May 13 Sources: Unusually Fair & Balanced News

Among this week’s sources is an interview with Al Gore. I suppose my critics will still find some way to complain that my lists are biased. They are biased - in favor of interesting sources. My sources are fair & balanced. Check out the list below.

U.S. Society & Politics

A Typology of Technology Users - The advent of Web 2.0 invites users to participate in the commons of cyberspace. Yet little is known about which segments of the population are inclined to make robust use of the new technologies and which aren't.

Blue Skies, High Anxiety - Our air is cleaner than it has been in a century. Why do so many Americans worry that it is dirty and dangerous?

Dick Cheney is Unpopular – But Only Minorities of Adults Share the Views of His Strongest Critics

Fusion Centers - Fusion centers mark an innovative way to share intelligence on potential local terrorist threats.

Have National Guard Deployments in Iraq Damaged States' Disaster Aid? - The tornado that tore apart Greensburg, Kan., dramatized what could happen when a state’s equipment is thousands of miles away in Iraq. But it now seems that Kansas' problems in rushing aid to the disaster scene weren't as acute as the governor first implied.

How the CIA Failed America - George Tenet blames intelligence failures on the White House, but his CIA was found lacking, with dire consequences.

Income Progress across the American Income Distribution, 2000-2005

Learn Your Tech Type - Interactive - Are you an Omnivore? A Mobile Centric? An Indifferent? Find out with our Technology Typology Test.

Public Chows Down on Pet Food Recall - The recall of more than 100 brands of pet food due to possible contamination was the second most closely followed news story last week. Only events in Iraq attracted more public interest.

The Nation Is Divided as to Whether It Is Too Early For Presidential Election

Theory and Methods for Supporting High Level Military Decision-making — A framework for supporting high-level decisionmaking, one that deals explicitly with uncertainty to produce flexible, adaptive, and robust (FAR) strategies, and does so in support of both “rational-analytic” and “intuitive” decisionmakers.

Will Voters Elect a Female President? When evaluating Sen. Hillary Clinton's 2008 prospects, one question remains inescapable: Are American voters ready to pick a female president?


Can Secular Turkey Survive Democracy? - How reformists can stop the Islamists who have chipped away at Turkey's secularism.

China's Anti-Satellite Weapon Test

Closeness to Troops Boosts Support for War – but Not By Much - Those with close contacts to service members in Iraq or Afghanistan tend to be more supportive of the Iraq war but their differences with those who are not closely connected are relatively modest.

France: Waiting for Reform - Sarkozy has won with the promise of change, but genuine reform depends on the will of French citizens

Getting Inside the Terrorist Mind — This research brief summarizes three new RAND monographs: one focuses on terrorists’ defenses against counterterrorist technologies; another details terrorist technology- and knowledge-sharing; a third explores terrorist targeting preferences.

Interim Report on the Surge in Iraq

International Missile Defense: Challenges for Europe - "Third site" installations allow America to extend its own security umbrella and protect its European allies at the same time.

Iraq's Tyranny of the Majority - Iraqi Sunnis are feeling the pinch of what political scientists call “tyranny of the majority.”

Listening and Talking Back: China’s Third Generation Public Diplomats

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Invites Misuse That Harms Co-Workers and Customers

Sarkozy's Election Reflects Europe's Right Turn

Sarkozy's Victory and the Future of U.S.-French Relations - Does Sarkozy have the drive, determination, and leadership to transform the U.S.-French relationship?

Shrinking Rights in Iran - A spring clampdown on dress code violations, such as women with immodest headdress or men with Western-style haircuts, is something of a pre-summer ritual in Iran.

The End of the Blair Era - Blair leaves behind a strong British stamp on the world stage, but he also leaves a Britain that is weaker militarily, seriously overstretched by its overseas commitments, and highly vulnerable at home to Islamic terrorism.

The Sarkozy Revolution: Five Recommendations - Nicolas Sarkozy is a unique figure on the French political scene, but it remains to be seen whether he can bring about the change in both domestic and foreign policy that is so badly needed to restore France's battered image.

