapiens had a more adaptable lifestyle. Evolution on the Africa Savannah, which was constantly changing from wet to dry, warm to cold and back again gave H. Sapiens more diverse “toolkit” to use when combating problems.

When the Milanković cycle caused the Earth to warm again, H. neandertalensis was ill-prepared to cope with the warmer climate. One idea is that their larger brain was a big consumer of energy and became a liability when megafauna food sources disappeared in the warming climate.

Posted by: Warped Reality at May 7, 2010 10:35 PM
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Jack supplied one theory, Warped another more modern theory. Both are just theories and neither has a lot of supportive data.

For an intriguing look at a possible high tech Neanderthal civilization read the Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, Hominids, Humans & Hybrids by Robert J. Sawyer.

The bony skulls of the Neanderthals are ideal for hard wiring to the Internet. Throughout their lives, everything the Neanderthals do, say, hear and see is recorded and sent to the Bureau of Alibis and their individual alibis file. The files can only be accessed by court order to determine the guilt or innocence of a Neanderthal suspected of involvement in a crime. Criminal activity is rare.

Sometime in the not to distant future the alibis files may be coming to a town near you.

Posted by: jlw at May 8, 2010 01:59 AM
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Both are just theories and neither has a lot of supportive data.

Actually they are hypotheses not theories. Scientific theories tend to have more overwhelming evidence supporting them and there are a variety of hypothesis out there with various amounts of support.

recorded and sent to the Bureau of Alibis and their individual alibis file.

That’s a pretty intriguing concept. I don’t think it would work in our society; there are too many people willing violate/bend the rules in order to violate another’s privacy. The idea of an anti-Ring of Gyges seems interesting from a philosophical standpoint.

Posted by: Warped Reality at May 8, 2010 10:05 AM
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I didn’t think I had a theory in what I wrote. But if I did have a theory embedded, it would be that things did not have to work out as they did. With a few minor differences, Neanderthals might still be lurking around. The article linked said that Neanderthals were not much different from modern humans than the current differences among modern human populations.

Indeed, maybe Neanderthals would be smarter than modern humans and they would call the shots. Evolution doesn’t always “choose” the best, only the most prolific.

Posted by: C&J at May 8, 2010 11:38 AM
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Speaking of evolution:

I once heard a Baptist preacher tell the story of a sea creature that swam to shore, sprouted legs and climbed on land. Once on land, he began to stand upright and decided to climb a tree. Then he grew a tail and began to swing through the trees. Eventually he swung across the street, entered a modern day university and began to teach. Isn’t evolution amazing? You might say we have Neanderthals teaching in some of our great liberal universities today…

Posted by: Beretta9 at May 8, 2010 12:24 PM
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Isn’t evolution amazing? You might say we have Neanderthals teaching in some of our great liberal universities today…

The creator of this must’ve learned about evolution from a Neanderthal (I don’t think Neanderthal’s were stupid enough to be duped into thinking like that).
Evolution never works within a generation, it works between generations.

Posted by: Warped Reality at May 8, 2010 07:59 PM
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Funny how liberals can explain away some basic facts and concepts. What evolution are you talking about? You will open up a can of worms that are dead and smelly. Even Darwin disowned his theory on the species. There are so many loopholes you wonder if the theory was originated with how swiss cheese is made or where it came from. As the A-Team would say, “I love it when a plan comes together”. For you evolutionists the plan has not nor will it come together.

Posted by: tom humes at May 8, 2010 10:09 PM
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Tom Humes,

Yep, great 19th century arguments there, Tom.

I understand that physics says bees can’t fly either.

It’s really sad when someone doesn’t have a basic grasp of science, and then tries to argue about it.

Perhaps you should reference the Koran, or lay claim to your ancestral grounds. Those are equally valid arguments.

Posted by: gergle at May 9, 2010 12:07 AM
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Thank you. You validated my argument.

Posted by: tom humes at May 9, 2010 01:34 AM
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Gergle, yea, thanks for validating the fact that science is heresy.

Posted by: jlw at May 9, 2010 01:38 PM
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