FYIGMO v FUBAR: Bush Invictus

Democrat David Obey called the $23 billion added to the spending bill table scraps. Some congressional earmarks are valid. Most are a form of legalized corruption. Some do not have the force of law and the President could just ignore them. To do this would take extraordinary courage on the part of President Bush as well as unusual fortitude among managers of Federal agencies, but it would be the right thing to do.

Just say no. Just ignore the earmarks that do not have the force of law. It is perfectly legal. Congress could put them back - with the force of law - but then they would be revealed and voted. Many would not survive long in the sunshine. The big hogs on both sides of the political trough will squeal with pain and indignation when their favored way of feeding big contributors is yanked away. Nobody seeking a future in politics could be so bold. Bush can. President Bush is the equivalent of what the guys in the military call FYIGMO (the second part of which stands for “I got my orders” and there is nothing you can do to me anymore.) Bush is in an even stronger FYIGMO because he has no successor. For the first time since 1952, there is nobody closely associated with the Administration in the race for president.

Congress is FUBAR (the second part of which stands for beyond all recognition.) There is evidently no remedy for this. The Republicans kicked out the Dems in 1994, but after a couple years in power became like them in spending and corruption. The Dems kicked out the Republicans last year. It took them only a few months to revert to form and waste most of their time with meaningless posturing.

Sometimes only a FYIGMO, with nothing to lose, can address FUBAR, which nobody with impunity can assail and prevent it from becoming permanent SNAFU (an older term that still resonates). Maybe it is just a gesture, like the Polish cavalry charging Nazi panzers, but it would be glorious and it would be great to see the congressmen running for cover, sweaty, red-faced and indignant that their insider game was simultaneous revealed and curtailed if only for a few months in the twilight of the Administration.

As the President himself pointed out, "Over 90% of earmarks never make it to the floor of the House and Senate -- they are dropped into committee reports that are not even part of the bill that arrives on my desk. You didn't vote them into law. I didn't sign them into law. . . . The time has come to end this practice."

George Bush is a stubborn man who doesn’t care what other people think or say about him. Now that he is also FYIGMO he is invincible. Maybe he is the one to rain down Ragnarok on a recalcitrant Congress and deliver a final kick in the keister to all those who treated him so poorly. If not him, who? If not now, when? Bush invictus.

Posted by Jack at December 26, 2007 8:11 AM
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I find it a bit hypocritical that all of a sudden because a dem congress is in the majority anti corruptive responsibility wains prominent in the eyes of GW. I guess if nothing else the chuckle it gives me is worth the notion that NOW he is actually concerned about this matter. Perhaps this may be a half hearted attempt at legacy preservation. To be honest I seriously doubt he is fooling anyone.

From a more practical standpoint as a staunch supporter of cleaning up government I have to say that this is one of just a few times that he has my full unwavering support.

Posted by: RickIL at December 26, 2007 10:10 AM
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It doesn’t matter why. I just hope he has the guts to carry it out AND he can convince the bureaucrats to do the same. Congressmen frighten bureaucrats who know that after Bush is gone they will still be around.

I do not expect much to really happen, but something would be better than nothing.

Bush is in an unusual position. He has no possibility of further political office and he does not have to protect a successor. This is the first blank slate election since 1952, 1928 if you count the early primaries. It is a unique opportunity and it would be fun to watch.

Posted by: Jack at December 26, 2007 11:30 AM
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Save your charges of hypocrisy for your own self-examination. As a member of a very blue state, your third largest city in America has a city government that would rival the corruption found in any third world country on the face of this planet. Yet you do nothing but re-elect him. You have a former governor who was just sent to prison and you have a sitting governor that is just days away from being indicted.

You want to be a “staunch supporter of cleaning up government”, start in your own back yard.

Posted by: Beirut Vet at December 26, 2007 11:42 AM
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Beirut Vet

I am well aware of the problems in my state. I do not live in or vote in Chicago. This is a very large state. I made or make no claims of living in a corruption free political region. I have voted both parties in my state during my lifetime in attempts to avoid corruption. My state is a prime example of what happens when conditioning to corruption creates voter complacency. The same has happened at the federal level of government and shows no particular bias to either party. While I am equally concerned about corruption at the state level it is corruption at the federal level which we all as a nation have a say in. As a citizen of this country I have every right to voice my opinion to matters at the federal level.

Posted by: RickIL at December 26, 2007 6:38 PM
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The Dems cut the number or earmarks by %25 and the amount of money for them by %53. That is progress. Many of the current earmarks are for Rep congressmen. When the Reps took control of congress the number of earmarks went from about 5000 to over 15000.With the Dems in the number is shrinking. Still a long way to go.
AS Jack pointed out,some earmarks are beneficial,funding highways etc.Tip O’neal said,”Pork barrel is infrastructure spelled backwards.” Of course it is not likely that coincidentialy more highways located in powerful members districts need and deserve more funding. Furthur reform is clearly needed. The job of congress is to spend money. What is wrong with the earmark system is projects are not vetted or voted upon.
Jacks fantasy about Bush doing anything about earmarks is based of the fallacy that Bush has the best interest of America at heart. He may make much of it for political reasons. Even though he is not running personally ,his puppet masters decidedly are through more than one potential candidate

Posted by: BillS at December 26, 2007 6:52 PM
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Isn’t it nice that Bush is trying to gain votes for his party in an election year. What tremendous courage he is showing.

Where was this tremendous courage seven years ago?

Where was this tremendous courage when the Republican Congress was increasing the number of pork projects to 15,000?

Where was his courage when he handed out billions in pork to the likes of Blackwater, Exxon-Mobile, and Halliburton?

This President has been running the largest pork project in history, the Iraq War.

Nearly all of us would like to see many of these pork give aways stopped but, don’t try to tell us that this President is showing tremendous courage by trying to politicize this issue at this time. Bush has had his chance to be a responsible president, that time has past.

Posted by: jlw at December 27, 2007 11:25 AM
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Bush taunts Dems a second time. Watch them scurry for cover. Yes point to the past. Bush can kick their kiesters in the present and ain’t nothin’ nobody can do about it. This is fun, don’t you think?

We all favor cutting those unvoted earmarks, right?

Posted by: Jack at December 27, 2007 1:18 PM
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Posted by: james p. at December 28, 2007 8:59 AM
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Bush has surpassed all other Presidents in one catagory. The number of convicted felons working in his administration.

Posted by: jlw at December 28, 2007 1:04 PM
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How many convicted felons are currently working in the Administration?

Posted by: Jack at December 29, 2007 2:33 AM
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And the two biggest earmarks went to DRUM ROLL PLEASE……. republicans Sens. Richard Shelby and Mitch McConnell.

Posted by: Jeff at December 29, 2007 10:23 AM
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We need a One-Purpose-Per-BILL amendment to eliminate the tens of thousands of unrelated earmarks that corrupt politicians sneak into a BILL.
But there’s not much hope for that since Congress has chosen to blatantly violate the Constitution and the states’ right to propose amendments.
Yet, watch Do-Nothing Congress reward itself for all of it with its 10th raise in 11 years.

Posted by: d.a.n at December 30, 2007 8:44 PM
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