The Trap of China-ASEAN Military Cooperation - A proposed ASEAN-China military partnership could divide Asia into rival blocs, aligning the democracies of America, Japan, and Australia on one side, and China and ASEAN on the other.

Unchecked Idealism - The World Health Organization used to be effective in eradicating diseases, but new disease-control strategies and kowtowing to political correctness have harmed global health.

Vying for West Africa’s Oil - Africa contains only 10 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves, but in an increasingly uncertain market, oil companies are eyeing crude from West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea for reasons beyond sheer output.

Who’s Afraid of a Head Scarf? - Turkey's elite fear the AKP, an Islamist-inspired party that promotes economic reform and secularism

Economics, Environment & Energy

Borrowing to Get Ahead, and Behind: The Credit Boom and Bust in Lower-Income Markets

Does Economic Success Require Democracy? - Why are politically unfree countries enjoying more economic growth than those that are politically free?

Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism - and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity - A mere century ago, the purchasing power of an average American was one-tenth of what it is today. But what will it take to sustain that growth through the next century? And what can be said about economic growth to aspiring nations seeking higher standards of living for their citizens?

Investing in sustainability: An interview with Al Gore and David Blood - The former vice president and his partner in an investment-management firm argue that sustainability investing is essential to creating long-term shareholder value.

The Carbon Boom - This report examines trends in global warming pollution both at a national level and a state level.

Posted by Jack at May 12, 2007 11:26 PM
Comment #220206

All WB Writers: Hey I delete my email bank every semester as I have a student email account. So I don’t know the email to email the writers string. Moreover it hasn’t let me log in to Movable Publishing Format for over three days please someone email David or someone so I can know whats going on.

Posted by: Richard Rhodes at May 13, 2007 3:22 AM
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I would be rather skeptical about the article Blue Skies, High Anxiety. The link between air pollution and asthma has been rather convincingly demonstrated:

Posted by: Jarandhel at May 13, 2007 11:18 AM
Comment #220214

It is not really very clear. As air quality has improved, asthma has increased. I lived in Krakow. There is no place in the U.S. that had worse air quality than communist countries. Yet asthma was not a greater problem. My three kids, my wife and I were (and are) very healthy. I grew up in Milwaukee. Air quality in the 1960s was horrible comparted to today. Yet asthma has increased SINCE then.

I do not doubt there is a link, but it is not simple. Air in the U.S. is much cleaner than it was a generation ago. Asthma should not be getting worse, if air quality was the only cause.

We need to work a lot more on this one. Why should this lung problem increase as the air gets cleaner? Maybe it is like the polio problem, that was exacerbated by the CLEANER conditions of kids growing up.

Posted by: Jack at May 13, 2007 11:34 AM
Comment #220248

Jack, I always like seeing what sources you use, even if we do not agree on most things.
It’s always good to know what the other side is saying.
I even like watching news from Canada and the BBC to get another perspective of what is happening. A change of pace from the Left/Right new media.

Posted by: KT at May 13, 2007 9:16 PM
Comment #220304

Your sources only support your point of view. How can that be so, if they are fair and balanced? You know they are not. You have a view and find things that support it. You know you are biased. And many times you come off as ignorant. Remember talking of media sources and the intelligence of the viewers? You put Rosie Odonnell in with morning shows and her show was not part of the survey. Yet you used it to make a point. And nobody on watchblog even pointed this out. Did you not even read the link that you referred to? Did nobody else? How valid is your viewpoint? Or anybody else who posts here? Is everybody just lazy? Good thing for Mr. Bush.

Posted by: micky at May 14, 2007 4:45 PM
Comment #220353


This group of sources includes Pew, Brookings & Harris. It even includes an interview with Al Gore. If all these things are to your right, you must well to the left of Lenin.

Re morning shows, I extrapolated to morning shows in general and said such as “the View”. I was probably being to generous anyway.

Posted by: Jack at May 14, 2007 9:56 PM
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