Redeployment Means Surrender

Senator Richard Durbin’s response to President Bush’s speech last night was pathetic.The democratic call for the redeployment of our forces represents nothing more than capitulating to terrorism.

Those remarks lamenting President Bush's commitment to defeating terrorism exposes the democrats unwillingness to confront and defeat a brutal and determined enemy.Our premature departure from Iraq will result in a widespread civil war that could spread to moderate Arab countries.It is clearly evident that this once great party lead by such heroes as Truman and Kennedy,want to cede control over to al-Qaida and forces loyal to radical Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr.

The proposed new military strategy focuses on those dangerous territories that have became a grave and serious threat to our forces and innocent Iraqi citizens.However, the new objective in Iraq will fall short of victory.

The military solution to winning in Iraq is not complex.First, overwhelming military force must be moved to Baghdad to rid the city of terrorists and radicals.But that would entail deploying over 100,000 troops in Baghdad alone.

The president must utilize our superior air power.Order the most forceful and massive air strikes on Anbar Province and Sadr City.The enemy would be completely shocked and unable to defend against such force.Evidently they would be forced to surrender.The amount of American military casualties would subside.

Many pundits would argue that this strategy will result in the deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians.But the current massacre of our soldiers and Iraqis continue to climb without the proposed air strikes on these perilous ares.

The people of the United States must study past conflicts to understand our current struggle.Today's enemy-similar to Japanese fighters in World War II-are willing to strap bombs on their backs to exterminate innocent life.Their main goal is to establish radical Islamic fundamentalist governments that abhor freedom. They will continue their onslaught of murder and mayhem.They kill in the name of Allah until all infidels-Christians and Jews-are eliminated.

Destroy the enemy quickly through our superior air force. The Bush administration should replicate the successful air campaigns that were responsible for defeating our enemies in World War II.

Posted by Kaida Iozia at January 11, 2007 3:17 PM